Tuesday, January 1

Was up all night with X. Beidler, had a gay time with the Germans. Made several calls with Mr. Chadwick, were well rec'd by our friends, went to a dance later. Took a sleigh ride with T.C. Jones & Chadwick, quite an amount of egg nog & whiskey drunk. About town and strange to say no fighting of any account.


Wednesday, January 2

Helena Rod & Gun Club,   4

5 Gal Iron Pay on traps.16.50

    Lotu Cale

1 6 ou blk 7" stack     650

      Sully Bnyck

taking down 4 stacks     4.25


Thursday, January 3

soldering & halls   25


Tuesday, January 8

In the office nearly all day, weather fine, took a ride with T.P. Ames.


Saturday, January 26

Weather cold, T.P. Ames rode down to the Widdons with me. Afternoon Hunt & Maguire along in a sleigh horses all the way, the boys got very tight. Tom Baume arrived today.


Sunday, January 27

Weather moderate, Montee's new Sleigh out, Willie Gallier took dinner with me to day at Tremont. Called to see Mr. J.M. Cowan at International Hotel. T.P Ames rec'd a letter from Maguire informing him of his misfortune, loosing two bottles of wine, which the Boys with his assistance emptied. Wrote to Malculm Clark.


Thursday, January 31

Heard up from the Gulch, Mr. Moore failing fast, Hodge & son getting along finely. Public resentment strong against Hodge. Rode down to Wm Hunt's with Mr. Chadwick, J. Russell went as far as Widdons. Inrgins took Maguire some papers. Called on Mrs. Armstrong took supper at the Widdons.


Friday, February 1

Up in good season, called on Miss Clossers. Afternoon engaged Miss Heather to go to the concert tommorrow evening. Called again in the evening with Mr. Potter; weather warm, thawed all day. J. Featherstun on a spree after noon. Coach arrived from Virginia at 6 oc, Gen. Meagher arrived. Mr. Moore died 6 oc this evening from the effects of six Buckshot about his heart, fired by Professor Hodge and a gun(Carbine) wound fired by young Hodge. Mr. Moore's fate is lamented by the entire community.


Friday, February 8

Got up at 9 oc, Wm Birkin left for home. Met Mr. Tailor & another agent [of] Wells Fargo at Mr. Ames' store, mailed a power of attorney & a note for Mr. Cowan to Jas. F. Brown, V.A. City. Met Jack Smith, to let        to make returns for staying. Mailed a letter to Brother John.


Thursday, February 14

Valentine's Day ‑ Took a horseback ride with Thos. Ames, I rode his sorral. Called at Mrs. Inrgans, the old lady sick. Called on Mr. W.N. Maguire, who is getting along finely with our book, got back to town after dark. Met Bill Hunt & Mass on the road, had to drink several times with them. Did not stop in town, rode over to Montana City 7 1/2 mls where we took supper. I met Mr. Bassett who informed me that two of his friends were killed in a shaft at about noon, the rumours are E.W. Gifford & Charles P. Robinson, I have met them both. Got home at 10 and went to the Club dance.


Friday, February 15

The mail arrived, no letters, X. Beidler & Birkin arrived today from Deer Lodge, report the snow very deep & badly drifted on the Rainge. Got a letter from Geo. Irvin. Took a ride with Chadwick, with a gay team after dinner, took some of the Boys around, weather fine.


Saturday, February 16

Snowed this morning, warm all day. Took a sleigh ride, Mr. Chadwick and Dick Richardson with the finest outfit in town. Called on M    Guy Rogers in the evening with Richardson at Mr. Brown. Chadwick stayed at home during the evening, played billiards at Mathew's & John Ming's, lost no games. At home at 12 oc P.M., a beautifull moonlight night. Bill Robinson called to see us today.


Tuesday, February 19

Called with T.C. Jones on M    Rogers & Brown in the evening, had a good time, weather cold.


Wednesday, February 20

Cold today and very cold at night. The Union League met this evening in Court Room, had a very good time. Herald issued today, some interesting items. Met two gentlemen from N.Y. Gulch, met Mr. Bassett, tight about 11 oc after supper. X. got good track of two cattle thieves, suspose to be in Salt Lake, it would appear that several parties were implicated, two principals, P. & S., they have played it fine but crime is hard to conceal. Someone ordered a party to leave town pretending to be a Vig, he reely better look out. Went to bed about 12 oc.


Sunday, February 24

Started from Helena at 10 oc A.M., rode to Spokane and took dinner, stayed one hour and resumed our journey, arrived at Crow Creek at dusk, had a good supper at Whipples.


                            April 1, 1867

Neil Howie is appointed U.S. Marshal for the District of Montana Territory by Judges L.L. Williston and Hezekiah L. Hosmer.



Wednesday, April 10

Distributed some Income Blanks.


Thursday, April 11

In the office nearly all day accessing manfacturer and making out blanks. Made up my monthly list and Quarterly Act $75.00 and mailed by Express. Had a long talk with Mr. Tailor, Wells Fargo Agent, who leaves in the morning. Heriford, Dr. Page, and several others arrived from Ft. Camp Cook with the prisoner Robinson, who waived examination. Went to bed late, weather threatening afternoon but cleared off, warm and pleasant fore noon.


Friday, April 12

Rode up 10 Mile Creek six miles to see the Flat Head Chief, who is very sick, pr      , the old man of 80 winters, in bed he was unable to give us the information we desired. T.P. Ames & R. Heriford with me, got back after dusk, roads muddy, Bob got tight. Went up to see Miss Clossers with Mr. Potter, weather beautifull.


Saturday, April 13

Accessing Incomes & in office nearly all day, weather beautifull.


Sunday, April 14

Went to church fore noon with Miss Closser. Called on Miss Dale and went walking afternoon, had a pleasant time. Called with Mr. Stuart on Miss Lawrence at 8 oc, then went home and called on R. Heriford & Aurbron, the Flat Head Chief. John Kingsley & Mr. McQuirk called later in the evening. Weather clear & warm all day. Next saw old Reams Gulch acquaintainces, sent my photograph to Miss H.C. by letter.



Monday, April 15

Met Dr. Page and spent an hour or two, distributed some blanks (Income), weather clear & warm.


Tuesday, April 16

Called on Miss Lawrance this morning & delivered a note from Mr. S., received a note in return. The Bull Club met at half past 3 oc, Potter & Cap. Crocker chose sides, our side (Potter's) won the game. Called on M     Clossers afternoon and ingaged them for the evening, introduced Mr. Chas. Stuart to Miss Dahl. Called with the girls on Capt. Fisk in the evening, fair couple, had an agreeable visit. Weather delightfull, Dr. Page called this evening, Miss Lawrance gave me her picture.


Sunday, April 21


Went to church this morning, also to Catholic church. Called on Miss Stella Whipple afternoon with T.C. Jones & John Potter. Rec'd three letters from Mr. Geo. M. Pinney, large envelopes. Wm Birkin came in on coach, on a spree. Called with Mr. Potter on the M    C.'s, played one game of billiards later with Potter. Snowing after dusk & high wind, took oyster stew with Charlie Fowler. Dan Flouris discharged his derringer, accidentally, turning his trouser pocket. Birkin arrived coach.


Monday, April 22

Weather blustery, ground covered with snow, unpleasant all day nearly, played pool all night for sport.


Tuesday, April 23

Weather fine all day, not feeling very bright after being up all night. Called on the M    Clossers with Mr. Stuart. Cap. Fisk and          parties present, expect a pleasant evening, went home at 11 oclock.


Wednesday, April 24

Got up in good season, went to the office at 9 where I remained nearly all day. X.B. arrived with Barrett from Bitter Root Valley, report snow very deep on the divides. Took a ride this evening, U.L.A. tonight. Quit chewing & smoking tobbaco today. Took a ride horseback with Bill Birkin & Geo. Seecord.


Thursday, April 25

Weather fine in the morning, cloudy towards night snowed hard for several hours but commenced raining first. Maguire as drunk as a beast, he left the gate open, Hogs got in and ruined the garden. Took a ride with X. Beidler at 11 oclock. I intended to make a call this evening, postponed it on account of the storm, I went to bed early.


Saturday, May 4

Got up in good season, wrote two letters to Clark & Smith about horses. Started from Cap. Cox Saloon & Boarding House at half past 7 oc, got in town at noon.


Monday, May 6

Swore and mustered in C.A. Helena Battalion.


Thursday, May 9

Weather fine, coach arrived at 2 P.M., bearing dispatches from Washington. The Boys anxious to reorganize and start for Gallatin.


Friday, May 10

Weather fine until afternoon, then rain, wind, and snow. The Citizen Committee (WOW) met forenoon, adjourned until tommorrow at 10 A.M.. Called on the M    Clossers, the old lady sick, very stormy at dark until 1/2 past 10. Received a letter from Gen. Meagher approving me of my appointment of Brig. General with Command of Edgerton, Jefferson, Deer Lodge & Meagher County.


Saturday, May 11

Snowing & raining early, arroused in bed by the soldiers, got up and got them some bread. Storming all day, very unpleasant.


Sunday, May 19

Weather a little more pleasant today, all hands busy getting things ready for the troops. Street very muddy, on a march and at 1 oclock, a good many of them tight, some men missing, think Beidler & Heriford rode out a short distance with them.


Monday, May 20

Deputized J.X. Beidler, Deputy U.S. Marshal.


Monday, June 10

Deputized Wm Birkin, Deputy U. S. Marshal.


Friday, June 14

Weather rather cool all day but pleasant. Mr. Geo. M. Pinney, Lady, Boy & Girl arrived from Benton (Hunbly's Coach) about 5 oc P.M.. Took a ride about that time with J.X. Beidler & Capt. Heriford up to the Big Ditch, to us the water came in for the first time.


Thursday, June 20

I, this day, appointed Elk Morse, Special Deputy Marshal, to serve subpoenas at Salmon River, Idaho Territory on J     Wetners for Harter.


                             Friday, July 12

Territorial Secretary Thomas F. Meagher drowed at Fort Benton when he fell off a steamboat, after drinking in the evening, into the Missouri River, his body was never recovered.



Special Orders No.2 Gov.Green Clay Smith to Neil Howie, 7/14/67


     Major Neil Howie, will, upon arrival of the Arms from Benton proceed with Capt Herefords Company and one section of Artillery down the Muscleshell river, and establish a camp about one hundred miles from Helena or sufficiently far down to protect the citizens and miners from marauding Indians. .... The troops for the Muscleshell expedition will be provided with one hundred rounds of Ammunition, but not more than forty rounds to man at one time, the ballance to be retained in boxes - no waste of Ammunition is to be permitted under any circumstances. 



Wednesday, July 17

Received General Order No. 1 from Head Quarters and sent my resignation or rather declined accepting the Majors position offered by Gov. Smith. General Thuroughman & Kingsley, 1st Major, also sent his resignation.


Thursday, August 8

The Govenor Adjt. Beem Col. Sanders & Dr. Gi     left this morning for V.A. City.


Saturday, August 10

Got up at 7 oc.


Sunday, August 11

Was arroused at 6 oc by the cook announcing that breakfast was ready, farred sumptiously on fresh fish good coffee. Went among the men and found a good deal of dissatisfaction among the men. Got a disposition to inlist, if they could rely upon going into active service. Took a cold bath and changed clothes. Captain Evans arrived after dinner, talked with several officers regarding the Montana Militia.


Saturday, August 17

Went to Bozeman with Fisk & Small at 8 oc & shook hands with A.K. McClure, and they left for Helena in company with Judge Max     and his wife. Bought pair of shoes, $4.. Started after dinner in company of Col. Fisk, Small & Bud McAdow for camp, a pleasant day to travel, but rather warm. Got to camp at sundown, met a good many soldiers going on furlow.


Sunday, August 18

Weather pleasant, Col. Fisk and Maj. Anthony went fishing, came back with two fine strings after dinner. Rode down to the new camp with Col. Fisk at dark, evening beautifull.


Monday, August 19

Col. Fisk and Mr. McAdow left this fore noon, rode out several miles with them. Sargent Major left on special duty for Helena City. Weather fine, rec'd some letters from Adjt. Beem, also rec'd one letter from Dr.      , from Professor Mathews, who has come over from Virginia City to take sketches of land scapes, evening beautifull.


Tuesday, August 20

Rode down with Leuit. Small and Professor Mathews to new camp. Small & Professor Mathews remained on the Bluff oposite and took a sketch. Hunted antelope for an hour, then took a view of the ground to be ocupied as a temporary camp, close to the river, returned at 1 oclock to dinner. Weather warm, a         of rain at 1 oc, windy after dusk. Leiut. Anderson reported to go on duty as officer of the guard and then reported for duty.


Wednesday, August 21

Moved camp this morning some grumbling among the men, they will do so occasionally & without cause. My object for moving camp is to be near the camp designated by Gov. Smith & myself. Capt. Evans & Black to build a permenent corral & to be in proper place to reorganize, a great many of the soldiers asking for furlow, weather warm.


Thursday, August 22

Moved camp this morning.


Friday, August 23

Weather very warm, teamsters busy hauling logs for Cook House & Head Quarters. Fire on the prairie at dark, went with a small party & extingushed it and saved a vast amount of grass which we have to depend upon for horse feed. Sent Capt. Duke as Special Messenger to Virginia. Gave Capt., 11 of DeCee's men, a furlow with Leiut. Anderson.


Saturday, August 24

Breakfast at 7, saddled up the cream, and in company with several officers went down two miles and crossed the river. Helped unload the         Machine, then went hunting with Capt. Hensteel & Fint bodyman, fired three shots at long rainge, killed two prairie chickens. Returned with the Leuit. at half past 2 to [the] river and enjoyed a trout dinner. Then went to camp, found         letters waiting & two bills from Col. Fisk & Capt. Nelson & papers. Weather clear & warm all day, cold evening, the Boys in camp erected a log Cook House. Rec'd a letter from Capt. Nelson stating that Col. Beem & the Govenor had had a quarrel. A report that the indians or whites had stolen a great number of horses from the Gallatin Valley. Detailed five of Capt. DeCee's men to fix roading to Bozeman with two teams.


Letter from Col. Neil Howie to Capt. N.L. Turner at Virginia City


                                  (HEAD Qrs.1st Mon Vols.

                                  (on the Boulder River

                                  (August 29th 1867


        I started on the 27th ultimo with seventy-five men, to discover if possible the fate of Capt Weston and his comrade. Yesterday, as the advance of the Command neared the Boulder, a body of Indians were discovered crossing said stream and charging toward them with the evident intent of giving battle, but word reaching me and the main Command with the Artillery being hurried forward, the enemy hastily recrossed the Boulder and shelter in the thick timber and underbrush on its oposite banks. From their manuevers I was satisfied that the Indians were in force, and as they held the regular crossing from       both above and below, I deemed it too hazardous to undertake to cross my little command at once; but decided first to drive them from their cover by use of artillery. Less than half a dozen shells from our Howitzers served to route them from the ambuscade - scattering them both up the stream and back on to the prairie. I divided my force, crossed them at two different places and advanced through the timber to engage them; but when we reached the open field, the Indians were all fleeing rapidly and were nearly two miles distant across the plateau.

     Leaving an officer and small guard in charge of the Artillery and Pack animals, I immediately started in pursuit but failed to overtake them, after a ride of eight miles. Though evidently surprised when we first came upon them, the Indians had the advantage of having the Boulder River between us and their camp, and while our horses had made a hard days march theirs were entirely fresh.

     But arrival here was most opportune; for these same Savages had attacked and surrounded three white men who were bearing messages from Fort C.F. Smith, and who, on the instant of our coming up were about to fall captives to the merciless and fiendish foe. - Even as it was our rescued friends were all wounded - one so fatally as to expire soon after.

     These men had fought bravely, and with their unerring rifles caused many red Devils to bite the dust. My command found a number of dead Indian horses on the field, and among them was the one Capt Weston rode on his prospecting trip.

     We also found in the hastily deserted camp of the Indians the cooking utensils, pack saddles and prospecting tools which Capt Weston & party had taken with them and which were captured from them on the Stillwater.

     A hat was also found, which was recognized as that worn by a man named Brown, who came in this    tion prospecting, in July last; [since] which time nothing has been heard from or of him. There remains no doubt whatever in my mind but that Capt Weston & his comrade has been killed, and their bodies given to the wolves. Thus three more generous hearted citizens have been added to the long list of brave pioneers who, -venturing to open the pathway of Civilization into this rich, classically picturesque and most inviting region, have [met the] fate of that awful death which the American Savage alone can inflict.

     I shall leave here today with fifty men and three days rations, and make a forced march as far as the Clark [Fork] to try & overtake this party. Everything found in their deserted camp goes to prove that these Indians were, and are, a "war party" of Crows, Cheyennes & Sioux; - the head chiefs of whom are now at Laramie or vicinity, on a PEACE (!) MISSION; - after a reinforcement of powder & ball.



Sunday, September 1

The bugle sounded revelee at break of day, horses saddled up in short time, started and rode 12 or 15 miles to Yellowstone Cannon [Canyon], when we camped for breakfast at 8 oc. Went fishing without any success, grand splend    & good shade from the sun, stayed about 2 hours in camp & started, had not gone far when we discovered fresh horse tracks and going and coming. After crossing Deer Creek, 8 miles from Boulder, we passed the tracks and concluded the indians might be on either of the Deer Creeks. Took a party of 16 men and went up Deer Creek 5 miles, found a pony track made a day or two ago. Plenty of bear & elk sighns crossed the divide from Deer Creek to the Boulder about 8 miles to camp, found all right. Col. Nelson arrived with his company & Capt. Heart's company from Virginia, making quite a respectable command. Capt. Nelson informed me that the Govenor's Aid assured him that he would Leiut. Colonel under me, which I was glad to hear. Placed a strong guard around camp, weather beautifull, cool at night.


Monday, September 2

The revelee was sounded at break of day, breakfast over in good time and polls opened for [the] election early. I consulted with Col. Nelson regarding the volunteer movement & the Govenor's inaction & concluded to go at once to Virginia after voting. Started with my Aid, Leiut. Chas. Small, Capt. Baume and Mr. Rutler. Took the trail through the camp, which is a much near and more pleasant rout, halted at the upper end of the canon to fish and let our horses eat, caught three fish. Dr. Dunbar came up and gave the election news, 28 for Cavaungh, remained here much longer his hopes of getting more fish. Started late in the afternoon and arrived in camp a little over 2 hours, distance of 20 miles, found all right in camp, expect Cavanaugh ahead on the poll book. Major John Kingsley in camp, was going on this evening as far as Bozeman, but could not get any horses. Maguire and me & two others a little tight, made my bed under the hill, slept alone.



Tuesday, September 3

Started late with Mr. Maguire, rode a wild pony and let Maguire ride Dr. Dunleavie's horse. Met a messenger on the road with dispatches from Head Quarters with instructions to march 200 or 250 men against the indians. As I was going to see the Govenor in regard to this, I decided not to go to V.A. City, but attended some social arraignments in the valley and return to camp. Capt. Evans overtook us and called on Capt.‑‑‑‑ Commander of the Post at Bozeman. Stayed overnight at Mr. Coonies, weather beautifull.


Letter from Neil Howie to N.L.Turner, Virgina City, Sept.10, 1867

      (Head Qrs.1st Mon Vol.Cavy

      (Fort T.F.Meagher M.T.[Livingston]   


   Leaving the Boulder River on the night of the 29th of August with a force of fifty(50) men, I struck out toward the Clearwater, in hopes of being able to overtake and chastise the war party of Savages who had committed the murders mentioned in my communication of the 29th ultimo. .... - making some thirty (30) miles; when I halted to rest the stock and allow some time for grazing - At daylight I again started, having about eight(8) miles to march, to where Captain Weston & comrade were last seen. We reached the spot about 8 o'clock A.M. and began to search. We soon found portions of Capt Weston's body, and fragments of his clotheing which were readily identified. Very little of the body remained, the wolves having torn it into pieces and scattered it over a space of      hundred yards square.

   After gathering up all that could be found of these remains, I ordered graves to be dug and the same decently burried. We then went on and found the bones of the Emigrant (Hodges) half a mile from the grave of Weston. These remains were in the same condition of the others, and were cared for in the same manner.


Monday, November 11

Started at 1 oc A.M., took breakfast at Beaver Station. Dan Flouris got very drunk and bothered us all day. Arrived in V.A. City about half past 8 oc P.M., weather beautifull. Saw Mr. Maguire at the Boulder. Mrs. Ava Heoggs & son, J.G. Sanders & Col. Fisk were among the passengers. Weather beautifull, met a great many friends when I arrived.


Saturday, November 16

Professor Hodges' trial concluded this evening, jury brought in a verdict of not guilty, he and his friends had a champaign spree after he was acquitted which co___ed some remarks and comment, weather beautifull.


Sunday, November 17

Breakfast rather late, telegram from X. that he is getting better. Attended a funeral with Addi Rogers, also church in the evening, took supper with Mr. Chadwick. Wrote to Pinney & Small, mailed a letter from Helena for Mr. Cavanaugh.


Monday, November 25

U.S. Supreme Court adjourned forenoon. Couldlock & Co. arrived by coach, the boys on a spree, met quite a number of friends.


Thursday, December 5

An Expressman from Gallatin reports the death of Elk Morse, he was shot last evening by William Herron and died immediately. Mr. Morse was a brave and good man and leaves a host of friends to mourn his untimely fate.


The Montana Post 12‑07‑67 & 12‑14‑67 p8, c1


    Elkanah Morse Obituary, Genl. Thos. Toroughman committed Herron to $10,000 bail for Morse's murder, L.C. Lee, DUSM, Va. City.


Monday, December 9

Took Miss Fannie Campbell to theatre.


Wednesday, December 11

Took a ride with Miss Fannie Campbell afternoon. Weather cloudy afternoon, commenced raining light towards night.


Thursday, December 12

Weather storming forenoon, rain and snow. Col. Sander's office caught on fire, helped put it out, met Col. McClure.


Friday, December 13

Tuff on horseback after dark for Helena, on business for Col. W.F. Sanders, roads bad for several miles, fed my horse at first creek from Jefferson Bridge. Rode to Milk Ranch 68 miles and changed horses, got a miserable pony, rode to Mr. Birkin's, to breakfast, got Birkin's horse and rode to Helena by half past 2 oc, weather pleasant. Coach arrived about dusk, got to town in time to do the business.


Saturday, December 14

Wrote today's journal on yesterday's page.


Sunday, December 15

Weather stormy, left Deer Lodge half past 8 oc, rained hard until I got halfway up the rainge, on the French Woman's road, then turned to snow and commenced to freeze. Terrible storm on the divide, my clothes were wet and froze stiff as a board in ten minutes. Lost the trail, but found it again and arrived at the French Woman's Ranch half past 8 oc P.M.. Concluded to stay overnight, had a good supper but poor bed, still, snowing 10 P.M..


Monday, December 16

Started 1/4 to 10, got to Deer Lodge half past one oc, weather rather cold, wind cutting on the divide. Stayed with Geo. Irvin, met Miss Maggie and spent the evening with her & Mrs. & Mr. Irvin.


                 Helena Weekly Herald 12‑19‑67


     "Neil Howie rides from Va. City to Helena, a distance of 125 miles in 21 hours!"



Friday, December 20

Got all my accounts signed by Judge Williston this morning. Started for Helena at half past 3 oc, arrived at French Woman's Ranch at dusk and concluded to remain until morning, weather moderate.


Saturday, December 21

Started by daybreak, ordered my black mare in from the French Woman's Ranch, arrived in Helena at about 10 oc, a cold ride for the last 8 miles, weather mild on the divide. Find X. Beidler has went to V.A. City with Billey Herron for the trial before Judge Hosmer. Telegraphed to Col. Fisk this afternoon.


                The Montana Post 12‑28‑67 p8,c2


     Shooting Affray: dispatch from Howie to X, fatal shooting in Helena, Tuesday at Young American Hotel between Richard(mortally wounded) and Orrn; former partners in the hotel; over Orrn's wife.




St. Ignatius Mission

Chas. Smith

    Benetize Findley

W.A.C. Ryan



The Hon. J.A.Roberson

Junction M      has agreed to give up the gray mare

F     y his the Bay M      Mouth of Blacktail

   W.C. Simon

     C      & Bill





Stocking tall dark complected Holm & cattle thief in Boise was wen in on Croo Creek had a fine lot of cattle took some to Helena summer of 1866.


    Helena M.T. April 3rd 1867


James Roberts

Murder of John Peterson. Sun River about 3 weeks ago Rec'd the news from Malcolm Clark three days ago & from Hamilton by Ft. Benton mail today.




Geo Cole took Col. Rice 2 horse blankets and all his effects in camp. Cole is now in Camp C Ft. Smith




No 3014

No of Trenter's Revolver 3014

   Genl Martin Beem

    Alton M




            Cash                        Paid

Book Act Dr

     by H.N. Maguire Currency          15.00

      " " "    "        "               5.00

      " " "    "        "              20.00

Apr. 15 " "    "        "              10.00





Date                        Received    Paid

23     N.P. Langford        190.00

25     John Thornburn                  20.00

"      William Colned                   5.00

24     N.H. Maguire                    10.00

25     J.N. Featherstun                15.00





Date                        Received     Paid

18    John Thornburn                    10.00

22    John Ming for gold pen to

      Book & C                          15.00

"     Woolf & Weber                      5.60

"     John Potter                       10.00

"     Box Rent 16 days                  "" ""

"     Parchen & Painter                 21.00

"     Goodrich 64 N                     20.00

"     Geo. Maun 64 N                    20.00

"     Ney Bill                           5.00

"23   Geo. Turley                        5.00

"26   National Bank         50.00

" "   John Thornburn                    20.00

"27   C.N. Fowler                        5.00

"27   Truman                            10.00

"29   Matress for M                     12.50

" "   Meat Bill                         10.00

" "   Party Bill                         5.00

" "   Fowler                             5.00

" "   Harry & Dohlen        50.00




Date                        Received     Paid

24th  John Thornburn                  Notes 30.00

29    N.P. Langford         125.00




Date                        Received     Paid

17    N.P. Langford         75.

"     Gur F Cowan                        75.

 6    N.P. Langford                     218.48





Jun 5th   John Thornburn                 15.12

          for Wood U.S. Court



Mr. D.L. Dow Ft. Benton May 1st        

S.P. Burrows

J. Anderson

from Yellowstone left a week ago last Wednesday

Friday 3rd Apr 1867



        . Ranch  

Miner's Army of $5,000. twice last in May at M         




Baisette Saloon creek             marked P.L.U.F.



Dutch Henry M.T. City Strays



Maj. Burrows Ft. Smith



Fint Councilman



John Potter

Muri a H on left hip



9 head on head of 10 mile 2 Drown



dimm Star

Brown main big V left hip dim



9 or 10 Head head of Trinity Gulch 1 white man

with small colt w white legs & white face on one

in charge



Mrs. S.W. Smith      12.50

Naterville, Ill.      7.20




Jacob Smith

8 hand horse