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U.S. Marshals Service

History of District of Montana

Montana Territory was established May 26, 1864, with the first Marshal being appointed on February 20, 1865. Following is a listing of former United States Marshals for the District of Montana.




George M. Pinney Resigned 1865-1867

Neil Howie

Resigned 1867-1869
William F. Wheeler Term Expired 1869-1878
Alexander C. Botkin Suspended 1878-1885
Robert S. Kelly Resigned 1885-1889
George W. Irvin Resigned 1889-1890
William F. Furay Removed 1890-1894
William McDermott Term Expired 1894-1898
Theodore J. Lynde Deceased 1898

Joseph P. Woolman

Term Expired 1898-1902
Charles F. Lloyd Term Expired 1902-1906
Arthur W. Merrifield Term Expired 1906-1911
William Lindsay Term Expired 1911-1915
Joseph L. Asbridge Resigned 1915-1923
Rolla Duncan Resigned 1923-1926
John C. Orrick Deceased 1926-1928
Engelhart Lieberg Court Appointee 1928
Thomas Bolton Term Expired 1928-1932

Rolla Duncan

Resigned 1932-1934
Sid A. Willis Term Expired 1934-1938
William W. Crawford Recess Appointee 1938-1939
Engelhart Lieberg Court Appointee 1939-1944
George A. Wright Term Expired 1944-1949
Dimitre A. Batchoff Term Expired 1949-1953
Louis O. Aleksich, Sr. Separated 1953-1961
George A. Bukovatz Separated 1961-1969
Louis O. Aleksich, Sr. Term Expired 1969-1977
John Krsul Deceased 1977-1981
Louis O. Aleksich, Sr. Court Appointee 1981-1983
Ronald J. Alles Resigned 1983-1990
Leo Giacometto Resigned 1990-1992
Donald D. Combs Attorney General Appointee 1992-1994
William Strizich Resigned 1994-2001
Donald D. Combs Attorney General Appointee 2001-2002
Dwight MacKay Resigned 2002 -2010
Rodney Ostermiller Attorney General Appointee 2010
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