Monday, January 4




F. Root $10.00

1108    106  

 1108 100 116

 99720 10 998

    80   1104.




Thursday, January 7


Number of Tax Receepts

rec'd from County Treasurer


No. on hand           9

Number issued Potter315







Friday, January 8


Paid R. Hill County Treasuer  $915.00

            paid Featherstun    39.00

            amt on hand         34.00






Thursday, January 14


N. Howie in act with R.C. Knox as Poll Tax Collectors

Dr to Tax Receits         326

Potter Dr to 38 rcd        49

No. on hand  11           275

             49             4


10 per ct‑off             110

                        $ 990.




Tuesday, January 19


2 Summons       400

Copy            120

Attachment      300

Mileage         475

Copy Attached   120

2 Notices       200




Saturday, April 23


Served six summons on Covner & Co. to appear before G.G. Bissell on the 29th. Steel & Brumaster defts also six subpoenas for plffs and attached a horse & summonsed Deft.. Rec'd apointment of Deputy Shff from Mr. Knox & was swore in.



Sunday, April 24


A report in yesterday that good pay bar had struck Brown's Gulch. Went over with N.J. Dairs this morning to get a claim, found they were laid over until first of May, came home afternoon. Weather fine forenoon, wind & snow at 4 o'ck pm.



Monday, April 25


Went up to Highland to get my things, got back about 9 oc. Weather warm, a party arrived from Summit for a warrant for assault & battery but the court could not act, the Criminal Code not having arrived. Snowed nearly all afternoon, E.P. Lewis arrived, returned at 12 pm.



Tuesday, April 26


Stormy this morning, went up to Summit and served a summons on John Porr; got back at 4 o'ck, weather turned off fine. Got a summons for Stickney & Hale to appear for trial on the 4th of May.



Wednesday, April 27


Steel & Brumaster's case tried today, they lost the case, Jury trial. Weather very fine, summonsed Stickney this evening, Hale absent from town, retired at 11 o'clock.




Thursday, April 28


Oliver & Tubado    & Constant Dubal's case tried today, plaintiffs gained the suit. Met Hugh Calder & Donald McPhail who have just returned from the stampeed. Mr. Gamble wants a writ of attachment served at Summit.



Friday, April 29


Weather cool this morning, posted notices of sales of a horse on exicution, got four papers to attach pro in Summit. Went with Davis to the Union League; was called out to make an arrest which I done, prisoner procured bail.



Saturday, April 30


Went to Nevada and served subpoena, then went to Summit to levy an exicution upon arriving, then was advised not to exicute the papers, there legality being questionable. Got back to Virginia City after dark, weather fine, prisoner released.



Sunday, May 1


A great many people in town today, met Mr. McKnight from Airshire. Good news from a Lode staked the other day by Lewis, quite a number of drunk men around, weather pleasant.



Monday, May 2


Went to the lower town forenoon, several of us went with Brown to look for a Lode, didn't find it, took his horse and rode to Slade's Ranch with a subpoena; returned before sundown, weather fine. Slade's creditors think of sending me to S. Lake.



Tuesday, May 3


Slade's creditors conclude to writ instead of sending to Salt Lake after the stock. A case in Miner's Court; went out with McNaught after dinner to look at a Lode. Attended Union League in the evening, stormy tonight. 



Friday, May 6


I received papers today to repleven some stock on Stinking Water. Started with Tom Miles afternoon, arrived at Milk Ranch at dusk, 14 miles from Virginia City but did not find the stock. Orris, one of the defendants, was very hostile; had a good supper and comfortable lodgens.



Saturday, May 7


Found part of the stock this afternoon, but as some of them were not them. I hunted for them and returned to camp at dusk without finding them. Weather pleasant, cool at night. Served the papers on Dick Orance this morning.



Sunday, May 8


Got up early and went to Williams Ranch, got breakfast and returned without getting ponies; mounted our          and went up to the cattle, found they were the stock we were looking for; got down to Milk Ranch at noon and went to town with Jack.



Monday, May 9


Could not get a horse, so went a foot to Williams Ranch, released the stock at Milk Ranch, got a pony to ride back from Williams, got back to lower town at a little after sundown. A dance at lower town this evening, attended a while, went off pleasantly.



Tuesday, May 10


Coach left this morning for Bannock, received a letter from home this morning, also one from Duncan from Pikes Peak.



Wednesday, May 11


Started after a man with an attachment.



Thursday, May 12


Everything quiet today, was called to arrest Pink Crabtree this evening for assault and battery, posponed the arrest until morning but took a child from the parties, they took for a        from Johnston, weather pleasant. 



Friday, May 13


Went down to Lower Town and arrested Pink Crabtree and three others and brought them up to be tried afternoon. Two found guilty, the others discharged; great stampeed, hundreds leaving. I bought a horse and calf after dark, rode all night.



Saturday, May 14


Daylight 3 miles from Dalies, got up the Gulch early and met the stampeed comeing back, turned back to Ramshorn Gulch where we camped for the night; rained for two hours commencing about sundown.



Sunday, May 15


Got in town at noon, everyone laughing at us, found plenty of business for tommorrow; attended a meeting at the lower town after night. Culverston to be allowed a trial by the courts. Weather rainy afternoon and cool at night.



Monday, May 16


Got two sets of papers from Probate Judge's office, copying nearly all day.



Tuesday, May 17


Served a summons on Pink Crabtree & J. Talbot, and and attached their saloon; released the same upon them giving aproved bonds. Served papers in Klump & Rogers Et.Al., also served a summons in Highland, sold Constant Dubal's horse under           or for $100 which we got.



Thursday, May 19


Went out with E.P. Lewis, McNaught and several others to stake the E.P. Lewis Lode, discovered 2 others while out, plenty of whiskey along which kept out the wet and us in tune, returned from afternoon's trip at 6 oc. The boys on a tight tonight, rained nearly all day and very hard after dark, was up on guard nearly all night at the jail. 



Friday, May 20


Weather wet, John          trial today, court adjourned to 7 oc P.M.. Went out prospecting after and staked gold. Heriford and the Mountain Chief returned at 6 o.c.. Court called at 7, prisoner's bail fixed at $2,000, confined him back in jail.



Saturday, May 21


Went out prospecting with Davis, brought in some quartz, the prospects first rate. Weather fair afternoon, rained forenoon; Davis & some of the boys on a spree at Washington Billiard Saloon. Had a guard around the jail after 12 pm.



Sunday, May 22


Got up at 8 o'clock.



Wednesday, May 25


Rec'd a summons from Parker, started up to Summit at noon, Featherstun arrived there soon after I did. I served Gamble & Farb's paper and took the property & stored them with J. Br     . Collected $160 for Cale Mc       , weather fine, left Summit at dusk & arrived in Virginia City about 8 o'clock.



Thursday, May 26


Weather fine all day, several laws arrived today: Duty of Officers & C. Found that Miller was in town, Parker advises me to attach his property, none found. Gave the prisoners a walk in the evening.



Friday, May 27


Requested by Sanders to go to Hawkins Ranch this evening; a change of venue call came of today, adjourned till tommorrow, weather very warm.




Saturday, May 28


Mr. Knox came around this morning early, got up and started before breakfast, Knox went with me and staked a wall claim. Called at Nevada and got breakfast, arrived at Hawkins Ranch early, found things apparently all right, a large drove of cattle near the ranch. Rode back to Virginia City by 3 oc, weather warm. Started back with Sanders, got to the ranch about 11 o'clock.



Sunday, May 29


Got up early, went with Sanders and counted a drove of cattle, started back from ranch about noon, arrived in Virginia 3 o'clock, weather very warm.



Monday, May 30


Rainy this morning, went out with McNaught and others to stake the Caledonia Lode. Replevened a watch from a Dutchman. Weather fair afternoon, went out to the Lode. Knox arrested a butcher for nuisance, released. Played billiards with the boys after 10 o'clock, very windy towards evening.



Tuesday, May 31


Arrested Jack Wilson this morning, his trial adjourned until 2 o'clock. Jack held to bail to the amount of $1,000.; Jack got his bond and also got drunk. Weather cool all day and cloudy.



Wednesday, June 1


Arrested Ragan & three others and brought them before Judge Bissell for obstructing the streets, case postponed till tommorrow.



Thursday, June 2


Rained last night, went up to Highland before breakfast and arrested Doggett & Moon. Went to lower town and arrested Jack Reece, their case adjourned. People vs Ragan Etal came of today, jury agreed about 10 o'clock, verdict in favor of defendants.




Friday, June 3


One of our prisoners gone this morning, postponed my trip to Summit and went after him with Davis. Left Junction 2 oc pm, rode within 8 miles of Jefferson Ferry and camped 2 hours after dark. Weather beautifull all day, rather cold at night.



Saturday, June 4


Moon, Doggett, and Reece to appear at 8 oc this morning under arrest. Got up before sunrise and rode 5 miles to Lockhearts Ranch where we got breakfast, got to ferry on Jefferson at 10 o'clock, left at noon, got to Dalies at dusk where we put up for the night, weather fine all day.



Sunday, June 5


Breakfast at 7 oc, started up Bevens, met Tom Hardin below lower Dis, struck over on the trail and arrived in Virginia City before noon. Old Duncan drunk again, took his knife again.



Monday, June 6


Rec'd $5.50 from Barnes, attached mule & D    y belonging to Crain, also some money he has coming from Thompson & Co., by virtue of attachment in favor of King. Looked for Miller today, weather beautifull, several drunk men today in town. Went to bed half past 10.



Tuesday, June 7


No business in office this morning, commissioners met. U.S. Mail arrived late night, gave bonds for Constable Office afternoon. Meeting of the Union League tonight, weather pleasant. rec'd a letter from Father.



Wednesday, June 8


Got up at 7 oc. Breakfast at 9 oc, went up to Pine Grove with 4 subpoenas, found two of the parties. Returned at 3 oc and went to Brown's Gulch with Knox & Root to stake mill sites. Territorial deligation of the Union League met today. Irvin's benefit tonight.




Thursday, June 9


In town all fore noon, went up to Summit afternoon to subpoena some witnesses, weather very warm, subpoenaed three witnesses to appear tommorrow in court.



Friday, June 10


Winslow's case called this morning/ and adjourned.



Saturday, June 11


Cold and cloudy this morning, raining nearly all day, served a summons for J. Nowlan and attachment, also attached a horse for F. Root late in the evening. Mail arrived at sundown, met Irvin after dark, went to bed at 11 oc, no rain.



Sunday, June 12


Wrote a letter to Father this morning and sent it by Express, weather cold all day. Met Roy and William C    lett, rode down to the lower town, called on Mrs. Johnson who introduced me to Mrs. Galbreth, sent my pony to Higgens Ranch.



Tuesday, June 14


Started for Bevens Gulch with Mr. Root at noon, arrived at Tyler's in Bevens about 5 oc. Turned out our horses and after supper went up to Bagdad. Met P.R. Joyce & several of the boys, returned to Tyler's at 8 oc and played cards with Mrs. Tyler and Mr. T till late. Stayed there overnight, cool and cloudy nearly all day with a little rain. Root rec'd $100 on Parker's mortage stock.



Wednesday, June 15


Breakfast at 7 oc, went for our horses and went up to                       . Saw James Bover and L. Hearelen & settled up affairs with Bover through Hearelen, returned to Virginia City about              afternoon. Went up to Pine Grove to give Thomas Ramsey possession of a claim in dispute by Wilson and Murphy, met some of the boys at Highland, back to town about 7 o'clock. A man brought in wounded, by a ranchman, while attempting to steal stock.



Thursday, June 16


Found my horse fastned to a board pile



Friday, June 17


Started for Norwedian Gulch early with B        & Goodrich, had a gay going over, weather fine and everything lovely. Arrived at the gulch about 4 o'clock, attached the property and arrested Mr. Hinkley, took a little over $100 from him besides a watch, returned with the goods four miles towards Virginia and camped. I am informed that the Willow Gulch is turning out very well.



Saturday, June 18


Started about 8 o'clock, Deputized the driver to take care of the prisoner and started on ahead with a bottle of whiskey. Gathered a bunch of flowers each on the way and got the beer on them in town, went up to Summit and attached 3 keggs whiskey. Conciderable excitement about two men being covered up in a drift, wone was got out right after noon, the other will probably perish. Returned home about 12 o'clock, Culberston was sent to Bannock yesterday evening.



Sunday, June 19


Got up rather late, conciderable talk about Culverston, reported that he has escaped by concert of the Sheriff, but all was made right when the matter was explained. Church today, weather fine. Robt. Hill down today, Boyd and Warren Tool on a spree. Got my meat at the Star.



Monday, June 20


Deercy & Co. vs. Winslow case tried by jury today, verdict by plaintiffs. Weather fine, contract let for building Jail. Christman arrived with the coach this evening, he informs us that Culverston will have to return. Met Mr. Norris this evening, also Dick Johnson.



Thursday, June 23


Went up to Summit afternoon and served a summons on Schafer, John Ritcher up there drunk. Met Jones, Harby, and several others, had a good time over a champaign supper. Went down to Highland and stayed overnight; weather cloudy afternoon, rain at sunset.





Friday, June 24


Up in good season, took breakfast with  Jain Roy and went back to serve Brown's papers. Rode back with Jones, Harby, & Cook; got down before noon, served a summons on Mr. A. France afternoon. Weather fine, rained a little afternoon.




Sunday, June 26


Weather very fine this morning, arrested Mr. Peter A. Smith and committed him to jail for shooting his revolver in the street; also arrested Maire and Jarvis and put them in jail, which we guarded all night.



Monday, June 27


Took the prisoners to breakfast, then up to the court room, subpoened several witnesses. Case went on Maire, tried first and held to bail, $1,000, Jarvis threw up the case. Had a good time with Miss Jenny Johnson, when the room was clean the boys got their bail and were set at liberty. Weather warm threw the day, light hail storm afternoon, cool at night. Served a summons on John Allen.



Wednesday, June 29


Got up at half past 6, no business on hand today. Weather cloudy, rained conciderable afternoon. Mr. Duncan drunk again, brought him down and made him promise to keep still. Committee ordered Maire & Wm Jarvis to leave the Territory.  Had a sociable time with Sanders and some of the boys after 12 oc pm.



Thursday, June 30


Started collecting Poll Taxes this afternoon, collected $72. Conciderable exictement this morning between jumping lots and Maire and Jarvis leaving town. Went to bed early, rained a little forenoon, cool at night. Subscribed $20 to pay Thompson and Chirn's expenses after   illy.



Friday, July 1


Collecting taxes again today, a good many objections raised. John Featherstun jumped a lot, and had a load of logs drawn on it. Weather fine, served an attachment for Mors this afternoon.




Saturday, July 2


Released the attachment served yesterday; Knox served an attachment  for Wilson Hardy on Harper's property. Collected taxes today with John Potter, had a good many disagreeable custimers. Took supper at Castners, paid $17.90 at the Star for board, played two games of billiards, won both, went to bed late.



Sunday, July 3


Rode to lower town afternoon, rode back with Bob Hill, agreed with the boys to fire 34 rounds with the Union tommorrow morning. Got away from the boys and went to bed; was woke up by Buz Cavin between 12 & 1 oc to         an Irish row, arrested two and shot one.



Monday, July 4


Got up about 4 oc and helped the boys fire the Armie, liberty pole raised, after noon a speech from Sanders and Chumesserria, all passed off first rate. Rained very hard towards night, a dance in the court room.



Tuesday, July 5


Rained conciderable today, I sent Featherstun after McPhail's poney and went myself towards night, did not find it. Snowed and rained very hard. Mr. Tulliphurin with me tonight, heard the Irish intended to kill me, went to bed late.



Wednesday, July 6


Cool this morning; Davis, Judge Tufts, & Bob Hill &        ter start for Bannock today, in court room nearly all day. served a summons and attachment for Armitage & Co., matter settled, also settled with Harris & Heartzell. Committee met tonight.



Monday, July 11


Sent Featherstun out to the Madison to repleven a horse, returned without it, weather fine.




Thursday, July 14


Assessing and collecting today up the gulch from town and opiste in the high B        Palt     below towards Nevada. Very warm forenoon, two men refused to give their names. Culverston case up in the Committee tonight & settled.



Friday, July 15


Weather fine, made two arrests this morning for refusing to give names, court fined them $10 each. Knox arrested two for fighting, made a good deal of sport in court. Not much collecting done today, watched the jail tonight.



Saturday, July 16[entry crossed out]


Got up at 6 o'clock, McNaught left today, went collecting above Elk Horn. B       found collecting slow, two men refused to give their names, arrested them and put them in Calabuse.



Monday, July 18


Attached 6 mules, wagon, and a load of goods from Captain Heartson, stored the goods with. Went up to Summit afternoon to serve an attachment & summons on Stickney, Vig had him arrested for shooting Vagan.



Tuesday, July 19[entry crossed out]


Started early this morning with Hall & X. Beidler up for Stinking Water with a warrant for Pat Flandars & J. Cam     , found them 20 miles from Virginia. Got 52 oucnes dust for this and Co. Sheriff costs. Weather rainy all day, rained hard at night for 3 hours. Meeting held tonight about taxes.



Friday, July 22


Went up to Summit, looked at Sander's claim, garnished $630 in the hands of Reed on my return for Martin. Stickney left today, Davis returned from Bannock. Weather warm & clear, served a summons on J. McCann in Highland, served a garnishing on ottoo.




Saturday, July 23


Got up early, weather hot; Ming & Ditch case came of today. Served two summons today on L.N. Lott & Munn, collected $50 for Bartlett, went down with an attachment to Nevada which was not served.



Sunday, July 24


Weather fine, two scratches today, but no one hurt. Attended church for the first time in three years, very much annoyed with long prayers.



Thursday, July 28


Served a summons on Lindsley. Took a bond for T        's mules. Weather warm, loaned Mc $2, rec'd a letter from H. Calder. M    married tonight, had some fun with the boys at a dance, very little business today, lost 2 games billiards.



Friday, July 29


Got up with the sun, went to Nevada and stoped the coach, arrested Sam Heartzall and brought him back to Virginia City, affair settled. Got $11.50 costs, rec'd papers from District Court to serve in Highland Dist. Committee met tonight in lower town. Express today, shower at night, weather hot.



Saturday, July 30


Weather fine, served an attachment in Highland, No. 10 below and No. 51 below Summit. Went up to the Illinois Lode, weather very hot, took dinner at Summit City. Arrived in Virginia City towards night, went to Nett M      with Bob Hill.



Sunday, July 31


A great crowd in town; two fights, dog eat dog, didn't see them. Went with Hill to Nett's, Express arrived, weather very fine. Mr. Anderson came down and gave himself up for shooting Charles Lindsley, friends want his case bad to be investigated tommorrow. 




Monday, August 1


Cap. Laborg signed a summons on Anderson's & Lindsley's case, examined today, Anderson cleared on grounds of self protection. Rode to Highland to notify Lindsley's friends. John Rahickers case tried, went by default. Hayman leaves today with the boys for Sota Springs to give th    up a deserters. Some Irishmen tight, lower part of town, finally behaved themselves, had a little fight first. I arrested an Irish man about 10 o'clock and took him to jail, I split his money on sidewalk, got $45 for him, paid Kessler $5 note.



Tuesday, August 2


A man by the name of Murphy shot [by James Brady] in Nevada last night. The Vig arrested and tried him, was executed about sundown, another [Jem Kelly] whipped and ordered to leave. Let our new prisoner out of jail, made him pay $18. Locked another fellow up afternoon for making noise, weather very warm, sultry about dark. Murphy not dead this evening.



Wednesday, August 3


Gave Knox my ballance sheet and settled up my Poll Tax collecting, no law business today. John Featherstun took a man to jail, let him out at night. Talked with Knox about resigning, which he was opposed to. To supper at Major Hutchens, weather very warm, cooler then usual at night. Paid Barber bill of $2.50, paid Knox $30.



Thursday, August 4


Took breakfast with Knox & Talbut at the jail office. Shooting affair occured between Mrs. Kennedy & John Ryan, parties exchanged several shots, arrested Ryan, & Knox the woman; court released them on the grounds of no complaint. Arrested a Mexican & locked him up, let him out at night. Featherstun took an Irishman up for fighting, kept him all night. Weather very warm, went to bed at half past 11 oc. Attached # one half of St. Louis Saloon.



Friday, August 5


Let the Irishman out at noon, charged him $15.00. Took a Mexican with a writ of attachment, too tight to attend court, so locked him up. Notice to serve attachment tommorrow, express in today. Joe Favors team's & King & Gillette arrived. Rode to lower town in the evening, weather very hot, went to bed very late.




Saturday, August 6


Got up at 5 o'clock, breakfast at half past 6. Thought Johnson had left, prepared to fallow, but found him in town. Had Major Upton to dinner. Mexican paid costs & gave a pistol for the horse. B         starts for the Kotaney today, weather very hot, no papers today.



Sunday, August 7


Weather very hot; very quiet all day concidering the crowd of people in town, auction business going on briskly. Mr. George Christman from Bannock, a report, that a man was found dead on Beaver Head, killed with shot.



Monday, August 8


Several sets of papers geting out today. Davis, attorney for their suits, he leagally sued Harper & Co., settled. Arrested H. Wrinkle, fined $12 for shooting last night. Went up to Highland & arrested a Mr. Wreyroda, brought him to town, served a notice on J. Clark to retain money. Mr. Christinot got out papers for Lyons.  Rec'd $15 costs in suit concerning Biven claim attached.



Tuesday, August 9


John Featherstun left before daylight with Christinot to overtake Lyons.



Wednesday, August 10


Served a summons & writ of attachment on Joe Favor & Co.. Rode up to Hungry Hallow to serve a summons on Goodall, returned late. Meeting of the Vig tonight.



Thursday, August 11


Started for Bevens before noon, got over there about 3 oc pm. Went to Ramshorn Gulch, served the papers on the boys guarding the ditch, and returned with Perkins, copied untill late. Weather clear all day & warm, cool air at night.




Sunday, August 14


Got a pair of boots this morning, weather hot, not around much today on account of sore feet. George Bor'd tight, on the watch for him towards evening. Buckner got away about 9 oc. Featherstun, Bob Hill and I went to the Madison after him, but got there to late, slept in a haystack, returned home about 10 o'clock.


Buckner was under arrest and jailed for the murder of Brown.


Monday, August 15


Started out to the Madison afternoon, got track of Buckner by the confession of two parties. Had a good deal of fun & plenty of whiskey to drink, got back about 3 oc in the evening, weather pleasant.



Tuesday, August 16


Featherstun, Beidler, Davis, & H. Wrinkle start this morning after Buckner. I started for Hawkins Ranch about 10 oc a.m.. Called at halfway town with Dance & McCormick, done my business at the ranch by placing Fairweather & Orr in possession and returned to Cold Spring Ranch & put up for the night, weather fine.



Wednesday, August 17


Got up very much refreshed, started after breakfast for Bevens, traded horses at Dalies with Squires, left Dalies for Bevens after dinner, arrived there about 8 oc pm, served the papers on Perkins, Forest, & Robinson. Turned my horse out and stayed overnight, expenses today $3.00.



Thursday, August 18


As my horse did not come in this morning, I was detained till after dinner. Rode down the Gulch with Heriford & Wm Fairweather, got my pony shod at Nevada, got home before sundown. Met Govenor Egiton [Edgerton] this evening, weather cool at night.



Saturday, August 20


To serve an attachment for Canyon.




Tuesday, August 23


Paid $8 bill at Dalies, breakfast & drinks, $4 for mule & horse feed. Served a summons from District Court on my way up, weather warm. Some exictment about the indians, served a summons on Pickerand.



Wednesday, August 24


Started for Bevens Gulch about noon, served a summons on Charles Allen at lower town. Met Perkins on my way over, he agreed to give himself up to Knox. I went to Bevens, could not find Robinson, returned late at night.



Friday, August 26


Went up to Summit this afternoon and attached a yoke of cattle, parties paid up costs and debt. Left Summit about 9 oc, had a ruf ride down, weather hot.



Saturday, August 27


Went up to Summit this afternoon and served two papers, a notice, & affidavit, also 7 subpoenas; got home after dark. Met Dock Levit & Dr. Bissell. I am to receive a horse from Kenyon in the morning attached from



Sunday, August 28


Some excitment about the robery on the road, a early to start tonight. I helped Featherstun to collect some money to defray his expenses after Buckner, at William's request I am to start tommorrow for Snake River, Thos. Boom tight. Weather very fine.



Thursday, September 8


Attending court at Junction today, Ming lost the case. Heriford after Lockheart with a warrant.




Friday, September 9


Went down Stinking Water with Fairweather and George Orr. Took dinner at Dalies, got to Ranch at 2 pm, the Dutchman left the ranch & agreed to trouble the ranch no further. Called at Cold Spring Ranch, got back to town at 8 o'clock pm, weather beautifull. Probate Judge Sanders, Hill, & Hagerman on a spree.



Monday, September 12


Got my commission.



Tuesday, September 13


Was sworn into office this morning, went to Nevada to sell some property under execution, roads very muddy. Deputizied R. Heriford to serve papers in Summit for District Court. Weather fine, attended Union League, paid $8.50.



Wednesday, September 14


Was appointed administrator of Mr. G's Estate, went down and made arraigments for his burial, found no property except blankets & C. Met the Committee tonight, weather beautiful. A. Williams arrived today with the boys.



Friday, September 16


Sent X. Beidler to Bevens Gulch with a Repleven Writ. I went to Nevada with a Writ of Habeus Corpus, which I executed by taking a child into possession. Potter served an attachment this morning, served several subpoenas.



Saturday, September 17


Sent X. Beidler up to Summit to serve an injunction summons & attachment. I went down to Nevada early for the child I took with a writ yesterday. Went down again before noon for some witnesses, case adjourned at 3 pm. Murphy to be hung by the Vig, so reported.



Sunday, September 18


Great excitment about the prize fight. I went up and fixed a guard around the ring to keep down a row. 



Tuesday, September 20


Bartholmue's case came up today again, he won the case. I went to the lower town at night, visited Mrs. Johnson. Ming paid his costs, 52 notes.





Olvier & Thebodeau & Constant Dubail Case, summons 180 words. Steel & Brumaster, Costello & Co. case 6 summons & returns 649 words.




I certify that on the 8th day of May 1864 I seized and took possession of the property described in the annexed affidavit at the OK Ranch in Madison, and that on the 9th day of said month I delivered the same up to the Defendants named in the said affidavit upon receiving from them the undertaking annexed here unto.





Date                     Received      Paid


    F. Root to County                  10.00

    John Featherstun                   19.00





Date                     Received      Paid

 23 Cope vs Briggs Etal     20.00      Paid

 "  2 Arrests at Junct      13.00       "

 "  Pope vs Brant Etal       8.00       "  12.85

 27th Hall vs Florida       25.00

 29 Davis vs Heartzell     111.50

August Ming vs Dilch        14.00 notes

    Ming vs Cook            20.00 gold

    (for serving Subpoenas)




Amount in Jack's Purse

          Dust   13.00

          Coin   10.00







Plata L       ta






John Grant's statement of Debts owing by him and property in his possession belonging to Labarge & Co. gold dust to the amt of $1600.





Rec'd $12 from Robt Hill July 31st 1866  12.00

                          "    "     "    4.00

Goodwin                                  16.00








July 27

paid horse shoeing       6.00

           costs         7.00





Lomis Terrain











     Root          10

     Featherstun   19













Poll Tax Pd

Paulick McKnight

John Loyd

A.H. Vernbrockland

Henry Lancing





Number of Poll Tax received from County Treasurer




                   July 23rd       8

                    "   28         8

               Aug 1 from Hill   320





John Potter Dr to 40 tax Receets





July 21st attached in the hands  of Reed, 2 mules & 1 pony & 1 ox in Nevada City. Amount attached in the hands of Reed, Summit City in the         note buy all to P.G. Carter $630         Rec'd.





Wm Munn

L.M. Lott

Andrew Nichols

One Note        

August 1st