Dimitre Batchoff, United States Marshal, District of Montana

Dimitre A. Batchoff, 24th United States Marshal, District of Montana

Dimitre A. Batchoff, 24th United States Marshal, District of Montana

A native of Yugoslavia; Dimitre A. “Jim” Batchoff was born on August 22, 1888. In 1908, Batchoff immigrated to the United States, settling at Butte, Montana in 1910. Batchoff found work in 1909 as a foreman of construction crew for the Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad and was employed with that road until 1912. Batchoff married the former Miss Sophia Gayeski of Butte; residing for many years at 530 Galena Street. 

Batchoff was a native speaker of Slavic languages and fluent in several dialects; he obtained work as a court interpreter and translator in Montana state and federal courts. During that time, Batchoff attended and graduated from the I.G. Denny Law School at Butte and worked as a clerk in a local law office. In 1933, Batchoff was appointed Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue and in 1934 he was appointed a Deputy U.S. Marshal, by Marshal Sid Willis, and served in that capacity until 1937. After the election of Montana Governor Roy E. Ayers; Batchoff was appointed Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the Montana Liquor Control Board at Helena serving there until the end of 1942.

Batchoff returned to federal service on January 1st, 1943 as a federal probation officer, court crier and bailiff in Butte for Judges James H. Baldwin, Charles N. Pray and R. Lewis Brown over the next six and half years. In March of 1949, Batchoff was nominated by President Truman to succeed Marshal George A. Wright and was sworn into office on May 1st. In 1951, Marshal Batchoff moved the district headquarters from Great Falls to Butte, after a six-year stint in the Electric City. He remained in office until November 1, 1953; when Louis O. Aleksich, Sr. succeeded him. Marshal Aleksich retained Batchoff as Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal of the district; he served in that position until retiring from federal service on November 29, 1954. Following his federal service, Marshal Batchoff worked as an investigator for the Montana Attorney General’s office for several years before his final retirement.     

Active in his community, Marshal Batchoff was a member of the Masonic order, the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and the Retired Federal Employees Association.

Marshal Batchoff and died on Monday, January 22, 1968 at Portland, Oregon, while he and his wife were visiting their son, Boris Batat, at Lake Oswego. Funeral services were conducted at Colonial Mortuary and burial at Riverview Abbey cemetery at Portland on January 25th. Marshal Batchoff was 79 years old.


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