Sunday, January 1


Went to bed this morning about 5 o'clock, got up at half past 10 am. Went around town until night, called at Nelson's, but too late to see the dog fight. Played two games billiards, lost one. Let our last nights prisoner go this morning, he got his nose broke last night, went to theatre a short time, Barney Wilson arrested, let him go. All quiet around town, Jerry Lewis on a spree. Sanders & Neely little on it, weather warm through the day, cloudy & cool at night.


                    The Montana Post 1-1-65

     "Arrived - We had the pleasure of shaking hands with Geo. M. Pinney, Esq., U.S. Marshal for Montana Territory."


Monday, January 2


Great excitment about the fight, Commissioners met this morning, busy filing my bills for County Commissioners to act on. Chumesseria went to the fight; H. O'Neal & C. Orem in the ring at 2 pm, fought 3 hours & 15 minutes and one hundred & eighty‑six rounds. Referee decided a draw fight on account of it being too dark to fight it on. I think O'Neal would have won the fight in two rounds          the fighting was very hard, had hard work to keep the crowd off the ropes, everything very quiet for the occation.



Tuesday, January 3


Got up at half past 7 oc, County Commissioners met this morning, talked with Mr. Sulte about the court room. Riley & Bean met in the ring at 2 oc, Riley won the fight the first round by knocking Bean out, of time Bean was led the second round by his seconds, but could not fight. I went to the lower town after 3 oc pm, sent a note of adjournment of shffs sale to gone off go at 2 pm. Rec'd a letter from Lewis, went to Nevada and posted 3 notices adjourning the sale of Wood's claim. Wrote Lewis to Bannock, Bob Hill got up a bill for John Featherstun, for the Legislatuir for his services after Buckner; went to bed late.



Wednesday, January 4


Got up at 8 oc, snowing continued until 9 oc, got my Criminal Bills certified, to get a Bill in for Featherstun and one for his brother. Commissioners met at 10 o'clock, heard that there was a man shot in Summit last night, and that the party that shot him gave himself up. Got my Bills allowed by the Commissioners. County Board adjourned this afternoon, have to collect some money to pay Bills tommorrow. Sanders left for Bannock this morning. Weather fine, played a game of cards with Knox, B       & C        at their cabin. Culverstun crazy this evening, locked up Cr       this afternoon on his old scrape.


Thursday, January 5


Went around collecting, collected $465, borrowed $75.00 from John Creighton and paid it to Phil in act; sent a package to Lewis & Brown to Deer Lodge. Culverstun got crazy last night, took him and Nev out in the evening, went up to Crowell's Ball, stayed an hour, dance went off rather dull. Called at Idaho Saloon and played two games of C      and pitch spades running lively. Called on Nat Stern afternoon, called on Mr. Fergus after dark, went to theatre a short time,         a small, played a game of biliards with Beidler at Ming's, met H. O'Neal walking around town.



                    The Montana Post 1-5-65

         "Hank Roy shot by Wilkinson in self defense"



Friday, January 6


Paid Conrad & Co. $6.15, gave Beidler $20 in notes to pay meat bill. Weather cloudy, snowed a little early, rather cold. Beilder served summons & injunction on Geo. Orr & collected $250 costs from Parker & $150. Yesterday our fees $31 notes, several against shi     t in advance case, also copied a summons & complaint in sume case entitled Carrie Dunwick vs L. Dunwick; Crow let out of jail on bail. Also Scotty Wilkinson cleared for shooting Raealt at Summit. Went to the theatre at half past 7 oc pm to hear Major A. read one of his pieces. Called at Silas, weather pleasant through the day, was called on by Nelson about another fist fight.



Saturday, January 7



Require to file my answer in a suit comprised against one Gilbert & Smith by C. Hendrick. Had poor luck collecting today, went around with Armitage good part of the day. Understand that the last coach starts for Boise Monday, and can only take one officer along. Met Paul Coburn this evening, a few of us had a good time about town and went to the theatre, spades running lively, took supper at Mohigans. Went to bed at 12 o'clock, McClure on a spree.


                    The Montana Post 1-7-65

     "Neil Howie has been appointed U.S. Marshal for the First Judicial District, pro tem., and J. H. Featherstun, deputy."

Sunday, January 8


Weather cold, got up in good season, went around to make arraingments to either go or send after Buckner, concluded to go myself. Weather pleasant through the day, bought a suit of clothes from Cfort & Bush, did not suceed in getting my money for the trip. Concluded to go to Bannock and make arraingments with the Govenor for funds,if possible. Fixed up my affairs to start in the morning, came near not going on account of parties refusing to furnish funds, got everything fixed about 12 o'clock, the          boys on the dance and spree. C      Nolan drunk, went to bed at 2 o'clock.


     Buckner alias Jackson was arrested and jailed for the murder of Brown in August of 1864. On August 14th he escaped and made his way to southern Idaho, where he was arrested. Upon notification of Buckner's location, Neil Howie travelled from Virginia City to Idaho City and Boise extradite Buckner back to Montana Territory.  In his efforts to obtain Bruckner, Howie had to endure a series of court proceedings - where the Montana Vigilance Committee was tried for lawlessness, local political wrangling, and death threats by Buckner's friends who were attempting to rescue him. Buckner was eventually freed by the court but admitted to Howie his guilt in the killing of Brown and escape from the Madison County Jail. Buckner also cleared R.C. Knox and John Featherstun of any complicity in the escape.  


Monday, January 9


Was woke up at 4 o'clock, started at five, weather pleasant, took breakfast at Dalies. Took dinner at St_____ Ranch about 2 o'clock, were detained at every station by the pay master, Mr. Street, who was setling up with the station keepers. Got to Rattle Snake Station, was detained sometime, then took a sleigh going to Bannock about half past 10 o'clock. Passengers Bissell, Langford, Street, Brully, Coburn, Mr. Parks, _______, Cowell, & Jackson; ______ had a fine day for the trip, but very cold at night. Called on the Govenor on my arrival, got very little incuragment, went to bed about 10 oc.



Tuesday, January 10


Got up at sunrise, called on Tom Pitt, offered to give me $50 and raise what _______ he ________ $105. in dust. Took breakfast with Mr. Steel & Miller. G. Hill made out the necessary papers in good time, s_______ name for Lewis for a power of attorney, left Bannock about half past 10 oc, received the best wishes of my friends. Took supper at Pine Bute Station, they boys got a little tight, weather very cold and windy towards night. Mad_____ _______ in the c______ at Pine Bute, poor fair, plenty of s_________ .


Wednesday, January 11


Weather very cold last night, got breakfast and started by 8 o'clock, conciderable snow on the rainge, had to walk most of the distance of 15 miles. Met quite a number of packers, some had got their feet frozen and had them bundled up with rags, got to Pleasant Valley before noon, took dinner and started on, drove to Chamas Creek and laid over for the night. Sleighing first rate from the first station from Pleasant Valley, distance of the drive 25 miles. Weather cold all day, moderated a little at night; good supper and comfortable lodging.



Thursday, January 12


Weather pleasant this morning, got off in good season. Drove to Snake River, a distance of 25 miles. Got dinner and a change of stock, drove 8 miles to the upper ferry and changed again, drove to next station 16 miles and changed stock here, Galeshi & the stock tender had difficulty which resulted in the stock tender, John, getting shot. Took him down 16 miles to next station where we laid over.



Friday, January 13


Got up early, the wounded man better, left about 9 oc, got to Junction at 15 m past 3 oc pm, crossed the ferry opisite the old fort, found a fine station, snow about 12 inches deep on Ft. Hall Flat. Weather not very cold, we expect to remain here until Sunday morning.



Saturday, January 14


Weather cool and clear, the station boys butchering today. Mr. Coburn took me around and showed me the station, which is fixed very conveniently. Wrote to Beidler, Knox, Armitage, and Mary Howie. Charly Burns & C. Greer arrived with the Salt Lake coach after dark, Boise mail arrived just after dusk. Rec'd a letter from Beach directed to Featherstun with information that time an separately, then we started in the morning for Boise, weather very fine.








Sunday, January 15


Got up before daylight, and wrote a letter to Beach, Agt Overland at Boise City. Buck board started before daylight, weather cold. Started after sunrise, fed at Portnuff 15 miles from F.W.H. Porfer, good roads & level country. Portneuf had stream to cross, stayed at Cedar American Falls. Found Dean Harding there, very good grub and comfortable lodging. Weather pleasant through the day, falls one mile below the station.



Monday, January 16


Weather bright, got an indistinct view of the falls when passing, stopped at Cedar Bluff, 15 miles from the falls, good fair & grub. Weather cold, road hilly today, river running in a rocky channel whenever in sight; got to Raft River, small stream running through a fine little valley, very little snow here. Weather moderated in the evening, overtook Mr. Miller, whiskey p______ch after going to b____ porr grub but comfortable quarters, whiskey played out.



Tuesday, January 17


Weather cool after getting on the hills, drove 18 miles to Marsh Creek and laid up for the day, snowed nearly all afternoon, went hunting but found no game. This is called Marsh Creek on account of it running through an extin___in marsh. Broke in our box of grub at noon, stoped snowing at night.



Wednesday, January 18


Drove 15 miles to Goos Creek & took dinner, played cards for oysters, cigars, & wine; oysters and me had a good dinner. Weather cold, drove to Snake River after noon, arrived at dusk, left the boys here on buckboard, drove 8 miles to Rock Station, then to Cannon Station. Station whin we arrived, cold & hungry.



Thursday, January 19


Found myself at Kuntz's Station at 5 oc am, passed a very uncomfortable night, this station is a little below the Sh____ Sh____ Falls. Stayed an hour and left on the 25 mile stretch, roads cold & hilly. Rained from 10 oc, arrived at ferry at 12 pm, cold and weary, some very steep hills, longest 25 miles I ever travelled. Got a dinner, felt better, wind very high afternoon & storm passed over. Mail arrived from Boise in the evening.



Friday, January 20


Mail left this morning for Boise about sunrise. Hired a mule from U.V. Sherwin for $15 to ride to Boise City, left the ferry at 10 oc, passed Malade Station half past 12, 12 mls on road. Rode 16 mls to Clover Springs over very deep snow, laid over. Shot a prairie hen, weather beautifull, cold at night, laid in a good lot of sage brush for fire.



Saturday, January 21


Started early, rode 15 miles to King Hill, roads bad, took dinner and went on. Thought I run across Porter, the escaped convict, was mistaken. Roads very bad on top of Hangs Hill for 3 miles, crossed conciderable of a creek, 3 or 4 miles from Cold Springs, when I stayed overnight; this place is sometimes called Grave Creek, on account of 42 persons being buried there who were killed by the indians. The country here is level, some grass found.



Sunday, January 22


Rode 5 miles to Bennetts Ranch & took breakfast. Weather beautifull, passed Warm Springs Station, 10 miles from Cold Springs before noon, then rode to Cannon Creek & fed, making 25 miles then 11 miles to Squaw Ranch in Squaw Creek, where I stayed overnight, weather fine all day and cold at night, night uncomfortable.




Monday, January 23


Got up early, weather cloudy & very cold, rode 3 miles to Coxes Ranch and ________ rode to Indian Creek & took breakfast. Rode 7 miles to a station, fed hay, roads very sunny, got to Moneys Ranch at dark _____ miles from town. Weather fine & warm after 11 oc am. Carried my blankets from Moneys Ranch to town, found Mr. Beach without any trouble, met Mr. Keenan [deputy sheriff] late in the evening. Buckner still in jail in Idaho City.



Tuesday, January 24


Weather cold, in the office nearly all day, got shaved & put on clean clothes. Feel as if I had a hard trip, paid $8 for drawers & shirt. My friend Mr. _________ around today, don't think he observed me.




Wednesday, January 25


Weather extremely cold this morning, moderated towards noon. Wrote a letter to Beidler & Featherstun, yesterday in the office nearly all day. Mr. Beach very kind to me; Coburn, Street, & party arrived this evening about sundown. I had no idea they could make the trip so soon. The whiskey supper in tonight, the boys glad to see me.



Thursday, January 26


Weather not so cold today, a great many in the office today to settle. I met Mr. Kelly day before yesterday evening, a lawyer, he thinks I will have to go to Walla Walla to get the Govenor's Seal or signature, who is detained there on account of some difficulties about the Capital. I went up to see the Commander of the military, he is willing to assist me if necessary. Keenan rec'd a letter from prosecuting att'ny, which states that the Govenor is at Walla Walla. Mr. Kelly also gave me a letter for him.

     The Idaho Territorial Legislature had recently passed a bill to move the Territorial Capital from Lewiston to Boise. Govenor Lyon enroute to Boise was in Walla Walla, Washington Territory, leaving the Territorial Seal and archives behind in Lewiston because of an injunction issued not to remove them from Lewiston.


Friday, January 27


Went around to Durell & Co's. last night with the boys, when treated by Co. to apples, cigars, & wine. Sent a letter in the way pocket to Beidler, this morning rained conciderable.




Saturday, January 28


Keenan left for Idaho City this morning, agreed to make an effort to deliver Buckner to me immediately. Weather fine, no news from Walla Walla. Played a few games of billiards with Coburn.



Sunday, January 29


Weather beautifull, the roughf watching me on the streets. Around town all day, had a long talk with Mr. Blossum, a merchant in town, he offers me funds if necessary, and other assistance. Very quiet today & has been since _________.






Monday, January 30


No news today yet, weather beautifull. Rec'd a letter from Keenan this evening, requesting me to pay $200 for him and stating that he sent Buckner's committment to Gov. Lyon.



Tuesday, January 31


Mr. Street & Brumly left for California this morning. I sent a copy of the requistion for Buckner with Street to deliver to the Govenor, also a warrant. Nothing of importance transpired today. I begin to lose confidence in the County Officials. _______ed at night, snow going fast.





Wednesday, February 1


Mr. Coburn left this morning for Ft. Hall, sent a letter to Beidler & Featherstun, rainy, Walla Walla mail arrived about noon, no news of importance, nothing in _____ and to the Govenor.



Friday, February 3


Borrowed $100 from Mr. Blossum, a merchant in Boise City. Hired a horse from _______ Reynolds and started from town about noon, took dinner at the at the 12 mile house, very cold after dark, got into Idaho City half past 10 o.c., met Attny General. Keenan & Bowen, the Sheriff, all on a spree, was introduced as Sheriff of Madison County, M.T. ________ was not intended.



Saturday, February 4


Around town all day, weather cold and clear; was taken around town with Mr. Keenan and met late at night with Keenan & Bowen. Weather fine through the day, cold night & morning, nothing of interest occured officially.










Sunday, February 5


Around town all day, weather cold & clear, very quiet around town. No news yet from below. Find it hard work to keep sober. Met Wm Jack this morning, called on his family & took dinner with them.


Monday, February 6


Weather very cold this morning, thawed a little through the day. Attended a party this evening with the Sheriff, was around with Harry Hustun, Frank Lyman & others, all on a spree, all friends and I think will help me.



Tuesday, February 7


Mr. Keenan left for Boise City with the stage this morning, to return by first stage. Sent a letter to Mr. Beach, weather fine. Mr. Keenan talks of going to M.T. with me but I fear it won't pay him.



Wednesday, February 8


Around town all day, no news nor excitement. Weather fine, thawing through the day, cold night and morning. No news from Boise City today, another party tonight.





Thursday, February 9


Took a walk over on Buena Vista Bar with Wm Jack. Weather warm through the day, no mail from Lewiston. Went to L____igans Ball as a spectator, also called a few minutes at a private party. Mr. Durell arrived, went to bed at 2 o.c.. Was in the Sheriff's Office a while this evening, mail arrived from Boise City.



Sunday, February 12


Weather fine, no news, spent a l_______ day about town.





Monday, February 13


Weather fine, mail arrived from Boise City; goes back in the morning, no news. Rec'd a letter from Keenan, who wants me to get some money for him on the strength of his going with me.





Tuesday, February 14


Weather fine, but prospects of snow. I went with Bob Baily and had my picture taken; also went to a party, which was rather a slim affair, danced until 2 o.c.. $6.00 taken in for the Aid Society.



Wednesday, February 15


Snowed nearly all night and until 12 o'clock M. Snowed 11 1/2 inches, weather cloudy all day. Went over to Buenavista Bar after dark with Bob Baily & Sayers. Called at O'Neal's Saloon, returned about 10 o.c., no news. Bob Baily ordered a ring for me today.




Thursday, February 16


Weather clear & warm; about 4 o.c. this morning I was taken sick, threw up ________ quanity of bile. I took a trip with George Sayers to Centerville, 8 miles from Idaho City, the Sheriff arrived with a subpoena for me in a Writ of Habeus Corpus case about 10 o.c.. Got back to Idaho at 12 o.c.. Buckner was remanded to jail, to arrest, his trial tommorrow at 12 o.c.. Roads very bad, snowed about six inches through the night.



Friday, February 17


Weather clear and warm this morning. Buckner was brought to the courtroom half past 11 o.c. am. I recognized him at once, trial came off at half past 12 o.c.. The judge sustained the writ, and the prisoner was discharged, but immediately arrested again by Sheriff Bowen by a warrant from a Justice of the Peace. Great excitement about the rearrest last _____ break made, Buckner was commanded back to jail to await his trial, Monday 12 o.c..



Saturday, February 18


Weather clear all day, the Buckner question discussed by nearly everyone, in hearing of the trial. Deputy Gorman left for Boise City in the morning for witnesses. Sent a letter to Beidler with my likeness, also a letter to Beush & Blossum, roads reported bad.



Sunday, February 19


Weather mild, all quiet about town. I feel anxious about the trial tommorrow, which will no doubt determine if I get Buckner or not. Mallery arrived from Boise City, brought me a letter from my deputy, X. Beidler, & Mr. Beach.




Monday, February 20


Cold this morning, Buckner's trial came on the dockett today. Mallery & Goodrich on the witness stand. Mallery very much confused, Goodrich all right. Conciderable feeling manifested by Buckner's friends. I knew Buckner this morning as soon as I saw him from the Courtroom window last Friday. The trial is likely to be tedious; I am pleased with the decisions of the court, many questions asked about the Vig in Virginia. Weather clear all day, sent a subpoena for H. Hustun.



Tuesday, February 21


I was called on the witness stand about half past 10 oc am. Court adjourned about sundown, the main questions asked me were about the Vigelance Committee at Virginia City. Weather cold, very little excitement, the courtroom was crowded with spectators.



Wednesday, February 22


I was called on the stand again today was excused about 1 o'clock pm, a Mr. Fox gave in his testimony, stated that Dolan was hung about the 15th or 18th of Sept. of 1864. I now recollect that Dolan was hung in Sept., was confident when I gave in my testimony that his execution took place in August. Willis also remember that I did not commence to act as high Sheriff of Madison Co. until sumtime after the date of my appointment. Weather clear & cold, went around to two balls.


                    "Vigilantes of Montana"

                John Dolan was hung on 9-17-64


Thursday, February 23


Very cold early in the morning, several witnesses sworn today. They state that they have all been in Virginia City, and they knew of no civel law in that county. Spent the evening with Judge Huff, most of the time in his room, not up ________ at all.

Friday, February 24


The trial going on, I requested the attorneys to call me back on the stand to correct some of my evidence in regard to the hanging of Dolan and some other small matters which they refused to do. Evidence summed up and case closed about 11 o'clock, the Judge gives his decision tommorrow at 2 oc pm; weather fine.



Saturday, February 25


Weather fine and warm, at 2 o'clock the prisoner, Buckner, was brought to the courtroom and was immediately got out, but the trial postponed until Monday at half past 9 oc am. Was on a little spree with myself & sum others.


Sunday, February 26


Weather cold until 11 oc A.M., nothing unusual hapned today. Wrote a letter to Beach at Boise City, copied the Requesition & Commitment and mailed them with Bowen's commitment directly to the Govenor or Acting Govenor. They start in the morning, wrote a letter to Father, sent by C______ f______. Commenced snowing after dark, spent the evening with Mr. Huff.



Monday, February 27


Snowed all night, 12 inches deep at 10 o'clock. Buckner trial came on at 11 o'clock, continued all day, the Judge postponed giving his decision until tommorrow at 2 oc P.M.. Snowed off and on all day, at dark was about 15 inches deep. Met Mr. Jones in the evening, called on Winlock at dark, no mail, stage left for Boise City this morning. I concluded that I can't stay here much longer.



Tuesday, February 28


At 2 o.c. the prisoner was brought to the Courtroom. Judge Shepherd discharged him, Sheriff Bowen again arrested him, some of the crowd cried out,"Take him, go in", but did not make a break, it was well for them, they did not. This trial was set for tommorrow at half past 9 o'clock A.M.. Malbrook insisted in on having the trial today, it is thought Buckner will be committed tommorrow.







Wednesday, March 1


Malbrook threatened to have me arrested for the hanging of Kelly on Snake River. Justice Burns postponed the trial today to give him time to look up law, Court room full & conciderable excitement.


See 8-2-64 entry about Murphy & Jem Kelly, Kelly hung in the Summer of 1864.


Thursday, March 2


2 o'clock came and the final issue, Burns would not hold the prisoner without new evidence, as the higher court has cleared him on a writ in the face of the evidence. Malbrook complimented me and Judge Huff as officers in court after Buckner discharged. Went to Malbrook's office with Judge Huff to see Buckner, he gave me to understand that neither Knox nor Featherstun helped him escape. Buckner went to Buenavista Bar after dark. Called on Wm Jack, Huff informs me that there is no use of staying.




Friday, March 3


Mr. John Henly loaned me $100. last night. Bid my friends adeiu and left on the stage for Boise City. Took dinner at halfway house, cold all  day, got to Boise City after dusk. Snowed all day, passed over snow slides 20 feet deep, in the Canyon met two droves of cattle going up, roads very bad for 6 miles. Snowed all night in Boise City.



Saturday, March 4


Got out a warrant for Buckner and placed it in the hands of Sheriff Iver, he & the Vig sent a man down to Piett towards night. Warm through the day, Malbrook was expected tonight to speak at the Political Meeting.



Sunday, March 5


Rained nearly all day, snowed on the mountains. The Salt Lake mail arrived after dark, the driver reports the roads very bad, almost impassable. I have heard nothing of Buckner's whereabouts. I mailed a letter to Beidler and one to Judge Bissell.





Monday, March 6


Conciderable excitement about Election; one man hit with a pistol, another knocked over with _______ weapons & a shot exchanged between to other parties. I ordered a pair of snow shoes made today. Expect to start tommorrow for Ft. Hall, was introduced to Borden He______s by Buckley, weather fine. The Vig ________ threatened, expect to help them if they have any work to do.



Tuesday, March 7


Weather warm ...[rest of entry obscured]





Wednesday, March 8


Weather fine this morning, got ready to start at half past 11 am. Mr. Blossum gave me $32.00 to bear my expenses, he has been very kind to me ever since I arrived. Took horse out _______ to the first station, lost the road by the deserted ______ ranch man. Cold after sundown, found the trail after ______ 3 miles got to the station half past 8 o.c., had a good supper & bed.



Thursday, March 9


Cold & stormy, started about 9 o'clock, trail drifted but got to ________ Ranch about noon, 9 miles from Fort and ______ so that they went ________ ________ met Bennett at _______ ________ _______ ______ __________________________ got _________________________ took supper _______________________________ was very tired ___________________.



Friday, March 10


[entry obscured]



Saturday, March 11


Started at 9 oc, met 4 men 12 miles on the way and shortly after, who were hard looking cases, all bound for Boise City, the 4 were from the ferry. Got to Bennett's Ranch after dark, was informed that some of the ________ mules were going to m_____ station from Cold Spring station.



Sunday, March 12



Got up about sunrise and started in hopes to get to the Cold Springs Station to get a ride, found it very hard travelling, arrived at Cold Springs, just in time they gave me my breakfast, would not accept pay, got to big hill half past 6 o.c.. Snow very bad, part way 6 of in company had a good deal of fun with a fellow falling off his mule. Weather clear and warm.



Monday, March 13


Left at 8 oc, snow light for 5 miles, then 2 to 3 ft. deep, got to Clover Springs before night. Warm through the day, snowed all night, wind high. Had bread & coffee at Big Hill Station, the same here, came 18 mls. today.



Tuesday, March 14


Started 1/4 to 11 oc, snow very deep & drifted for 10 mls., got to Maylad Creek half past 4 oc. Cold & windy all day, an old man from Missouri keeping the station, nothing to eat but beans and bacon. Came 18 mls. today, find it hard riding without a saddle.





Wednesday, March 15


Hitched the 4 mules to wagon this morning. Snowed a little after we started, roads got muddy after getting a short distance from the station. Made the ferry at half past 2 oc, very little snow in river bottom, got a very good supper & dinner.



Thursday, March 16


The driver decides to go to Ft. Hall with the team, started about 8 oc, got 4 mls. when the teamster weakened on account of high water. I waded across and went on, left my blankets with Vannection driver, had travel 20 mls. after 12 oc, through wind and water must have crossed over 20 streams, got to Desert Station quarter past 7 oc, found James Williams & _______ there, was treated very kindly.





Friday, March 17


Crossed Rock Creek on a pole close to the station. Got to Rock Creek Station afternoon, had a hard tramp, mud and deep; got some bread, bacon, & coffy for dinner from a man here called Jim, going up tommorrow who offers me one of his ponies to ride; the mail arrived here today, the station keeper leaving tommorrow on account of indians and want of grub. Froze hard after dark, came 15 mls.



Saturday, March 18


Ground froze hard this morning, saw an indian where they had killed a mule, thought of killing the indian but concluded to let him go. Going very bad after 10 o'clock, got to Snake River Station about 10 oc, found three men there nearly out of grub. Weather warm, found riding a great improvement over walking.


Sunday, March 19


Started with my companion about 10 oc, froze very little last night, consequently roads very muddy, rode 12 miles to Goos Creek where we took up quarters for the night, found some bread and plenty of beans & bacon. Snowed nearly all the fore noon, crossed Goos Creek on the ice.


Monday, March 20


Started at 8 oc, rode 18 mls. to March Creek and fed our ponies hay and got some barley bread & bacon for dinner. Snowed some at noon, station keeper allmost destitute. Goos Creek deserted, roads very bad after noon, had a good many ponds of water to go around, which made the distance much greater. Got to Raft River after dusk, 18 mls. from where we left this morning. Found a family here, the old man bad with scurvy, got beef & coffy for supper. They were grinding barley until late for breakfast.



Tuesday, March 21


Beef, barley bread, & coffee for breakfast. My companion concluded to lay over here, got anextry company mule to ride which proved to be a good one. Crossed the stream in a wagon box and led the mule, got to Cedar Bluffs about 10 oc. I fed, had beef straight for dinner. 4 indians came up & ___ them, when I arrived made them all leave before I left. Met the mail 5 mls. from Falls Station, got there at dusk where I found three men. Warm all day, some bad snow drifts, 15 mls. to the Bluffs, & 15 mls. to Falls.




Wednesday, March 22


Started with a wagon, Ian Hearllin, driver. Chainged stock at Portneff Station, roads muddy, arrived at Fort Hall a little after 2 oc pm. Johnny Grant here on his way to the States, and one man from Virginia City, who informs me of the death of Mr. Chaimberlain, shot by Uncle Johnny Thornburn. Mail arrived from Salt Lake, coach started from here this morning for VA City, was well received.



Thursday, March 23


Stage started for Salt Lake & for Boise City, Miller & McManus left for Boise. Joseph Mexican arrived last night from Salt Lake & two men from Carson tried last night to get a horse to overtake the coach & thought of starting a foot. Plenty of beans & bread & poor bacon to eat. Weather fine yesterday & today, heard last night of Featherstun.


Friday, March 24


According to programe last night, a party of us went up a mile & a half to give a man by the name of Tweed 50 lashes, let him off with us, he shed some tears while receiving his sentence. Some time ago he kicked his child, a boy about 7 years old, so it died in three days after. The boys gave him 10 days to leave, the time was up last night, if he don't leave in 5 days from this date he is to get 100, then if he don't leave, to be hung. Would have started for Tom Baume's camp 30 mls. above but for the stream, snowed hard all day was still snowing & blowing at 10 oc pm. Had a good deal of fun with Mr. Vict_____ , mail expected but more arrived after 10 oc pm.



Wednesday, March 29


Got to Cannon Creek Station before daylight, got breakfast and drove to Pleasant.



Thursday, March 30


Left early, weather cold, got to Red Rock Station about 10 & took breakfast & dinner together, roads bad from Point of Rocks & a good deal of bare ground above got to Bannock about 10 o'clock, took supper at Burchet's had a drink with the boys, Dick Harris on a tight.






Friday, March 31


Called on the Govenor after breakfast, started with the coach after sunrise, met many of my friends who were glad to see me back alive. Got to Virginia City at dark, all glad to see me, went around with the boys until late, weather fine.



                      THE FLOUR QUESTION

     The winter of 1864 - 1865 was very hard, the wagon road into southwest Montana from Salt Lake drifted in with snow so heavy that it made nearly impassible for freighters to move their goods north to the mining camps. The wagons that tried to get through were the easy prey of road agents. By the middle of March the cost of food staples were dramatically rising as an acute shortage was developing. To exacerbate the situation, some merchants horded flour and slowly doled it out at inflated prices. Before winter, "States" flour brought up by steamboat to Fort Benton went for about $25 for a hundred pound sack. In April flour in Virginia City was up to $100 a sack.

     March 18th, a bread riot occurred at Silver Bow City at Domrain's Store. Irishmen with no money seized flour and then demanded canned oysters.

      On Sunday, April 2nd a riot started in Nevada City, a gang of self-appointed regulators bought flour by force, from merchants who had it, at the old prices. They bought all but two sacks. The rest of that day and Monday large meetings were held in Virginia City and a committee was formed to call upon the merchants. The mob, inflamed by the committee, marched down to Newbanks store. Outside the store was Sheriff Neil Howie and twenty deputized officers, inside were twenty-three of the store-onwer's armed men. A blood bath would have occurred if it wasn't for Howie's  ability to talk the unruly crowd into not doing anything they might regret. Everyone backed down, for the moment.

     Some of the merchants in town boasted that they had the right to sell as they pleased. Remarking that they knew of flour selling at $5 dollars a pound ($500 a sack) within a few hundred miles, anything less then that was quite reasonable.

     At noon on April 18th the second but orderly flour riot began. Four hundred and eighty men, divided into six companies, led by R.S. Blake on a horse carrying an empty flour sack on a stick as a flag, silently marched from Nevada City to Virginia City.

     Sheriff Howie confronted the procession at the edge of town and was quoted as saying: "Gentlemen, this uprising is to get flour and pay a reasonable price for it; it is not to sack the town....the first man who was caught stealing would be shot or hanged....the same men that fought for law and order a few months ago are prepared to fight for it now." Searching the town for three tense days, the rioters eventually ferreted up eighty-two sacks; vouchering for the flour with pre-printed promissory notes at the old rate.

     The sacks of flour were taken to the Leviathan Hall and sold to applicants, who lined up, if they could prove they had no flour.

     A few days afterwards, Howie had a warning printed in the Montana Post. That male citizens were subject to call to disperse unlawful gatherings and that demonstrations would be dispersed at all costs. By June 10th the price of flour dropped to $15 a sack.


References:The Bloody Bozeman, Dorothy M. Johnson

          :The Hungry Winter in Alder Gulch, Dorothy M. Johnson


Wednesday, April 5


Arrested John Metr half past 3 oc pm, fees $6.00.



Thursday, April 6


2 papers served in Cook & Dodson Case, fees $2.50.



Tuesday, April 10


Weather cold, court drags slowly. Grand Jury vinera issued, to be served tommorrow. Went to theatre tonight, plenty of whiskey afloat today.



Wednesday, April 11


Special Grand Jury summonsed this morning, met at League Room and adjourned, nearly all got tight f_____ _______ met again at 2 oc and adjourned at 4 oc pm. Richmond reported taken, last night by mail. Uncle Tom's Cabin played tonight, weather fine, rather cool. People vs Lusigniso tried today, verdict from jury $1,000 fine, court adjourned at 4 pm.



Thursday, April 13


Went to the lower town and arrested Nathaniel Stanley & subpoened some witnesses, got back before noon. The jury found Crow E.O.S. guilty of asalt with deadly weapons, fined $1,000. The jury discharged in the Crabtree Case, a special vinera issued to summons 24 jurors. Bissell went with me, got the jury summonsed after dark, took great pains to getting a good jury.







Friday, April 14


Court called at 9 oc am, had to summons jurors in the Crabtree Case, part of the evidence given. Court adjourned at 5 o'clock pm. News came in the this evening, by coach, that Gen. Lee has surrendered, on the strength of which the Union boys got on a big spree, fired the Armie for three hours. Dimsdale, Cook, Chumeseria addressed the crowd; late at night the Liberty Pole was set afire, I happened along just in time to save it.


               General Lee surrendered on 4-9-65


Saturday, April 15


Crabtree Case up today again, jury out a short time, verdict of guilty of assalt with a deadly wepon. A month imprisonment & $1,000 fine ______ to receive sentence Monday morning. Everything quiet today, Beidler on a tight at lower town. Cap__ Pal____'s Pipe raffled off, Nat Stein won it. Theatre tonight, attended it. Fancy dance at the Exchange, called there. Nat Stein has given up the office of County Treasurer.



Sunday, April 16


I intended to write home today but a fire broke at Mehegan's Restaraunt, which was successfully put out. Then a warrant was placed in my hands for Martin, which Beidler & I went down to serve after a while. I found him after Beidler had left & bought him up to town, he gave bond after dark. Me, Jas. Merretta, Jas. Roy & Joe in Nevada. Snowed first part of the day, roads very muddy, no mail tonight.


Monday, April 17


Flour $100. a sack. Called court at half past 9 oc am. Beidler went to Nevada for witnesses in Martin case. Crabtree sentenced to $1,000 fine, imprisonment r_____tted. Crowell's case up today, had to summons 3 parties on the regular jury.



Monday, April 24


We received news this morning of President's Death, quite an excitement in town about it. Court adjourned until tommorrow, speeches were made in the afternoon by Sanders & others. A large meeting at Nevada in the evening when several speeches were made. I rode to the lower town twice, appointed John Vanbrocklin receiver of Meyer's interest in the afternoon. Quiet about town, arrested a man there about the flour question.


               President Lincoln died on 4-15-65


Tuesday, April 25


Weather cool this morning, but turned warm through the day. Beidler went to Geo Orr place with a summons and Bevens Gulch with an execution, got $9. in dust for serving a writ of injunction, gave the money to Beidler. Duncan & Tagert's case not finished yet, sent a subpoena to Cap. Williams. Mailey got back today with a warrant, weather cloudy in the evening, received a letter from my brother John, one from Indiana, a paper from Boise.



Wednesday, May 3


The Bridge case up this morning. Staved off Davis, Root, & Gibson vs Whitting & Whitting, next jury summonsed by Riley, court adjourned at 5 oc, rode around town with Wm Heigh, rode around on the hills opisite town. Riley rode to Centerville, meeting of the Vig. Sanders to go to Salt Lake to plead the cause of the committee. Weather very fine & warm.


Thursday, May 4


Summonsed a jury in the Bridge case in the fore noon. Sent Riley to the Cold Springs Ranch afternoon for witnesses. Rode up to Summit myself for a witness; met Beidler, John Creighton & Bob Hill at Summit City. Paid $4 for billiards, $3 for Beidler. Got home about 4 oc pm, found the loyal fraternity on a tight. Court adjourned at 10 oc until tommorrow morning. Arrested Rob Duncan by order of the Govenor. Weather fine, went to bed about 12 oc, was around helping Sanders to get ready to go to Salt Lake.


Friday, May 5


The Bridge jury impanelled yesterday, Gov. Edgerton in the case today for the plaintiff. Got $18. from Root yesterday for going for witnesses. Tirnan & Jack got into a scrape this morning. Served Injunction papers on Sullivan & Co. afternoon. Court adjourned at 5 oc pm. Beidler bought me a pair of shoes, I also bought a pair of boots for $14. Coach arrived just after dark, 10 sacks of mail. Beidler on a tight, he went to Nevada with Cap. Williams, I g_____ C. Perry.



Saturday, May 6


Weather beautifull, so the Bridge case submitted to the jury afternoon. Gov. Edgerton argued the case for the plaintiff. Riley tight after dark, I rode to Nevada after noon to see Pink.



Sunday, May 7


Weather rather warm, water raising fast in the gulch. Wrote a letter to Mr. J.M. Blossum, also another to Indiana, went up the gulch with Jerry Cook to Sullivan's claim, drank nothing stronger than beer after breakfast.



Wednesday, May 10


Weather cold for this season, let Mr. Cook have my horse to ride up the gulch and down to Nevada. Con Pantisan served a writ of Reditation. F. Root up the gulch, called on Conway & rec'd an execution against his house & Lott. Fixing up acts for Co. Commissioners this evening, have almost made up my mind in t______ , understand Beidler intends to leave me soon, County Scrip coming up. Called at John Creighton's this evening to hear the boys sing.



Thursday, May 11


County Commissioners in session today, took a ride to Nevada with Cap. Williams, weather      . Mail arrived before dark, some of my bills arrived today. Perrie Claim on Bevens Gulch sold today for $600., bid by Wm Tinan. Beidler a little in it, drank sum myself. Judge Hosmer & Thoroughman left this morning. Summonsed a Sheriff's jury today to try the rights of property under exemption basis.








Friday, May 12


Met the Commissioners this morning, got bills to the amount of about $1,400 alowed, adjourned before noon to meet 1st Monday in June. Thinking of going to Last Chance, weather fine.



Saturday, May 13


I asked funds from Vanbroklan to sell Meyers claim which he failed to give, and postponed the sale until Monday, the 15th. Mr. Emery paid off the Judgement against the Witting Boys, made my return in this execution. Played pool with the boys until 3 oc in the morning, rained early in the evening, commenced to snow towards morning, lost only one game of pool. Good news from Blackfoot, a new gulch found last fall on the dockitt.



Sunday, May 14


Got up at 8 o'clock, snowing fast. Jesey Fulford called to have me go to Last Chance after a man named Bruin with a warrant. At home all forenoon, went over to Jas. Kiskaddens afternoon, spent the evening at Cook's office. Snowed hard all day up to 1/2 past 11 at night. Coach expected from Salt Lake, snow about 8 inches deep, would have been 20 inches or 2 feet had it not melted, unexcepted, high water when the storm is over.



Tuesday, May 16


Around town all day, levied on two outfits susposed to belong to Elias Cockrill, after noon went up to Oliver's to serve a notice, when I found E. House was in town. Bought an album from John Ming at $17, to be paid in the fall or when convient. Let Mr. J.J. Hull have $64. in Scrip, County; the boys bought a wagon, was out until 11 oc. Played a game of biliards with Beidler, beat him, weather beautifull.



Wednesday, May 17


Beidler left this morning for the Jefferson with Copick, is to bring a team up with him to go to Last Chance. Got a summons to serve a note on Ed House in Brunsetter's case by copy. Sold $332.72 of Scrip today, at 4 o'clock paid John Russell $60.00 in dust on butcher bill. Bob Hill got in from Bannock the 16th, weather warm. Snow that fell last, all gone around town, mud drying up fast ______ ______ley & Judge Hosmer arrived this morning from Last Chance.



Thursday, May 18


Delivered a Sheriff's deed to Allen & Millard of the Nebraska House, dated 11th of May,1865, amount 225. Alton & Co. Rec'd. Served a summons on Crowell, weather fine, d______ t______ t____ leaving tommorrow for new mine.



Friday, May 19


17th Sheriff's sale today against Scranage, the above sale came off between 10 & 11 oc am. Deputized Hank Crawford and Joe Riley & Judge Bissell as Under Sheriff during my absence. Rained hard afternoon, water very high in the gulch, John McC_____t on tight.



Saturday, May 20


Designed starting today, but it commenced raining about noon, and for other reasons our departure was postponed. Was not satisfied with the pictures I had taken day before yesterday, so had another taken today. Rained very hard afternoon but cleared off, went around to the Shades after dark, called on Mrs. Lyons in the evening. Beidler.

                   The Montana Post 5-27-65

     "Good-Bye - Sheriff Howie and Deputy Sheriff J.X. Beidler, (or as we would much rather say, Neil and X.) have started for Blackfoot and parts surrounding. Good luck go with them. Two good officers & two good men will camp out wherever they light a fire or pillow on a saddle."


Sunday, May 28


Cold this morning, warm after the sun rose, had a long talk with Mr. Hill afternoon, went down to N______ & helped         to _______ a cabin house, back to town & got supper. C______ M________ took & Porterfield _________ with me.



Tuesday, May 30


Helped Mr. Wm Porterfield to fix the cabin today,worked hard, weather fine and warm. Went down two miles with Porterfield to look for a lode, after quitting work, got up to town at 7 o'clock pm. Called on Mr. Sayers two miles below town, he arrived with his family today.






Wednesday, May 31


Commenced the dream ditch this morning. Called on Mr. Sayers and tried his pony and bought him for $80, to be paid when I return from Virginia. Tried to get a claim ___ure presented to jump, could find none, weather warm. Wm Rumsey arrived this evening very tired & sore from yesterday's work, feverish all day.


Thursday, June 1


Cold this morning, met ______ started on, took breakfast at Milligan's, paid for 2 breakfasts & ________ for ________ _________ in the forenoon _________ and met Frank Featherstun last night. Intended to start for Helena today but postponed going, to go with Wm Rumsey tommorrow. Weather fine, went prospecting with Cap. Seymour.



Friday, June 2


Scrimage property to be sold today. Cold this morning, got ready to start about 10 oc. Rumsey & another man went with us, had to drink several times with the boys.



Saturday, June 10


Got up before sunrise, got breakfast and started with three others. Crossed the Big Cooley 1/4 mile above the river. Called at Jake Meek's Camp, arrived at Ft. Benton about 9 oc. Met several friends, was treated very kindly, the other boys got in about noon.



Sunday, June 11


Started with three others around the big cooley 1/4 mile above the river. Called at Jake Meek's Camp, arrived at Ft. Benton about 8 o'clock, met several friends, was treated very kindly, the boys got in about noon. Went out with Cap. Wall, Mr. Clark & John Rogers to the Pagan Camp, afternoon they came in to see the whites.




                    The Montana Post 7-8-65




     Sheriff Howie, while at Fort Benton with the command intended for service against the Indians, went with three or four individuals to the scene of the encounter, and from him we learn the true version of the affair. .... It appears that some of the Bloods were very saucy and insolent at Benton. One bad Indian actually ventured to slap a white man's face, and declare that he would have a white scalp that night. A mountaineer named Bostwick.... and his party accordingly shot the redskin and two others, flinging the bodies into the river, .... This was, probably, the ostensible cause of the massacre, but it must be remembered that the savages got no more then they deserved, and what any white man would receive upon the spot for his insolence, in any frontier town. Sheriff Howie went to the scene of the massacre with a man named Woods, who had been up and had taken a view of the bodies of the slain, and of the locality. .... The road from the Cutter steamboat lay over the Teton, which the party forded and proceeded up the Marias about a mile and a half from the steamer. ....There are two cottonwood trees of large growth, about 75 yards apart. At the foot of one of them, Andrews was killed and fearfully mutilated. Burris was found about fifty yards below his horse, which was half a mile nearer the boat than the bodies of the other murdered men. The rest were scattered from thirty to a hundred yards from eachother. .... Probably the Indians discovered the whites about soon as the whites saw the Indians, and while they were getting their poneys, the party started back for the boat, and were overtaken and massacred....  


Sunday, June 18


Around town all day, nothing, Helena is not much of a place for observing the Sabbath, heard of no preaching. Took breakfast, dinner & supper at Frenches Boarding House. A race below town, the bald pony won, weather fine. Charles Barman took poison, one ounce of L_______, the Docktor's use of the stomach pump soon after, it is thought he will recover.



Monday, June 19


Started with J.X. Beidler, John Featherstun and Chas. Brown for Ophir about 10 oc, arrived in town before sundown, saw G. Camble on Drummadaries 2 miles from town. Left Blackfoot about 2 weeks ago with two horses, now there is quite a town, took supper at Mrs. Green's. Weather warm & clear, met Porterfield this evening.


Tuesday, June 20


Rode down the gulch with the boys, called on Mr. Sayers. Rode my spanish horse, my partner has quit work on the claims for want of funds. No. 7 above P_____ Dist. nearly opened, rained this afternoon.



Wednesday, June 21


Went down the gulch again today, Porterfield wants to sell out. Called on Judge Jones also on Wm Norton, a good deal of mistrust about the gulch.



Tuesday, June 27


Went up the gulch this morning with Featherstun, staked a fraction between 24 & 20 below Discovery, also found that I have Recorded on J.C. Frugier's claim, No. 30 below.



Monday, July 3


Money attached in Mr. Rosenstun's Store, Treasury Notes $33.00, 3 oz & 3/4 oz & 10 grains.


                    The Montana Post 7-8-65

     "Damon and Pythias, that is to say, Neil Howie and J. Ex. Beidler, are once more to be seen amoung us [Virginia City]. They look well and feel that, after all there is no place like home. We hope they stay: for we can't spare them. Having inspected their hair, we pronounce them unhurt by the Indians."


     "J.X. Beidler has been appointed Deputy U.S. Marshal. A better man for the berth cannot be found in the Territory. Kind and obliging, but cool and intrepid. Any one that digs for it, will find the bed-rock in a hurry."


     "Geo. M. Pinney, Esq., delivers the 4th of July  oration at Owyhee Park, Helena, dancing followed, and a grand supper closed the activities. The day was uncomfortably cold, in the latter part of the afternoon a snow storm set in."


Sunday, July 9


Got a ride with Mr. Gamble to Va. City, weather warm. Sent Jas. Winslow's horse & saddle back with Oquells. Express got to VA City at 11 oc am. Very quiet around town, got a letter from sister, Mary, today; evening beautifull.


                              To all whom these PresentsShall come


                        Know ye that repossing special trust and confidence in the integrity

                             and  ability of Neil Howie Esq. of the City of Virginia Territory

                         of Montana. I do hereby constitute and appoint,Deputy United                                     States Marshal in and for the District of Montana Territory,

                        to have and to hold said office making this Commission revocable at the                                pleasure   of said Territory, or that of myself In witness when of I have                               hereunto set my hand this 10th day of July 1865

                                          /s/Geo. M. Pinney

                                          US Marshal in & for

                                       the Dist of Montana Territory    



Wednesday, July 12


Paid Judge Bissell on 20 cases of License, July 12th, 1865 $226.50

& Case of              X                                       30.50


Buz Caven went up the gulch with papers. Weather fine, got my County Scrip paid Goldberg $250 & in Scrip for clothing one suit $65.00.







Tuesday, July 18


Went down to the claim No. 7, above Dis in Pin______ Dist., then went to Washington Gulch, rained after noon, went up to No. 2U, Met Frank Bennett. Good prospects found on 28 below, from $2.50 to $9.50 to the pan, came k____ at 10 oc pm. Wet & cold, slept with Sanders at Andy Occollnell's.




Monday, July 31


Cool this morning, _______ proposed conference about claim No. 21. Went down to Washington Gulch with him, postponed to give him _______ ________ he ________ _________ he _________ were turned to Jefferson ________ up to the Claim until towards night, slept on in a tent, rained nearly all night.



Tuesday, August 1


Jefferson Gulch ‑ slept well last night, took breakfast at F. Featherstun's Camp, represented claim No. 81, Porterfield represented Claim No. 43 above Dis. Rained occationally heavy about 3 oc for 1 hour. 7 _______ ________ _______ ________ on No. 22. ________ _______ __________ __________ .


                    The Montana Post 8-1-65

     "The legal fraternity will be highly gratified to learn that Marshal Pinney has made arrangements for a new Court Room, in the building lately bought by Messrs. Taylor, Thompson & Co., and adjoining their store on Main street. The building is one of the finest frame structures in town, measuring 22 x 50 feet, and will be arranged with due regard to comfort, and furnished with necessary conveniences."


Wednesday, August 2


Cold this morning, took breakfast with Frank Featherstun then went up and represented No. 43 above. Went to Washington Gulch afternoon, rode over to Blackfoot in the evening, got there at dark with Mr. Sullivan & the Cambell man, did not find the man that I thought was after me Saturday night last. Met Bob Bailey in Washington Gulch, stayed with Cap. Johnson.



Thursday, August 3


Was around town all day, reported that Dutch Charly is under arrest. Charly Barman, John Hatch, W. Nuttal & several others here from Helena. Met with a party of nine on important business this evening, for the good of the publick. 2 Mexicans ran off with 2 horses & saddles from Blinny's Ranch.



Monday, August 7


Came over from Ophir to Washington Gulch and paid S.M. Lane & Bennett on work. $164.75, bal due $84.85 & $3. Pd Bennett 1/2 day today.



Sunday, August 20


                45 years

Big Lake or Keary Shield; Little Dog about 40 years; Fish Child Blackfoot, age about 35 years; _________k the ______ who walk the pile Pagan Chieff; The Boy Child _______ family; The Bird Chief his _______ _______ heavy runner.




Monday, August 21


The under Bull little Wolfe, The Child of the white cow; The old Skunk Change to White Elk; Hawk of the white cow; The one that sits down with his back bone out.



Tuesday, August 22


The Bruix Cheif War Eagle Bair; The wicked old man Blood; The one that goes with the Bear Blood.



Wednesday, August 23


North Pagan Cheif, the rising Head; The one that likes the goods, Blood; Bunks Blood; The Bull Wolf, Blood.

Thursday, August 24


The hind Bull, Blood; The Dog with white fleeck on back, Grovont Chieves; Farm_____ or the _______ squaw; White Eagle; Little White Calf.



Friday, August 25


Star Robe; _______ H_______ Cr_________; White Cow in the middle large, little soldier; The one that takes an arm in the, in the mountain.



Saturday, August 26


Bull Hall men sp_____ & Big ______; The eagle old Heap Eagle; Bull in the _______ Red Fox & two Crow Cheifs.



Saturday, September 23


Weather fine, about town all day. Went to Nevada after dark, arrested four men this evening as road agents. Released them at two this morning.



Sunday, September 24


Bob Hill, Wesley Jones & Co. left today for the States. Beidler, J. Cook, W. Deecey, Jerry Lewis & others went with them 8 miles & had a good time; held council over the two prisoners, further evaluations, weather pleasant.


Monday, September 25


Gave Jerry Cook $20. which I am to collect from Mrs. Nisbet. Jerry left to over take the States & Mrs. Kiskadden. This evening X. Beidler & J.J. Riley went on a scout, suspicious looking men about town, shooting scrape at Johnny's Oliver's, man shot in the face. Rec'd a summons to serve at Summitt, around town late. C___ Williams stayed overnight with me, weather fine.



Tuesday, September 26


Got up at 9 oc, the only good sleep I have had for some time. Pinney left for Helena this morning.  Met Snyder, agreed to turn the Sheriff's Office over to him tommorrow. Beidler & Riley arrived about noon, no road agent camp to be found, went to see Hearbert about executions. Ingersol left money on garnishment on bank.

Wednesday, September 27


James Morse vs. Saml H_____ execution, stable to be sold, let the sale go today on promise of settlement. Two more found hung this morning 3/4 of a mile above town, by the name of Wm Jones & Morgan alias Collins. Went to Nevada with Hurst after two men, didn't get them. Co. Commissioners met today, Fred drunk. Weather cloudy, rained a little last night or the early morning. Advertisees a billiard table in Centerville to be sold.


                   The Montana Post 9-30-65

     "On Wednesday morning, two men were found hanging from a hay frame leaning over the corral of the slaughter-house, up the gulch. On the back of one them named John Morgan, (as appears from a gambling note he passed in this city[Virginia City]) was the Notice of the Vigilantes, with a pencil inscrption across it "Road Agents Beware." The name of the other man was John Jackson alias Jones. The bodies were cut down and brought into town, by Marshal Deascey and his posse."


     "By far the most important docuement ever laid upon the table of the County Commissioners of Madison is the resignation of Neil Howie, our late Sheriff. No better officer ever maintained order, or confronted danger, in the Western country. During the period of anarchy, lawlessness and personal peril, which attended the settlement of Montana, Neil Howie was on hand, by day, by night, cool as an icicle, and firm as a rock. .... If we know the meaning of the word gentleman, then Neil Howie is entitled to that appellation. J.X. Beidler we presume will likewise resign his Deputyship. "Damon and Pythias" side by side, in dangers of all kinds, their names must be held in reverence by every good citizen and friend of law and order, in this Territory."




Friday, September 29


Weather fine, arrested Lervey Denyingen &        , convicts from Salt Lake prison, sentenced a year; also arrested 8 others for Paul Overshaw & Co., in the evening went to the theatre. Phil Rogers arrived from below.


                   The Montana Post 9-30-65

     "Black-Eyed Susan", "Jack Sheppard", "A Bull in a China Shop", "The Secret", "The Dutchman's Ghost", Love in Humble Life" and "The Low-Backed Chair" are playing at the Montana Theatre. 


Saturday, September 30


Took a ride with Joe Gray to the lower town, arrainged Mr. Tolbert's matter with Pink Crabtree for 2 pounds & $25 in money, weather beautifull.



Sunday, October 1


Rode to lower town, got the other pony for Mr. Tolbert from Crabtree. Rode down & back with Jain Kiskadden & W. Deacey, weather beautifull.


Wednesday, October 4


Started on a scout at five oc am, rode around headwaters of Washington Gulch, Harris & Bevins. Took breakfast at a Dutchman's, had potatoes & coffee, bacon & bread; a good day out for hungary travelers. Took dinner in Washington Gulch, arrived in town after dark. Was informed that a man offered $1,000 for Beidler's d______ & my head, the little nigger arrested again for stealing.



Thursday, October 5


Got up at 1/2 past 7 oc, tried to sell my quartz in Madison County, did not suceed. Was informed about John Peoples, who was talking a good deal yesterday, he was arrested and denied saying that he came here for the purpose he stated he did when tight. Weather fine, got a letter from Wm Bocken, sent one to Pinney & Featherstun.



Friday, October 6


Billiard table to be sold, sold to Mr. Gilbert for $175.00. Went to Centerville after dinner to see the billiard table, but could not get in, weather fine.



Saturday, October 7


Gave Andy Snyder some papers, amoung them the attachment cases in the Gibson papers & Haskal. Took a ride to Nevada with X. and Bill Deacy, rode up with Hinson & beat him in the race. Cap. Williams, the nigger went up tonight, I was up all night. Called at Geo. Hinson's when I was presented with two bottles of Cocktails, late in the evening was at the theatre, called out to see Clark from Blackfoot who killed Morris, locked him up in jail, left at 3 o'clock on the coach.



Sunday, October 8


Took breakfast at Dalies, quiet after daylight, dinner at Milk Ranch. Weather fine until about 4 o'clock when it commenced raining. Got to the Warm Spring Ranch at half past 7 oc pm, laid over 1 1/2, got to Helena City at 12 oc.



Monday, October 9


Raining this morning, around town all day. Called on Mr. French, wrote to Mr. Lee at night, sent it with John Potter who leaves in the morning. Pinney wrote for X. to come over, he concludes to have us go with him to Hellgate, Quill Lawrance left with the coach this morning.



Tuesday, October 10


Was out with Pinney until late, had a late supper. Cloudy this morning, called on Mrs. ‑‑‑‑‑ , she gave me her likeness. Met Woods from Confederate Gulch. Wm Birkin arrived this evening, came back from up town to the office at 9 oc.



Wednesday, October 11


Concluded to go after my horse to Coburn's Ranch. Pinney went with me, called at Hunt's place, got my horse, took dinner at Coburn's. Got back to Helena before night; John Featherstun, Clark, & Frazier arrived this evening.



Thursday, October 12


Went to Blackfoot, got in after dark.



Friday, October 13


U.S. District Court to meet the 4th Monday of Dec at 10 oc am, 1865. Lambert Frenchtown, Joe Blodgett, A.W. Lahman.

                           X             X



Saturday, October 14


Went fishing forenoon, left Deer Lodge for Blackfoot at 1/4 to 5, arrived at 11 oc pm, rained some today, roads bad.




Sunday, October 15


Beidler & Quill Lawrance arrived last night. Mr. Pinney, Quill, X, & Cap. Shulock left after dinner for Cottonwood. Featherstun & I started by the trail for Bitteroot, went 5 miles below Washington Gulch and camped at dusk, weather fine.


Monday, October 16


Got up early, came to a packer's camp when we were joined by a Mr.          who was going the Mission Trail, crossed Blackfoot at 10 oc, traveled 10 mls without finding the trail ________, concluded we were lost, he went one way & we another. Took dinner across Blackfoot, duck & bread, recrossed & found the Blackfoot Trail, passed two pack trains going down, fed at five oc, started at dark and rode 7 miles, camped by the edge of a prairie at 10 oc.


Tuesday, October 17


Got up at 1/2 past 6 oc, weather foggy, rode through some timber which we were camped close by, in fact in the edge of in which we raised a hill striking a prairie in at least 3/4 of a mile when we came to a prairie which we traveled on for several miles down grade, then came to timber & the river which we left after a while, trail hilly & timber all the way. Camped for dinner at 2 oc pm, shot two ducks across the river which Featherstun got by fording on horseback, cooked them by the fire, passed a pack train(small) this morning, several through the afternoon. Trail very hilly & rocky for 15 miles, got to the bridge at dark. Got a good supper and rode 5 mls to Rattlesnake and put up at Bob Pelkey's.



Wednesday, October 18


Got up after sunrise, started half past 10 oc. Got to the agency at 4 oc pm and went up to the Custom House, found Perkins had not arrived. The man with mule who started with us got in, stayed at the mill overnight. Weather fine, found the goods in possession of a deputy.



Thursday, October 19


Beidler & Lawrance & Percie arrived last night. Rode up to the mill this morning & report Pinney too unwell to come down, sent me written instructions of a very positive character concerning the goods. Sent X. to Hellgate to engage teams to haul the goods to Cottonwood. Perkins arrived this evening, took dinner at the Reservation Agency, Hirth the Indian Agent.



Friday, October 20


John Featherstun sick last night, better this morning. Talked with Perkins about the goods, told him my instructions, he objected to my proposed action. Met Cap. Shulock on my way to the agency 1 1/2 miles from camp, when I took dinner, returned with the agent & Lawrance. Shulock objects to me taking the goods, many conditions and finely requested me to go or send to the Marshal for further instructions, he wants me to receipt to him for the goods and would then give them up under protest. Went down to the agency in the evening, X. arrived, concluded to stay at the agency, took supper after dark.



Saturday, October 21


X. & I had a talk with Shulock, tried to get him to go up or send up with the goods, he proposed to give an answer in an hour. Called his men in the house and held consel, came out & locked the door and refused to open the door, concluded to go or send to Pinney for advice. Started with X., Percy & Lawrance, going ahead met Higgins 55 miles from the agency, he turned back and stoped the team. Got to Pelkee's at 8 oc, rode two miles & turned back, took supper at Hellgate. X. went back with Higgins to the train, got back there at 3 oc, cloudy & dark after striking the cannon.



Sunday, October 22


Rained a little after going to bed. This morning, after breakfast, rode with Higgins to the Jocko. Major Huckins thought we could not take the goods. Called Shulock oneside & told him my business, he remonstrated but finely gave up the goods, solemn protest in writing. Got scales & weighed & loaded the goods, got through at dark. Shulock & party left after dinner, picketed our horses out. Let Shulock have some bacon & yeast powder & coffey for the trip, they not being able to buy any.



Monday, October 23


Drew up a bill of lading which Higgins signed, gave him a copy. Teams started ahead, snowed a little, weather cold & windy, overtook the wagons 3 mls. from agency, left Featherstun with the goods. I rode on to Hellgate, got there at 3 oc, cold riding, found the boys. Left this morning, met Pete Riggs who lives at Frenchtown ______ it in Higgins & Coe's store.








Tuesday, October 24


The ground covered with snow this morning. Got my horse up and went hunting chicken, killed 4. The teams arrived about 11, rode up with Featherstun to upper town, teams came before we arrived. Loaded, sent the freight up with team, 12 kegs & 2 cases on boxes of bitters. Got back to Hellgate before dusk & met Cambell, fed my horse and went with him to Frenchtown.



Wednesday, October 25


Got up in good season, took breakfast with Pete Riggs, a Spanish woman on the prairie, Riggs had a fight this morning before daylight, the boys gambling all night. Jackson left yesterday afternoon, he is called Spokane Jackson. Weather cold, hard frost last night, started back afternoon with Charley Larniny. The boys did not arrive, expected them. I was used with great kindness at Frenchtown, think it will be a hard place this winter.



Thursday, October 26


Expressman from Walla Walla arrived last night. Wrote a letter to Pinney this morning, Express charge $1.00. Hard frost, went hunting afternoon, killed 3 ducks. Expected the boys from Ft. Owens without fail, much to my disapointment they did not arrive, they may be back tommorrow, cold tonight.



Friday, October 27


Hard frost this morning, had a good rest last night. Thought of starting up to Ft. Owens, but gave up the idea as no doubt the boys will be down tonight. Killed a chicken this morning, signs of snow this afternoon.



Saturday, October 28


Started up to Ft. Owens this morning, crossed the river at the lower ford. Got with in a mile of the fort, called at a cabin when to my surprise I met Mr. Charles Squires. He fed my horse oats and got me dinner, here I was informed that the boys had passed. I took the trail and missed them, so turned back, got to the upper town at Rattlesnake late in the evening, fed my horse, then went down to Hellgate, found Quill & Percie there, X. hauling, left for Deer Lodge.



Sunday, October 29


Went with A.T. Lawrance and arrested Brooks.



Thursday, November 9


Pinney, U.S. Marshal, left for V.A. City by coach this morning with Sanders, Geo Hey____ & others. I left for Ft. Benton, took dinner at Mr. Clark's, rode to Taylor & Thompson's train, 10 miles from Dear Born, got there late, took supper at Wolf Creek, weather fine.



Friday, November 10


Found my horse all right, picketed when I left him. Took breakfast with the boys and started at 9 oc. Met some wagons five miles on the way, told a fellow who had lost his cattle where he would find them. Halted at the Dearborn a few minutes, turned my horse out an hour, 10 miles from Dearborn. Rode through to Sun River Farm, traveled with some indians part way, got supper, fed my horse hay & went to bed intending to start at 2 oc in the morning.



Saturday, November 11


Left Sun River Farm at 2 & 1/2 oc this morning. Got to the springs before sunrise, weather clear & beautifull. Arrived, took breakfast at the springs, 30 miles from the fort. Got to the Ft. at sundown, took supper with the Gov. & Judge Munson.



Sunday, November 12


Met Broadwater & several that I have met before, quite a number of indians about town. Helped General T., Judge Munson to decorate the council room. When the treatie is to be made had a good deal of fun with the General, myself & Mr. Hill. Wind blew very hard all day.



Monday, November 13


Decoration still continued today, wind some what abated. Went with Judge Munson over the river in a Sciff to the Pendurell Camp, saw a prisoner they had for stealing horses, a Pagan. Weather clear, expected to canvass the election returns tommorrow. Took oysters with the General at 8 oc pm.



Tuesday, November 14


Weather cloudy, but warm. About 300 Grovonts came into the valley. Canvassed the Territorial vote with the acting Govenor. McL_____l elected, Schoteew County returns rejected. Commenced raining about 4 o'clock, continued until after midnight. Ate sardines & peaches with the Govenor this evening, met Mr. Crokit today.


Wednesday, November 15


Cloudy this morning, rain over. The Pendurells moved camp this morning, it was quite a site to see them wind up the bluff on the trail. Wrote to Marshal Pinney, John Featherstun, & Quill Lawrance this forenoon and sent them by Mr. Mathews. This evening we expect the treaties to come off tommorrow. Mr. Carpenter arrived this afternoon from Helena, no news.



Thursday, November 16


The indians assembled for the treaty. The Pagan Chives came in on the walk with conciderable diginity, the Grovontes came riding up on the gallop, s____g the indians seemed to know their place and refused to go into the council room, where the chiefs were. We had very little trouble getting them to sign the treaty. We expect to be two days getting them to sign, but everything was fixed up today. Weather beautifull.


Saturday, November 18


Wind blowing hard this morning, took a ride with the General to the Pagan, Blood, & Grovont Camp. The chiefs rec'd their presents this forenoon. Went down to the Grovontres, the chives received their presents today and were well pleased.



Sunday, November 19


Concluded to start today for home, one of my horses missing. The General & Judge started at noon, I started after dark riging Wm Hamilton's horse to my own. Rode out 7 or 8 miles and camped with John Kennedy, wind blew very hard late.



Monday, November 20


Got up early and rode through the Spring Ranch 25 miles, found the Judge & General there waiting. I told them the indians were rather on the war path with one another. The General & Judge concluded to go back and desired me to go with them. Took a Howitzer and went back, the General started ahead, got in about 8 o'clock, all quiet. The indians have made another treaty.

Sunday, November 26


Road in from Prickly Pear, got in to Helena City at half past 2 oc. John Featherstun at Blackfoot, Beidler at VA City, Lawrance at Cottonwood. Judge Munson arrived this evening, around with the boys till late, Buz Caven, Bill Birkin & others, weather fine.



Thursday, November 30


Around town all day, heard of Daniels stabbing Andrew Gartly up the gulch 6 mls. Got two horses & accompanied by Charly Farmer went up, found the prisoner, arrested & under guard brought him directly with us & placed him under guard.



Friday, December 1


Hamilton arrived today with David Owens & Two Wolves.



Saturday, December 2


Snowing early & cold, Beidler arrived. Summonsed the ballance of the jury and had them sworn in. Went to the County Court Room, had a few witnesses examined, adjourned to meet tommorrrow at 10 oc.



Sunday, December 3


Very cold, Dick Johnson & Dick Gibbins went out to fight a prize. Featherstun arrested Johnson & stoped it. Took a ride with X., Featherstun, Ramsey & C. Cold all day, coach in tonight, one yesterday.



Monday, December 4


Summonsed several witnesses for Grand Jury in several different cases. Met Bob Baily, X. left for Cottonwood this morning, Quill went down to Weadow Dirgans for witness. Weather clear, but rather cool, thawed a little. Summonsed Wm Kiger & Lon McCarty.



Tuesday, December 5


Brought Rock Derocia, Charley Shukett, C. Peirson, John Potter, Quill Lawrance, Wm Birkin before the Grand Jury. Mr. Baker arrived, mail last night. Tom Turoughman arrived yesterday, weather fine.




Wednesday, December 6


Attending Grand Jury nearly all day with Quill Lawrance, got through with Chucette, Derocia, Pierson. Wm Kiger gave his evidence, served a writ on him & brought him before court, let off. Played billiards with Jones after dark.



Sunday, December 10


Snowing fast this morning, cleered up at 10 oc, the [Grand Jury] commenced again but did not amount to much. John Featherstun arrived after dinner from Prickly Pear, Hamilton went on to Ft. Benton. Got the Montana Post, very cold. Jack Wilson tight, stayed with prisoners.



Monday, December 11


Opened U.S. Court, Daniels Case postponed until a week from tommorrow, weather cold.



Tuesday, December 12


Weather cold, no business on hand of importance. Expect to have a trip to Blackfoot after witnesses, will wait for X.'s arrival.



Wednesday, December 13


Weather very cold, thermometer stood 30 degrees below zero. Rode down with Jim Coburn to Mr. Fergus. My Spanish horse came in last night, also a gray from Deer Lodge. Called at Upson's Store and got 3 pr blankets, went around with the boys until late, took supper at _______new boarding house.



Thursday, December 14


Very cold again this morning, thought of going up the gulch after witnesses, but postponed it until tommorrow. Sanders left yesterday for VA City, cold all day, sky clear.







Sunday, December 17


I intended to write home and fix up some acts but heard of J.W. Davenport getting poisoned and started with X. Beidler & Jack Welson to find out about it. Got to the Ranch, 14 miles from town a little after dark, arrested Mr. Meahen. Weather intensly cold, slept with the prisoner chained to me. The lady, his wife, not pleased. Just my luck to have to take a trip today, plenty of fun at the ranch.



Monday, December 18


Started about 1/2 past 8 oc, weather very cold. Davenport comfortable, concidering. Arrived in town with the prisoner about noon. Mrs. Meahen very indignant, charged us $1.50 per meal, X. footed the bills.



Tuesday, December 19


Opened court at 10, Mr. Carpenter, Bailiff. Bob Heriford assisted me taking care of the prisoners. Summonsed three men jurors, finely got the jury impaneled after noon. Prisoner before the court, indictment read, plead not guilty. Witnesses called but not on the stand; took the jurors in custody, supper at French & Co.'s Restaurant. Weather moderating, the Judge not very well yet. Miss Flora Coven's Benefit tonight, very good turnout, bought a dis______m.



Wednesday, December 20


Trial progresses slowly, four witnesses examined. Took the jurors to breakfast & supper to French & Co.'s Restaurant, Bob Heriford took charge of the prisoner. Mail arrived from VA City & Blackfoot, a letter from brother John & one from Duncan, & several papers. Weather moderately cold.



Tuesday, December 26


Court adjourned today; Daniels rec'd his sentence, 3 years & $1,000. fine.


                  "The Vigilantes of Montana"

     After being pardoned, Daniels was the last person to be hung by the vigilantes of Virginia City, "Because he was unfit to live in the community."







T.E. Coggshall entitled to ........ in the case entitled

                                        Nolan vs. Parker

                              I. Murphy   "    "  $3000

Wm Fenton Dec. 3rd, 1865

Certified to F. Featherstun's Bill for services as Jailor from Dec 9th to January 1st, 1865, 21 days, amt $105.00, January 4th, 1865.


Jan 4th, Wilkinson shot Ray last night at Summit, so reported.

113 Silver ________ to be replevened the First of April, 1865. Below Dis Richard W. Hearlin No. 5 from Discovery East on Buckskin ______ Deer Lodge Buckskin Lode.


Left Virginia City Jan. 9th; Bannock 10th; Pine Bute Station 11th; Camas Creek 12th; Henfman's Ranch, ranch on Snake 30 miles from Ft. Hall 13th; Junction 15th; American Falls 16th; sedar Bluffs, 15 miles, stopped, drove 15 miles further to Raft River. 17th ‑ drove 18 miles to March Creek, snowed. 18th ‑ drove 15 miles to Goos Creek & 15 mls. to Snake River, left River Station a little after dusk, drove 18 miles to Rock Creek & chainged, then drove to Cannon Station & chained, arrived about 5 oc am. 19th ‑ drove to the ferry, the longest 25 miles I ever traveled, arrived about noon. 20th ‑ left mule back at 10 _____ 10 oc, 12 miles to Malad Station, 16 mls to Clover Springs, arrived at 5 oc, camped. 21st ‑ left half past 7 oc, 15 miles to King's Hill arrived half past 11 oc, took dinner, left at 3 oc, arrived at Gramcracker Cold Springs at half past 7, 15 mls. 22nd ‑ left early, took breakfast, 5 mls. on road at Bennetts, made Kenyon Creek at 2 pm, took dinner, left at half past 3 pm, made Squaw Creek on Junction at 6 1/2 oc. 23rd ‑ Started early, 3 mls. Sulpher Springs, 7 mls. to Indian Creek, fed hay & took breakfast.


I barrowed $100. in gold dust from Mr. J.M. Blossum in Boise City, I.T. on the 3rd day of Feb., 1865, if I should be unfortunate, I hope the people of Montana will refund it.




Pinney, of Pinney & Stevens, Idaho City

J.M. Blossum

Wm Killibun, H. Hustin's Partner

Dick McCafferty, Hustin's Partner

Warren P. Callahan

Robert O'Neal

Owen Harkins worked for Geo. Orin, February

S.T. Scaniker

L. Stafford

John Humphries

W. ______ Robertson

Samuel Turner to Joe Kunbil



Feb. 21st, 10 o'clock _______________________________________________


__________________________________________________ weather warm since

I was appointed high Sheriff of Madison County, M.T..

C.H. Lansing, Idaho City, I.T., am to send P______ _____ ______ City, Idaho City

Loftert & Fraser Lew Lobison will give their directions


C.T. Betz to Judge T_______ ________ ________

Judge Shaffer

Racey Rivens, March 7th, 1865

George Jackson

East Bannock and C. Jacobs

John F. Miller

Parks the name of the man that got shot 9 _______ _______ _______ .





I am to pay J.M. Blossum $100 in gold dust when I get my expenses from the Territory and one hundred & thirty, when I arrive at Bannock or Virginia, all barrowed money.


D.C. Van Eman, Ophir Gulch Jun 21st, one horse black or deep white horse in main & head, brown mule H on the hip & K.Y. on left fore shoulder, Short Y. belonging to J.G. Robinson.


Small black & cream pony, long built, left eye ______ branded on left shoulder, W.P. _______ _______ small, Call on Jas. Duglas & Wm Luck, Ophir Jun 21st, 1865

Lot No. 2, Block 28 X

 "   "  "    "   "  16


Ophir June 27th/ 65

I am to send the Post to Ben Johnson for _______ _______


June 30th

Thos. Jones wants ______ to ship Mr. Duncan to Helena and X will pay charges.











Date                             Received    Paid

1st   one act book                           2.25

 "    1 game Billiards                        .75


Jun 24th Washington Gulch ‑ Thos. Featherstun is to get his brother John's things at Hubrey's claim; certificates, an article of agreement & C., also his clothing at the Jail & one pair of boots at Parker's Store. I am also to get some pictures in Thos. Featherstun's possession.





July 1st Paid Mr. French for Featherstun for 8 meals $8.00

                                          NH 9 meals  9.00

                                             Beidler  3.00



Jack Keenan

Stinking ___oot

Harry Simpson: next Saturday night, July 21st










Illinois Ranch oposite side of the river Fitspatrick's Ranch.

Lary Dolan and Charly Whilson, Idaho City; Buckner seen with him Buenavista.

                 267     33 1/2





                          1 1/2















May 3rd

J.K. Moon vs Whitney

Shff ______

Collected by Me & paid  Wm Tobert Paid $4.10

Ralf Davis & Gibson vs Whitting & Whitting, fees rec'd from Whitting & Whitting for sub witnesses $6.00


May 13th Cash Cr.

 "   "   To B____ act 6.00

 "   "   "  Tobbacco   .50

 "   "   "  Drinks     .75





O. M. Lawrance, prospector, July 18th, 1865; Gregg Gulch.





Jefferson Gulch, July 23rd, 1865

Mr. Sherman

   Dear Sir





             Cash Cir

Aug 9th   Charles Barn Bill     2.00

 "   "       "     "            1.50

          Ranch Bill            2.00

 "  9     Board Jackson Hos.    4.50

 "  "     Bar Bill              3.75

 "  "     Paper                  .50

 "  "     Supper                1.50

 "  "     Bar                    .50






McClerg's Bill         100.00

John Creighton          75.00

No. 5 above Dis on Gregg Gulch for N.T.


Robert Burns

C.M. Lawrance

C. Ternan

July 21st, 1865





Frank Bennett's time up to Aug 6th 22 1/4 days

Dick S. M. Lain                    22 1/4   "

                                   44 1/2




             24                  $267.00

              6                    11.40     

            144                   259.60

              3                     1.40     

            147                   249.60


Paid Bennett & Lain

Aug 7th   $ 164.75










County of Madison

to N. Howie Dr To Wrong warrant for L.B. Duke

Mileage to Helena    120.00

Arrest                 2.50

Salery                  .50



July 21st, 1865

Jas. Bremen, Centerville Gulch or Payette

Short, thick, blue eyes, rather dark, looks like an Italian,

pistol shot in right or left hip, rather low weight, about 105 lbs.,

short arm, stif mustache. 67  40



Aug 7                      164.75

a half day                  85.85















Chas. H. Simpson or N.B. Warner

on Steamer Kate Kearny


Please deliver my friend Neal Howie one case

of the best Liquor in our lot.

             Yours Truly

                G.F. Simpson


C.H. McCh______, W.M. Parkinson in sp_____ of mules, big 17 hands high, dark brown, long mains.





Aug 6th Claim No. 30 below Discovery on Washington Gulch to John Featherstun Dr. $167.80


from John Featherstun Aug 8th $100 on claim act Aug 7th 9.00





11th, 1865 County Money 1.50





June 11th, 1865 Number of Mr. Heatter's Revolver 91737.





Jessie Armitage

To County Scrip

May 12th   130.00

 "          54.00

 "          54.00


Recd. from Bissell July 10th, 1865

Co. Treasury Notes 188.55

                           57 above

filed 69 below on Madison Gulch, July 26th, 1865

Wm Porterfield 57 above

Frank Bennett No. 73 below

Frank Featherstun No. 74 below

No. 66 above John Featherstun to be recorded Aug 2nd

Meeting 27th






Inventory of Perrie personal property taken in execution ______ April 28th, 1865; Two sets of ________ ______ _______ ________

3 rifles

3 h______

one m_______ ________ out of __________

one _______ __________

one pair ________ ________ ________


Davis Etal agst Whitting & Whitting

Subp            3.00

mileage         3.00

entry            .50






Number of Featherstun's Revolver 100425

July 21st 1865

engraving of _______ D______ ______ _______ _______ ______ for Scotty

N He J.H.F. Blackfoot





20th 657 Apr one note in favor of Charles Nathriel given in Denver City, Col. Terr. in spring of 63 for the sum of $173 with interest of from 3 to 5 per cent per month.


Enquire of

Geo Birringer, Highland City


left Mr. Thos. Argo in possession of Perrie Ranch

Thomas Argo

Joseph Stitwell

R.C. Perkins

















U.V. Shurwins

Mule to be left at Money's Ranch, one mile from Boise

H.N. to J.M. Blossum

To 1 shirt    $1.50

"  Cash      100.00

March 8th "  130.00

to be paid as soon as I get home.

           Livery Bill

    N. Howie    13.75

 J.X. Beidler   18.25

Steven Genl __________

    17          34

     2          10 1/2

    34          44 1/2

   267           6

    16         264      267



W. ________ half a side of bacon at each of the first station after leaving the river and report the same Jimmy at King's Hill, where the ballance of the things are to be left.

Dublin Lundy, Regards to, ________ O'Neal, R.H. _______

John Hogan


Cash _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ horse from ferry

to Boise               17.00

"  3 meals              4.50

"  2   "                2.50

"  ____ _____           8.00

"  Tooth Brush          1.00

"  Soaps                1.00

"  ____ _____           1.00

"  __________           2.50

"  __________           3.00

"  Expenses             2.75

"  Board Bill           1.50

"  8th Horse Feed      12.00

  13                   19.00

      P.B. 132


a little at C______ City 18.75