Monday, January 1

Got up before daylight, had a good night's rest; taped our new bottles for New Years after breakfast and started with B______ and Mr. Gillette & myself rode to the Boulder where I took dinner with Birkin. Gillette to ________ at supper ________ of Valley __________________________________________________________________________. Snowed hard shortly after leaving Boulder & the wind blew a gale, cleared off after dark and turned cold, thought of riding through to Virginia City tonight but gave it up, had a good supper.



Tuesday, January 2

Thought of riding through from Boulder to Virginia yesterday but my horse's back got sore & I could not think to torture him. Got up at daylight, breakfast in an hour, saddled up and started. Called at Jake Meek's, took dinner, called at Mr. Jamblr & gave him a note. Called at Daileys, took several drinks, overtook Mr. Lott, called at Loray's, took a drink & rode double quick to town. Met any quantity of friends, went around with J. Featherstun, played Biliards until half past 4 oc & went to bed. Went to see Mr. Lott at 9 oc, weather fine.



Wednesday, January 3

Was woke up by Geo. Irvin at 9 oc, breakfast at Castners, around town all day with the boys, nothing of note transpired, met a great many friends.



Thursday, January 4

Was called on by the sheriff today to see the Judge about giving a decision about county acts. Accepted an invitation to take dinner with Col. W.F. Sanders; Judge Munson, Judge Strickland & Lady & Miss Pfouts were there, weather fine, was to take a sleigh ride with the girls, but got around too late. Featherstun taking my place, had a good time with Kate & ________ & Featherstun, weather beautifull.



Friday, January 5

Got up in good season. The County Jail Acts left to the decision of Judge Munson. Featherstun & I took a ride making several calls, went as far as Nevada; a cattle stealing case presented to us at Jefferson. Judge Munson, Strickland, & Featherstun had a sociable game of cards after 8 oc. Called with Featherstun under the hill, weather beautifull.


Saturday, January 6

About town all day, weather fine, nothing of importance to record. Played billiards with the boys at John Ming Saloon, played until 4 oc in the morning, came out without losing a game.



                    The Montana Post 1-1-66

     "Arrived  - Acting U.S. Marshal, Neil Howie, is in town[Virginia City], after a prolonged absence at Helena. With him we notice his adopted brother, John Featherstun; both looked well, and seem to fatten on hard riding."


Sunday, January 7

Got up at 9 oc A.M., took a sleigh ride with Mr. Foster after breakfast, quite a numbers of persons in town. All very quiet, got some pictures, gave one to Peter Ronan, called to see him at the Democrat office; called under the hill with Featherstun. Went around town until 12 oc, the coach arrived from Helena afternoon, Dr. A. Johnson & others passing; weather almost like summer.



Monday, January 8

Went around with Stanley, County Commissioner, to examine the Montana law, they are very ticknicel with the county officers. Played three games of billiards Perkins, beat him. Paid $12 for board & $12. for Featherstun, got $63. from Express office for J.X. Beidler from Deer Lodge, weather beautifull. Got four letters for Beidler, one for Pinney which I opened, wrote to him this evening. Judge Munson & Featherstun playing cards, went to bed half past 11 o.c..



Tuesday, January 9

The Commission in session today again, rec'd a letter from R. Heriford about his rifle. Got a letter last night from Wm Hamilton, Ft. Benton. Mailed a letter for Pinney today.



Wednesday, January 10

About town, John Lott arrived from Gallatin; took a sleigh ride with the boys after noon, then got a team from Monty & rode to Nevada with Williams, Featherstun & C. Davis, some fun about town, Featherstun on a spree. Played billiards lost 13 for games whiskey pool. Weather fine, called on Mrs. Pfouts.


Thursday, January 11

Got up at 9 oc, went up with John Lott to see the Govenor, was in hopes to get some Territorial Scrip, but gave it up today. Went to the Dance, had a gay time, waited on Miss B. home, visited until 3 oc A.M., weather fine.



Friday, January 12

Snowed a little last night and a little today, nearly all day, but came down thin, cold towards night, must be tedious on the Rainge. Geo. Irvin thinks he can find a law warranting the Auditor to issue us Terr. Scrip.



Saturday, January 13

Cleared off today, weather warm. Theatre tonight, quite a good house, played billiards after Theatre until five oclock, had a ride down hill afternoon.


Sunday, January 14

Took a ride horseback to Nevada with Featherstun, then about town, visited the Brewery, had a good time riding down hill, towards evening weather beautifull; went to bed half past 8 o.c..



Monday, January 15

Weather cool and cloudy part of the day, nothing of note today. The M__ Campbel in expected from Gallatin City tommorrow evening.


Tuesday, January 16

Concluded to go to the party tonight, about town as usual, Featherstun & I went down & joined the Ball at Adelphin Hall, had a good time ___________ whipping alot of Jews, pd $8 each for tickets, danced until 3 o'clock, had a good supper, snowed a little towards morning.



Wednesday, January 17

Weather fine, quite warm, thawing all. Got up at 9 o'clock, around town all day, in the office in the evening until 11 oc, then around town till half past 12. Gave R.C. Knox $75. in Territorial orders and a ring, took supper with him at Roger's Hotel.


Thursday, January 18

Snowing this morning, continued blowing & snowing until about 4 oc P.M.. Presented a bill for John Featherstun to the Govenor which was allowed. About town all day, in the office after 8 oc P.M., Theatre at night.



Friday, January 19

Got up at 9 oc, a miserable breakfast at Castners. About Sander's 0ffice until nearly noon. Waiting for John Lott, played billiards nearly all afternoon with Armitage, Orem & others, took supper at the Star, went to bed at 12 o.c.; weather clear but rather cool.



Saturday, January 20

Weather warm, about town all day; met a good many of the boys in the evening. Went to the Theatre with Judge Munson & Featherstun, around town after, played billiards with Dick Johnson, met McGuire, took supper with him later and took him home with me, very tight.


Sunday, January 21

Was awakened by my bed fellow, Mr. McGuire, early, he left after awhile. Got up at 9 o'clock, weather warm rote a letter to Geo. M. Pinney, the boys on a spree at night. Had the band out, had a good time generally, took an oyster supper with them at 12 oc P.M..


Monday, January 22

Took breakfast at the Star, wrote to Pinney and sent the accounts. The M___ Henfmans called on the Judge, weather warm, thawed all day, froze some last night. Went home with Mrs. R. from Lyon's den. The Judge decides not to hold court until February. Mail in from Helena, some excitement about seizure of goods by the collector reported.


Saturday, January 27

Paid Andy Snyder in Treasury notes $150., Territorial Scrip at 60 cts on dollar, 100 signed by Featherstun.


Tuesday, February 6

The boys recruiting today, find it up hill work, plenty of men, but few horses.


Wednesday, February 7

Weather mild, thawed all day, took dinner with Mr. Nathiel Merryman. The Govenor called a meeting of the merchants to see about getting supplies, accomplished nothing. Meeting at the old theatre, address from Gen. Meagher. Stepped through a hatchway and sprained my knee. Thos. Baume arrived today.


Thursday, February 8

Find myself a cripel, the Govenor called and gave me instruction about the Expedition. Sanders resigned his quartermastership this evening, weather warm.


Friday, February 9

Able to get around a little today, weather fine. Called a Council of War, concluded to send a few men to Ft. Benton.


Saturday, February 10

Weather fine, very lame today from the fall the other night. Have given up the idea of sending 50 men from here to the fort.


Sunday, February 11

Weather fine, had a call from Jack & several others, bothered me all day about the indian expedition, concluded to send Capt. Lawrence to Benton with 10 men. Charly Carson arrived this evening with letters from the fort.



            Letter from James S. Hill to Neil Howie



                                           Benton City, M.T.

                                           Feb 4th, 1866


Neil Howie, Esq.

     Helena, M.T.


            Friend Howie


                        Mr. Geo Steel has given me permisson to write this over his signature.


        I suppose that Messrs Birkin and Beidler have posted you as to our proceedings when they were here, also of the Indian depradations which still continue worse than ever.


        On the evening of the 2nd between four and five; a Piegan Indian, the sun of Heavy Runner, a chief and one of the signers of the Treaty made when you were here, while the man had gone after hay stole Geo Steel's bay horse out of the stable and took him to camp when Mr. Steel sent for him, the reply that he received was if the whites wanted the horse to come after him, and we have received warnings to be carefull about going out after night in town furm the same camp.



        These Indians are camped on the Teton 10 miles furm this place, it is a fine place to attack them and the best time that could be wished for, as most of the young men are out at war. If there should 500 men come and attack them in the present camp, they would easily wipe them out and then the men could scatter and take in war parties, in this way the Indian troubles could be ended in sixty days and the country opened to prospect, but are afraid to try it as the Indians would rob them if not kill them and othersthat want to open a Coal bank on the river which would be a great benefit to this young territory and again the Indians stand between them and it. If our Govenor does not think he has the power to order or the means to pay an expedition of this kind, let the people take it in hand as they have done before and they would well pay themselves by plunder they would take of 500 men each one would get at least 50 head of horses which could be at least sold for twenty dollars per head, say nothing of the robes, peltries & C. I think that $1,000. dollars would pay most any one for two months work.


        It was reported some time ago that there was three men killed on the Yellow Stone, since then we have had a correct account furm one of the Indian's Squaws whome he left at Ft Benton which is as follows.


        There was nine in the party, Blood Indians & on the Yellow Stone they met two white mounted men and with pack animals the men would not let the Indians come to them untill they had deceived them by making signs that they were Piegans and friendly after coming to them, the men fed them & started off, the Indians said that they were going the same way & would ride on the same horses with them while riding behind them and on the same horse, the Indians shot them, one of them was shot with his own pistol which the Indian took furm his scabbard. Is this not worse than attacking a stage with short shot guns, an offence for which whites are justly hung, are Indians better than white men or should they be punished by death; if this is the case we should fight them as they fight, kill where you can, and any way you can. If all the men that want to fight have not horses, the first fight will furnish plenty when Indians are once set afoot, they are whiped.


        It is reported that there is 40 lodges of Bloods coming in to trade, if this is the case we will have trouble.


        The Piegans are just as bad as the Bloods, for they do any thing they lay it on the Bloods.


        Mr. Steel sends his regards hoping to see you soon at the head of an able Command to justify white men.


                          Very Truly Yours


                                     Carrol & Steel

                                       Jas. S. Hill



        There were 13 in the war party on the Yellow Stone and there are 80 lodges of the Bloods comeing in, Mr. Carson the bearer of this well acquainted with the country when the Indians are and is willing to do all he can to help the thing along, he will give you any information that you disire, I would write you more but my time is limited.



                                      Jas. S. Hill


Monday, February 12

A little cool in the morning, warm through the day. Wrote to Gen. Meagher, sent the letter by J.X. Beidler, also wrote to Dimsdale. Cold at night, snowing a little. Some excitement about the indian expedition, a report that parties were driven in from Sun River. Posted notices today about the goods seized by the collector. Beidler left for Virginia afternoon, storming this evening.



Thursday, February 15

Wm Birkin arrived last night, called on him this morning. Cap



Friday, February 16

Weather pleasant, went around with Cap. Parkeson to raise money to pay freight on the arms that arrived last night, amt $162.50. Wrote to D.H. Hopkins, inclosed receipts for the arms, stored the ammunition with King & Gillette.



Saturday, February 17

Windy, but not cold. Went up to see Tuft & Dinuld, called up to see Joe Riley, who is going to fight on the 4th of March. Stayed in the office all evening.



Sunday, February 18

Weather warm, wrote to Andy Synder in regards to Scrip for prisoners board. Went to see the sparring match at the Theatre. In the office most of the day, wrote to my brother, John. Judge Munson arrived this evening from Virginia.



Monday, February 19

Weather warm and clear, about town most of the day. No news from Virginia by the last night's mail. Up late with the boys playing for oysters & C; a great deal of game coming in town, selling for 10 cts per lb..



Tuesday, February 20

Went up town in the morning, called on Joe Riley. King & Gillette, sold $50. Territorial Scrip for $278. in notes and Potter $5. for M____ purposes $1. postage. Around town all day and after night with Featherstun. Wrote to N.J. Davis & Sanders in ans. to his 17th inst., mail arrived about noon, weather warm. Hoisted the flag over the courtroom. Warren Tool knocked a Hotel Keeper's doors, gave himself up and was fined. A report came in town that 3 indians killed between Belt Mountains & Ft. Benton.



Wednesday, February 21

In the office nearly all day, helped Featherstun to fix a stove box in courtroom. Went up town & called on Mrs. Dunphy in the evening, snowed about 5 inches this morning. Have been thinking a good deal about going into merchant business next spring.



Thursday, February 22

Weather fine, stayed at home nearly all day. Paid Jack Nealy, Blacksmith, $10 yesterday, part payment on a bill of $13 in dust.


Friday, February 23

About town as usual, nothing of interest afloat, [crossed out ‑ thought the boys had two matches riding down hill], some merryment over it, [crossed out ‑ was around with Gen], Getchell, weather pleasant & warm.


Saturday, February 24

Some excitement amoung the boys riding down hill. Gave the parties vouchers who pd freight in the ammunition & muskets sent over by the Govenor, rec'd a letter from him this evening & one from Dimsdale. Went around with Gen. Getchell, called at Mr. Dunphy's in the evening. Posted notice in three places in Revenue calls.



Sunday, February 25

Clear & warm, snow going off fast. Went to church fore noon at Crisent Hall, some of the good looking women present. Met Bailey & J. Stephens up town, sum of the boys on a spree. Called at Moore & _______'s office & Mr. Dunphy in the evening, home at 10 oc P.M.. Got a letter from Gen. Meagher, also one from Dimsdale which I answered late last night.



Monday, February 26

I am to adjourn court to the 26th. District Court to[o] for a week.



Monday, March 5

The legislature met today, the Govenor called the House to order. The Govenor very drunk, Major Briggs very drunk. Went around to the Govenor's office with a party & made the brandy & wine fly, the boys nearly all drunk, ________ the fiddler crazy drunk.


Thursday, March 8

Weather fine, streets very muddy. Went down to Nevada with George Irvin, visited with Mr. Closser's family, had a pleasant time. Cold after dark, coach left for Helena this morning.


Friday, March 9

Cold and cloudy until noon, then bright & warm. About town as usual, wrote to Mr. Pinney & Mrs. Ellen L. Lamborne. The Govenor tight again today, called under the hill at 8 oc, went to the Theatre play, Seign of Luck, now th_____ house met, a dance at Dalies tonight.



Friday, March 23

Left town for Gallatin, rode to a ranch 2 miles below hot springs & stayed overnight, roads rather roughf.


Saturday, March 24

Paid $5.25 for breakfast & horse feed, rode through to Gallatin, crossed at the ford, passed Moore & Crutcher, got in to Cambell's middle afternoon, stayed overnight, had a good time with the girls, weather fine.



Sunday, March 25

Went up as far as C_______, Frank accompanied me. Called on Mr.     , who agreed to bring down cattle for security or deposit the money. Stayed overnight at All Nichols, weather fine.



Monday, March 26

Snowed nearly all day, left Nichols for Knox's in [the] afternoon, met the old man on the road, he deposited with me in gold dust $185.55 & three yoke of cattle.



Tuesday, March 27

Left Gallatin this fore noon, crossed the stream with Miss F. Campbell & her father, called at Mr. Tyler's, left her there. Snowed some after noon, roads very bad, crossed Baker's ferry and stayed overnight. Mr. Warren then on his way to Gallatin.



Wednesday, March 28

Arrived in Helena before sundown.



Saturday, April 14

Legislature adjourned this evening.



Tuesday, April 17

In town all day, wrote a letter to J. le H____ly. Find I cannot get a seat in the coach before Sunday. Heard from the Muscleshell, the party Birkin left attacked by indians, left their wagons & cannon, one man wounded in the arm; weather fine. Talked with Mr. Murphy about some mules that Col. Nelson has taken from the ranch without authority; also met Mr. Prat, who stated that his friend had been robbed of $800.


Wednesday, April 18

Hired a horse & went to Nevada, called on Mrs. R.. Paid $3., quarterly dues VA City Lodge. Rode up the Gulch 2 miles.



Thursday, April 19

Went to Nevada early & got a horse for Birkin. Started at 10 o'clock, took dinner at Dalies, ate two cans [of] oysters. Birkin got a horse at Mill Creek from Daley, went to Mr. Crain's found the girls at home, stayed overnight, spent a pleasant evening, weather clear & fine.



Friday, April 20

The girls got us up to first rate breakfast, fresh eggs & fish. Got [to] the Bridge at noon. coach came along before we left & an extery coach overtook us again, 15 miles, took supper at the second station from the bridge. Got to the Boulder half past 10 P.M., weather fine.



Saturday, April 21

Left Helena half past 8 o'clock, overtook the coach at Dustans, when I took dinner, N. Numan rode with me. Called at Montana & ordered an abstract for C.P. Lewis Estate; got in town about 3 o'clock, met Mr. Murphy, weather beautifull, went to bed at 12 o'clock. A great mass meeting, Republican at Cresent Hall.


Sunday, April 22

Went to church today, Methodist church ________h, weather fine. Rode out to the springs with John F. & Sanders, weather fine.


Monday, April 23

Wrote to Mrs. N.E. Carman today, Madison, Wis.. In town all day, Bob Bailey left today, Birkin came in town after noon.



Tuesday, April 24

In town all day, weather fine. Birkin loaded up the arms & ammunition for the Muscleshell.



Wednesday, April 25

Beidler & Birkin left at noon for Virginia City; got some papers by mail, 3 sacks U.S. Mail. Weather beautifull through the day, snowed late at night; around with Smith after dark, went to bed late.



Thursday, April 26

Took a ride to the springs with Featherstun, Langford, Peal, & others with a four mule team, also took a ride in the morning with Tom Coolwell, rather cool all day. Called on Mrs. Vaughn with Featherstun, around with Smith in the evening.



Monday, April 30

Weather beautifull, about town all day. Expected Mr. Pinney today in the coach, it got in the fore noon, but no word from Pinney. Weather beautifull, a good prospect for tommorrow, 1st of May.



Tuesday, May 1

Weather cloudy, John Featherstun replevened 9 mules from Gray & Goodwin after noon, weather fine. Featherstun returned at sundown, around town all day, mail arrived yesterday, no news from Pinney.



Wednesday, May 2

Got up at 1/2 past 7. At noon met Joe Gray, talked very foolish about us replevening the mules. Sent Featherstun out to the ranch to deliver 4 mules & receive 4, instead he [is] claiming that [the ones] we replevened were sold before being replevened. Around with Birkin & Broadwater after night, met Col. Vinton at 11 oc, he went home with me. Feel very unkindly towards Joe Gray, he has wronged me & must not do so again.


Friday, May 4

John Featherstun left for Deer Lodge about noon. Rained a little in the afternoon.


Saturday, May 5

Reported today that Charles Carson was killed on the Dearbourne by the Peagans, met Bob Bailey this evening.



Sunday, May 6

Weather beautifull, went to church fore noon; a great many people in town, several of them on a drunk.



Monday, May 7

Weather fine, Wm Bumaster & John Aloany on a spree. Got a horse from Reynolds & High & rode with Bob Bailey to Mr. Furgus on the Prickley Pear, 9 miles from town, got back after dark. Got a letter from Percy from Deer Lodge, 2 stages arrived today.



Tuesday, May 8

Weather warm, not much about town, wrote to Duncan & John Howie. Called on Mrs. V.. Judge Munson offers to pay my fare to the States if I will accompany him next fall. Got the inventory from Deer Lodge of Mr. Levyes goods.



Wednesday, May 9

About town all day, received a letter from Beidler from Confederate. Weather fine, paid $2 per L.C. Jones to Mr. Parkeson & Street for Preacher Prichard. Called on Miss French & Miss Post with Mr. Russell in the evening, went to bed at 1/2 past 10 P.M..



Thursday, May 10

Cool this morning, cloudy. Called on Mrs. V. twice, rained in the afternoon and in the evening. Sent a paper to Mrs. Gallier & Miss Annie Campbell. Met Mr. Cowan from Colorado, was introduced to Miss Clark. Judge Munson & J. Potter went hunting, had two calls from Mr. A.L. Allen about his wife.


Friday, May 11

Mail arrived today, no news from Pinney, weather fine.



Saturday, May 12

Around town all day, went to the theatre, crowded house. Weather fine, the respectable portion of the community out.


Sunday, May 13

Intended to go to church today, but was detered from going, Featherstun having the keys, weather fine. Mail arrived early, no news from Pinney. Judge Dance arrived, had a conversation with him, Langford also arrived by coach. Went to bed at 1/2 past 9. Met Gen. Meagher, called Mrs. V. & Miss Clark & Mrs. D & M, had some fun.



Monday, May 14

Thos. Thuroughman & several others left today for Ft. Benton, took dinner with him. Deputized John N. Richardson to serve an attachment at Ft. Benton on steam boat, took bonds from him as an officer, sent the papers with Col. Thouroughman.



Tuesday, May 15

Majors Train left before noon, General Meagher and outfit, General quite drunk. Got a horse & went out with the boys a few miles in company with C.D.J. Curtis. Went down with Judge Munson to Silver Creek, where the Govenor & company were camped. Called on Miss Smith, weather beautifull, clear & warm. Got back after dark, went to the Theatre. A dispatch today that Congress has ommitted the acts of the Montana Legislature.


Wednesday, May 16

About town all day, called on Mrs. V. & M.. Met Mr. David Whitman in my office, Broadwater left for Boulder, rec'd. a letter from Andy Knox from Gallatin. Cooler today, Jeff S. Perkins lost $120 at pharo with Cap. Williams in the evening.



Sunday, May 20

Called on Miss Brown, _____y Iverson wants me to go to Virginia after Bowder, who he thinks has run away with his money, weather fine.


Monday, May 21

Left by coach with Iverson for Virginia, met Beidler and Ben Detis, X has turned with us, found Jefferson very high, got across at dark & went back after dusk after Mrs. Gray's trunk.


Tuesday, May 22

Was delayed until after 12 oc, finally got started, left the coach and rode with Mr.      the ferryman. Got in after dark, coach did not get in, weather fine. Could hear nothing of Bowder.


Thursday, May 31

Got up half past 6 oc, locked Mr. Pinney & Whitney up at 12 o'clock, did not get around in time to let them out. They got the lock off & left on the coach. Hired a horse & overtook them at the bridge, weather fine.


Friday, June 1

Arrived at Helena at 1/2 past 2 oc, was introduced to Mrs. Redding & Mrs. Stein with Mr. Pinney, weather fine.



Monday, June 4

Left after noon, X. rode with me to 10 Mile, rode yellow. Bill stayed overnight at Little Pricky Pear, weather fine.


Tuesday, June 5

Got up in good season, rode to Wolf Creek & took dinner. Rode on to Paul Vermett's, got there late, horse's back very sore. Met Thos. Thouroughman, Lott & others. Met Taylor & Thompson's Train.


Wednesday, June 6

Concluded to leave my horse, got on a male [mail] wagon, drove to within 8 or 10 miles of Sun River & took dinner. Mr. Warner rode up, barrowed a pony & rode to Sun River, crossed & concluded to stay overnight, cold & windy.


Thursday, June 7

Cold & very windy this morning, Warner started with me at 7 oc. Got a horse from Joseph Huby. Windy all day, took dinner at the lake at 12 oc with J.J. Rois Train. Got into Ft. Benton about 5 oc, met a good many friends, Birkin & family.


Friday, June 8

Birkin, Meagher, Cooney & a good many others left today, rode out with them a mile. Wrote to Pinney. The Ontario left today, weather fine.


Saturday, June 9

Weather fine, took dinner on the Big Horn. The Iron City arrived today, went around with the boys in the evening. Slept on the Big Horn, was offered a room on the Iron City.


Sunday, June 10

Got up half past 6 1/2 o'clock, took breakfast on the boat, went down on her 3 miles with McBride & Rock Derocia, Rock & Jerry furnished us horses. Raining from 10 oc some teams arrived today.



Monday, June 11 

________ P___ arrived, Mrs. Carter aboard. Peter Bulen arrived at dusk.



Tuesday, June 12

Judge W.B. Dance arrived; Stearner, W.B. Dance left after dinner.



Sunday, June 17

Weather warm.


Tuesday, July 3

Our horses got in from the ranch at 11 oc, started at 10 oc with Bud McAdow & Marshal for Gallatin, rode to Crow Creek by 11 oc& turned out, weather very hot.


Wednesday, July 4

Got up in good season, rode to the Springs 8 miles & took breakfast. Got into  Gallatin, Major Campbell's at 9 oc. Weather very hot, took a bath & made ________, comfortable, mosquetoes very bad. Had a very pleasant dance, which was kept up until after daylight. Some of the boys rather on it.


Thursday, July 12

Got up rather early, went down the Gulch looking for Mr. Terrill, then got a horse & rode 10 or 15 miles towards Prickley Pear, in the hills, did not find him. Ran across him about 10 oc at night in Helena & took him into custody. Was presented with a very fine English self‑cocking revolver by Mr. Wm Birkin. I start in the morning with Albert Geutch for VA City after Spencer, will be up all night.


Friday, July 13

Left Helena on Olliver's Coach at daybreak, was up all night, a dance at Rexford's. Took breakfast at Dr. Stein's, got into Virginia at dark, weather hot.


Saturday, July 14

Met a good many friends this morning. Had a good bed last night, wrote a letter late at night to Dr. Gulick & Marshal Pinney. Around town until 2 o.c., the Dutch on a spree.


Sunday, July 15

Called on Professor Dimsdale twice, found him very unwell. Called on the M__s Rogers & others, weather fine. Waited on Professor Dimsdale nearly all night, he had a hard night of it. I am to start by Overland Coach in the morning.



Monday, July 16

Started from VA City after daylight, had a good ride to the bridge, passed Olliver's Coach, had some trouble crossing the ferry. Got into Helena about 11 oc P.M., face badly swelled from tooth ache. X left this evening for Gallatin.


Friday, July 20

Around town looking for absent parties with warrants. Beidler arrived with Nixon, settled up with Mr. Pinney, paid me $500. Went to the Theatre with Pinney & Beidler on Wood Street, went to bed at 12.



Tuesday, July 24

Started with H.P.A. Smith for Confederate with a warrant, left after dinner & got into Confederate a little after dusk, was well treated very kindly, made the arrests & took the parties word for their appearance. Slept with Mr. Rankin.


Wednesday, July 25

Got up at 6 oc, got 2 seats in the coach which left at 7 oc. I left with Dr. Manpin & L______ Shannon. My horse gave out after getting to Prickley Pear, a shower at 4 oc, got in before sun down.


Thursday, July 26

Contempt case came up today, prisoners dismissed, was annoyed by them coming in drunk ________, went to bed late.



Friday, July 27

Concluded to go to Indian Creek, 35 miles. Called at Col. Vaughn's, got into Indian Creek at 10 oc P.M..


Saturday, July 28

Took breakfast with Irvin & Co., met & arrested Mr. Rollins who agrees to be in town tommorrow. Rode with a friend from Crow Creek a while, found my yellow horse on the Missouri & left him with an Englishman. Took dinner at Col. Vaughn's, met Dennis Sh_____ and Mark ________ on the Prickley Pear. Got in town after dark, weather hot.


Sunday, July 29

Mr. Rollins came in today, weather fine. Gave Mr. Langford some letters written by Maggy Kinzer to Judge Lewis to return.



Monday, July 30


Mr. Rollins settled his matter today, gave me $30., which I paid in board act. Left for Deer Lodge by Blackfoot, got to Blackfoot at dark, slept at Mrs. Kustee's, had a good bed, weather hot. Col. Harrison rode with us, left town about 1/2 past 2 oc. Cool this evening, met a good many friends.


Tuesday, July 31

Got up at 9 oc & started at 11 oc. Weather plesant, landed in Deer Lodge after dinner, got a miserable meal. Found Mr. Clossers, folks camped near Deer Lodge, called on them in the evening. Faith Pinney [and] the girls sang & played for us.


Wednesday, August 1

The sale came off this morning at 9 oc A.M., got through before noon. Took dinner at the Western Hotel. Called on Miss Clossers again this evening with Mr. Pinney; weather fine, cool at night.


Thursday, August 2

 Mr. Pinney, X, & John Rolbecker left this morning for Helena by the Boulder, across the rainge.


Friday, August 3

Went fishing with Percy, caught 3 trout which I ate for supper and one that Percy caught. Played billiards with Cap. Irvin & Percy, lost one game. Called on the M___ Clossers with Percy. A short shower this afternoon, cool after the rain.



Saturday, August 4

About Deer Lodge City all day waiting for Mr. __________ Lepley, one of the appraisors who did not arrive. Rained hard before dinner, half an hour, cool all day, cloudy at night.


Monday, August 6

Loaned Capt. Jas. Jack $50. in notes.


Tuesday, August 7

Loaned John Featherstun $100.



Saturday, August 25

Miss French ['s] Birthday.



Saturday, September 1

Commenced business today as Assistant Acessor.


Friday, September 7

Cloudy today, had a high time at the National Bank tonight, 75 bottles champaighn drunk. Rained in the evening, accessing dull.


                    The Montana Post 9-8-66

              "Acting U.S. Marshal Geo. W. Irwin"



Sunday, September 9

Got up at 1/2 past 9, let Featherstun & Runik out of jail at 11 A.M., guards for Foster, the boys displeased. Not around much today, Brumaster on a spree at night, mail arrived at 9. Pinney & Fowler to work late on acts, Tom Baume arrived.



Monday, September 10

Up in good season, several called today. Pinney out riding with Miss Annie, Mr. Clark called today, Capt. Fisk & Andrews called. I have agreed to sleep with Mrs. ‑‑‑‑ tonight. Bought 50 cts. for eggs for supper, Wm Brumaster called & Tom Baume, weather beautifull, Bob Ells tight.



Tuesday, September 11

In the office all day nearly, weather beautifull. A few came around to make returns, went to bed late. Called on Mrs. V. & Mrs. N. with Jones, Ben Detis in town. Mrs. R. gone to Cal., wish her well, I have treated her unkindly, she wrote me some time ago that she loved me. I have have had the best evidence that she lied, poor girl. I wish her well, I could not love her still, I never can forget her embraces & fondness. I have driven her away by unkindness, I fear to desparation. Went with Pinney walking with the M___s Campbells after dark, had a good time. Caught a bad cold last night.


Wednesday, September 12

Took breakfast with Pinney as usual, at the usual time, 8 oc A.M., had some fun with the girls. In the office nearly all day, Fisk and others came around. Good news from the States, Union Party in the assendency, good hope their banner will ever be triumphant if there is a war. I will go with the radicals, they are right. X.B. came home today from Yellow Stone, slept in the jail tonight. Featherstun with a woman, played biliards with X., George M., & Ben Detis before going to bed.



Saturday, September 15

In the office most of the day, sent a note to Miss Fannie Campbell, she sent a reply accepting my invitation to go to the Theatre. Geo. M. Pinney, Saml Hauser, & I went up to see M__s the Campbells this evening.


Sunday, September 16

Bought some papers for the Miss Campbells, $2.00. Rode out a little way with them, hope they will have a pleasant trip. Rode my yellow horse with Pinney, Beidler, & Bozeman, weather fine.


Monday, September 17

Around town helping Mr. Gilbert to brand casks of liquors & coal oil, a new thing for the merchants, as they have not seen the law. Weather fine, played billiards with Pinney, Beidler & others until the coach started 2 1/2 oc, Pinney left for Virginia.



Tuesday, September 18

Around on Revenue business with Gilbert, branded over 4,000 gals. of Liquor in different sized packages. Wm Birkin came in town yesterday & got tight, slept in our office, is sick today. Cold & dreary all day, rained and snowed nearly all day. Cup & Wall & Birkin took dinner with me ______ yesterday, got our stove up today.



Wednesday, September 19

With Mr. Gilbert again, marking or branding Liquor casks, got through [at] 3 oc P.M.. [lined out: Took the prisoners their suppers. Beidler, Featherstun & ________ out riding.] Weather fine, called with L.C. Jones to see Mrs. Calapan & Miss Coffey.


Thursday, September 20

Sent with Mr. J.R. Gilbert to VA City for new stationary for the acessor's office, he left on horseback. Mr. N.P. Langford arrived today, afternoon, left VA City for Bitter Root. Ned, Cap. Fisk in the office, weather fine. Miss Coffey & Miss Clark gave Featherstun an invite to play cards this evening, went too late. Geo. ______son leaves in the morning, called on the M___ Clossers with Featherstun. Took prisoners their supper, quite unwell today.


Friday, September 21

Got up in good season, circulated about town to raise money for a present for Munson. Met Sonny Peoples; Judge C.P. Hall slept in our office last night, got two letters from Geo. W. Irvin.


                   The Montana Post 9-25-66

     "U.S. Marshal Geo. M. Pinney, Acting U.S. Marshal Neil Howie, Deputy U.S. Marshal J.X. Beidler"



Sunday, September 30

A good many in town today, barrowed $100 in Treasury Notes from Shober, weather beautifull.



Monday, October 1

Quite unwell today, made out my monthly report to Everts, and mailed it by Express. Very sick at night, went to bed early.



Tuesday, October 2

A little better this morning, took no supper last night, no breakfast this morning, took a little soup for dinner, no supper. X summonsed a Grand Jury today, to meet tommorrow. Judge Hosmer to be in tommorrow night.



Wednesday, October 3

Weather fine today, Judge Hosmer and Col. Thos. Thorouhgman arrived late at night by coach. Getting better, not much doing in the office.



Thursday, October 4

Court opened this morning, Judge Williams presented the indictment against Foster, gave it to the Judge. Beidler left for Dimond City for witnesses for Grand Jury.


Friday, October 5

Witness arrived from Dimond City, Grand Jury formed an indictment against Jas. ___. Foster, who was brought before the Judge, who was willing to plead guilty of manslaughter, Court would not accept it. Barrowed $225. from Mr. Pinney, got $80 in dust from Wm Smith for services at Confederate, paid Spangler $25 in board. Beidler got back, played biliards with the boys at night, mail in after 10 oc.



Saturday, October 6

Mr. Pinney getting ready to leave, bought the two prisoners up to the office. Cool in the afternoon, rained a little, some excitement about town concerning Foster, reported they were going to take him out and hang him. Went to the jail with shot gun to defend it. Mr. Pinney assures me he will get me the appointment of Marshal.



Sunday, October 7

Did not go to bed last night. Coach left this morning about 2 oc, when I parted with a good friend, Mr. Pinney. Judge Hosmer, Beidler, Thoroughman also left. Called on Miss Coffee, rode up the gulch 6 miles after a horse. Rec'd. a letter from Judge Chumiserio & Judge Munson. Weather beautifull, loaned Featherstun $10.00.


Monday, October 8

Paid Second & Jacobs $12, bill, paid Spangler $25. in dust in dust in gold on board, weather very fine.


Tuesday, October 9

Like summer today.


Wednesday, October 10

In the office nearly all day, weather beautifull, quite warm.


Thursday, October 11

Bill for branded ___ Cas liquor $132.00, J.N. Featherstun $41.00 his share, weather beautifull. Coach in at half past 10 P.M., Govenor Green Clay Smith & Saml Hauser passengers, a party of 48 of us called on the Govenor at the National Bank, found him a very pleasant gentleman. John Potter arrived [at] 3 oc P.M..


Friday, October 12

The Govenor took a ride this morning, took a drink with him, Cavanaugh & several others. Barret arrived with the Gov. yesterday evening. Commenced raining towards evening, was raining at 11 P.M.. Paid Nichlason $24. in dust for work on Coal Bank at Ft. Benton. Made out and mailed my monthly report, Dave Whitmore called to see me, let Jack Meyers have the sorral pony, bill $20., which he is to pay me soon.


Monday, October 15

Pd. Cap. Williams $22.50 dust, Mr. Closser $30 in notes.


Thursday, October 18

Chadwick arrived in good season, Charlie Fowler & I went down town with him.


Sunday, October 21

Up in good season, had my picture taken. Called on the Govenor in the evening, played two games of biliards with Clinesmith in the evening, weather fine.



Monday, October 22

Coach left at 10 A.M., Mr. Clark, Mr. Barrett, Gillette passengers, weather fine, freezing a little in the evening. Called on Miss A‑‑‑‑. R. Knolan arrested & tried for assalt. Snowed last night, about an inch. A man called to see me about working my interest in Coal Bank at Benton.


Tuesday, October 23

Wm Hamilton arrived from Virginia, rode my yellow horse afternoon, streets very muddy. Played billiards with Fowler, Jones & Seyres, came out ahead; in the office at 11 P.M.. Weather fine, mail leaves in the morning.


Wednesday, October 24

Gallehers arrived from the Gallatin & Wm Wright went around with the boys at night, Fowler on a spree. Paid John Featherstun $10. currency for Mr. Pinney. Langford paid me $150. in currency, weather fine, went to bed at 1/2 past 11 oc. Sent my horse to Birkin on the Boulder. Called on the M____s Clossers with Featherstun.


Thursday, October 25

Up in good season, Revenue business light today. Wm Wright called to see us, sent a magazine to Miss Fannie Campbell, paid log cabin $25.,bill, ______ on the 18th inst.



Friday, October 26

In the office & about all day. Wm Wright & Jack took dinner with me, Jack arrived this morning, went to bed early. Not about town after dark, went to bed early, weather fine.


Saturday, October 27

Weather fine, called to see the Govenor several times, but found him busy. Poker game at night at the bank, as I never play I was not in it. Major Bruce arrived, mail this afternoon.


Sunday, October 28

The Govenor left on the coach with Judge Munson & others for VA City. ___________ boarding at the Tremont House, Featherstun & Sears Proprioters, had an excellent dinner, plenty of wine. About town until late, played billiards with T.C. Jones & Langford. Weather fine, Langford payed me $75.



Monday, October 29

Weather fine, Maguire drunk. Langford & Sam Hauser started to Deer Lodge. Played billiards with T.C. Jones & Fowler, came out ahead. Around with Billy Jack & Charlie Fowler until late, came across Buscat, tight. Paid Closser board.



Tuesday, October 30

Around town conciderable, called on Mr. & Mrs. C., got a letter from Pinney yesterday. Judge Smith tight yesterday, played 3 or 4 games of billiards after dark, came out ahead. Maguire called at the office at 10 oc P.M.. Woulf took dinner with me.


Wednesday, October 31

Weather fine, nothing of importance occured today. C.D.J. Curtis arrived from VA City, Beidler to be over tommorrow.


Thursday, November 1

C. Manly called.


Friday, November 2

Rec'd by Express two hats, one for me from W.F. Sanders. Took a ride around town, called on Gazette office. New plug hats c_____d, commenced a party at Travis, played billiards 59‑‑, lost 3, made out my act to Everts, special list.


Saturday, November 3

Beidler arrived this morning, mailed my special list to Everts & handed Mr. T.C. Jones Collector's Copy.




Number of my old revolver 147.058. Traded off to Paul Swartz Jan 21st 1865.

No. of the revolver I traded for at Ft. Benton 90750. Jan 16th 1866.

The $63. in dust that I rec. for at the Express Office deposited for J.X. Beidler, Featherstun & I used for Express.

Paid R.C. Knox Territorial Warrants

 No. 1640      $25.00

 No. 1639       50.00

Jan 17, 1866    75.00

No. of revolver that I traded for with Paul Swartz 151282 Navy Dragoon Jan 22nd

Mr. J.J. Hull delivered my note of $58. given last summer.

Jan 23 pd. Jas. Gibson in Territorial Warrants on act of Col. Dernining‑‑‑ $500. for Featherstun & Howie and $50 Howie Warrant.

Pd. I.N. Caslon & Co. Scrip $18. dust for Travois $4 dust.





            Hell Gate

Worthington Bills

Was to collect the amount of a note of hand ordered by Nels Ptomey

Enquire to particulars of R.H. Sapps dying requests who if ans. A____'s or execution ‑ U___dis‑‑ position of his property 2 miles to J.D. Ritchie

Cap Parkeson

Saml Roundtree

M. B____d

Van____burg L

F.M. Ludlow

King & Gillette

Gen Dorris

Jas. Vivim

Taylor Thompson vc

Linnus Min at 2 oc P.M.

Jas. Pardee called Feb 8th 1866

Geo. F. Cowen Helena

Number of Daniel's Pistol 143399 Navy Dragoon





Mr. L_______ one shot gun and good horse, Mr. N. Merryman one shot gun & six inch revolver.

Dan O'Donnell froze to death in the storm, Philip Farley brought in Feb 18th

M.O. Meshell Ogden's brand on left shoulder 17 branded & exempted five.

Bawden Ranch men on Missouri ferry owes a mule for him

Charles Walker, Deer Lodge

Feb 27th pd. Stubs $50 Territorial Scrip. $25.00 in notes

Cornelius McGreevy from Ft. Benton Feb 28th 1866 lane on left leg, mark like a bullet, mark on forehead.





John Nixon Gallatin _______ by Mr. Wright.

Daniels committed to Madison County Jail Jan. 1st, 1866 and released Feb 23rd, 1866

31 days in Jan 31

           Feb 23


James M. Ryan, Nevada City, M.T.

John Reshaw witness





Rufman & Miller

Jones Freighter camped near Mr. Burrows Ranch on March 25th 1866, Sweeney at lumber yard with Carpenter another ______ _______ _______ to send him two Sp____ John Miller witness

I.F. Mitchell May 29

L.H. Fairchild




Virginia City M.T. Mrs. Franie Reerptcas to pay Neil Howie the sum of $550.    O Maishues

Lay supposed to be a horse thief, light complected, large man, little stooped shoulders

Shaw & Fl___noon

West Claire Co. Wis

George N. Birdsall, Virginia City, Nev.

Lewis P. Weerdle, Nevada

C.H. McKee

I am to enquire of Fred Burr about a note against Fandlr June 25,1866 from Heidyll to N. Howie





James N. Williams 1865 & in a/c with G.M. Pinney

1866 ‑ Mchdse Bill to June 1st 1866 $151.00

D.C. Basey, Brunswick, Mo.

Dunlop & Hubbell, Reynolds City, M.T.

am to collect $354.30 for them from Bloom & Chin

David Allen, Bivens Gulch Dr. $1.50

J.M. Moss, Keokuk, Iowa





Due Geo. M. Pinney from Neil Howie, barrowed money in Treasury Notes $2.25, Helena, M.T., Oct. 6th, 1866





Date                       Received        Paid

Feb 7th   G.A. Croft                       5.00

 "   "         Perkins         5.00

Feb 17th  J.A. Stubins

          Territorial Scrip               50.00






Date                       Received        Paid

14th      A. Sweet

          on J. Sullivan act              30.00

 "        Pr Langford         50.00

17th      G. Second                       30 Notes

          Terr Scrip                      50.00

          W.A. Bright

          No. 5.12.Ma______







Date                       Received        Paid

 21       Geo. M. Pinney      10.00





White mare with stiff neck belongs to Cocks, had a ranch near Myres on Nevada Creek. The brown studd, white face & white feet belonged to Frank Ireland. Joe Eastman, brown horse, main short, hangs each side of neck. Mr. E.W. Heunts statement Oct. 20th, 1866.





Le_______ M.E.___________





Date                                            Amount

Jan 15     J.J. Hull Dr

           2 in hundred Dollars

           Territorial Scrip equal to           60.00

           $60. in dust to apply on a

           note of hand dated 1865

 "  17th   Pd. R.C. Knox in Terr. Warrants      75.00

 "  20th   Pd. Col. Denning Territorial order

           No. 1645 indowed by J. Fisher        32.00







Date                                            Amount

Dec.1865   J.X. Beidler Dr.

           To Treasury Notes                    $45.00

           "  Gold Dust by                       36.00

              Percy                              81.00


April      Dust                                  10.00


           Neil Howie

           2 J.X. Beidler Dr.

Jan 6th    to Gold Dust

           by Olivers Express                    63.00


April      John Featherstun to dust Gallatin

           Bail money for Mr. Pinney             20.00






Jan 13th   D.C. Mclain forged a note at Helena on Hatchers

Jan 13th   let Ben Detis have my picture

 "   "      "  John Lott   "   "    "

 "   "      "  Dinning     "   "    "

 "   "      "  Prof. Dimsdale have my picture





Date                                             Amount

           John Featherstun sold to Herman _____

           in Territorial Scrip. $100. for $60.

           in dust                               $60.00


Jan. 22    paid in dust to Pickett & Co. in act

           of Featherstun & myself               $10.00


 "   "     Pd. J. Armitage showing two horses to

           Jeff & Bill                           $10.00


 "   "     Featherstun Pd. Castner for me on

           board in dust                         $32.00


 "   23    Pd. Dr Jas. Gibson in Ter. Warrants   $50.00

 "   26    Dr Gibson $100.                       $45.00






M.V. Flippin 16 miles from Helena

Gown & Kimbum

Train Sunriver of 12 Teams


Judge C.E. Irvin

Please deliver my blankets to oblige

Your & C.

               John G. Healt


A.G. Slutes

Bruce Lambert

T.N. McDowell

Aline    "

S.C.D. Reid





June 5th Dr.

Butler Dust     25.00

am to tell Barret come over Saturday and bring the papers without fail from Stafford.


to tell Pinney to come Saturday without fail from Judge Hosmer


Brand on Silver Bow horse

gray       ___





M or McCo_____

D H_____

Jas. Daniels who was hung the night of March 2nd 1866


Copies 8th April 1866

Mc Lelans Report

Survey of the North Pacific's Rail Road Route





Joseph Cobbells

Silver City

Captain _____ s_______


Three men left Belt Creek on wagon three weeks ago for Ft. Benton have not been heard of, reported Feb. 20th by Lew Esperon




N.M.C. Brand on shoulder

G. on hip


Nelson Mining

Co American

Mules      25 in


C.J. Murphy





J.M. Pricket & C.

Geo. A. Baker

enquire of elect

Majors Helena


E. Bidell

J.M. Richardson

at R___________

_______ ________ Prickley Pear & Ft. Benton Road

David Holland

_______ a cords wood

        2   "    "

        2   "    "

Cris Bouder

dark complected, tall, wears whiskers, heavy tall man, 32 yr of age


Bill Stoult little finger crooked on left hand





Neil Howie




B. Barholmue, Hot Springs             18






                                 $ 22555



500 00            W.N. Hooker

185 55            River paid 10.

314 45                Jan 23/66