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I, _______________________________, while acting as appointed keeper of the ____________________________, 
           (Name of Consent Keeper)                                                                             (Name of Vessel)  

do agree that I will not allow equipment, tackle, apparel or furniture to be removed from this vessel. Should any unusual circumstances occur, I will contact a U.S. Marshals Service supervisor at (207) 780-3355 during the office hours of  8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. After office hours, I will contact the Chief Deputy or the U.S. Marshal at the after hours number of  (207) 780-3355 . At no time will I leave my post or let ship or property out of my sight without being properly relieved. I assume full responsibility for the safekeeping of this ship and its property.


DATED: ___________________      ______________________________, CONSENT KEEPER


APPOINTED BY: United States Marshals, ____________________ District of Maine.


BY: _________________________________________________________
                                      Deputy U.S. Marshal

Dated: ___________________