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U.S. Marshals Service

Northern District of Illinois

Prisoner Detention 

Trial Clothing

District Policy Supplement for Handling Trial Clothes for In-Custody Defendants

(1) The DUSM assigned to the trial or any available DUSM will accept 1-2 outfits per each in-custody defendant going to trial.

(2) Clothes will be accepted up to 1 day prior to trial, unless extenuating circumstances arise

(3) Trial clothes include shirt, slacks, shoes, socks, and jacket. No HANGERS will be accepted with the clothes. Hangers will be given back to the lawyer or family member dropping off the clothes. The hangers will not enter lockup. Boxes will be available in the lockup.

(4) NO BELTS OR TIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. FEMALES ARE NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR PANTY HOSE/NYLON STOCKINGS. If pants are as loose as to them falling down, they will be looped for transport to and from court.

(5) The clothes will be thoroughly searched and scanned by an X-Ray machine.

(6) Trial Clothes will then be placed in a cardboard box, labeled clearly with the inmates’ name, register number, judge and the DUSM who searched them.

(7) For lengthy trials, we will exchange sets of clothes once a week on a one for one basis. The clothes will only be exchanged before or after court is in session, and on lunch breaks. Before court means 8:00 AM or after.

(8) At the conclusion of the trial, family and/or attorney of the defendant need to pick up the clothes from lockup that day. Clothes left behind for one week will be labeled and boxed up for future donation or training.

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