U.S. Marshal Joseph Asbridge

Joseph L. Asbridge, 14th U.S. Marshal for the District of Montana, 1921

JOSEPH L. ASBRIDGE, 14th U.S. Marshal for the District of Montana

Joseph Langcake Asbridge was born at his family’s home at Cockermouth, Cumberland County, England on January 9, 1860.  His father Joseph; worked in the wholesale and retail hardware business. Asbridge was reared and educated in Cockermouth and then attended the old St. Bees Grammar School. An enthusiastic sportsman his entire life; Asbridge played halfback on the St. Bees rugby team and the Cockermouth, Cumberland & Northumberland County teams. He held records in the quarter mile and the mile runs.

Immigrating to the United States; Asbridge arrived in Billings, Montana on June 1, 1883, homesteading the 160-acre Lazy X Ranch in what was then Fergus County, on Willow Creek, west of Roundup. In 1910, he was elected and as a democratic senator was elected to the state legislature from Fergus County, serving as a member of the twelfth session. He was instrumental in introducing a legislation establishing a grain laboratory at Bozeman for testing seeds. Asbridge was active in the organization of the Musselshell County in 1912.  Later that year, he was elected the first state representative from Musselshell County and served during the thirteenth (1913) and fourteenth (1915) sessions. . While living in Musselshell County, he also served eight years as a member of the State Board of Sheep Commissioners. Asbridge was a member of the Judith Club of Lewistown, was a member of the Billings Club and was a member of the Pioneers of Eastern Montana. Asbridge was married on the 10th of July, 1893, at Billings, to Miss Celia A. Ring, they had five children. Celia died in Billings in 1901. On October 1st, 1908; Asbridge was married in Billings to Miss Aimee P. Coates, there were three children born of this union.

Asbridge was the recess appointee as United States Marshal for the District of Montana and was sworn into office, in Helena, on May 5, 1915, succeeding Marshal William Lindsay. President Woodrow Wilson reappointed Marshal Asbridge on January 11, 1916. On March 20, 1920, he was again reappointed for four years and he took the oath of office on April 1, 1920. He continued in office until his resignation on June 13th, 1923 and was succeeded by Marshal Rolla Duncan. The Asbridge family made their home at 609 North Jackson Street, while residing in Helena.

Marshal Asbridge and his family moved from Helena to the Flathead Valley in 1923 following his term in office. He died at his home near Somers, Montana; after being in ill health for about a year and was interned at the Conrad Cemetery at Kalispell. Marshal Asbridge was 76.



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