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U.S. Marshals Service

Northern District of Illinois


The following is a listing of former United States Marshals for the Northern District of Illinois.

 US Marshals for Northern Illinois

Year Appointed

Robert Lemmon 1819
Henry Conner 1820
Charles Slade 1829
Harry Wilton 1833
William Prentiss 1841
Thomas M. Hope 1844
Stinson H. Anderson 1845
Benjamin Bond 1850
Harry Wilton 1853
Iram Nye 1856
James W. Davidson 1857
Charles U. Pine 1858
Thomas Hoyne 1860
Joseph Russell Jones 1861
Benjamin H. Campbell 1869
Jesse Hildrup 1877
Alfred M. Jones 1881
Frederick H. Marsh 1885
Frank Hitchcock 1889
John W. Arnold 1894
John C. Ames 1897
Lyman T. Hoy 1906
John J. Bradley 1914
Robert R. Levy 1921
Palmer E. Anderson 1925
Henry Laubenheimer 1928
William H. McDonnell 1934
Joseph E. Tobin 1946
Thomas P. O'Donovan 1946
William W. Kipp Sr. 1953
Joseph N. Tierney 1961
John N. Meiszner 1968
John J. Twomey 1973
Frank J. Roddy 1976
Harvey N. Johnson Jr. 1977
John J. Adams 1978
Peter J. Wilkes 1979
John J. Adams 1986
Marvin Lutes 1991
Joseph DiLeonardi 1994
James L. Whigham 2000
Kim Widup 2002
Darryl McPherson June 17, 2010
Joel Kirch (Acting) August 2014
Roberto Robertson (Acting) February 2015


DUSM Dorothy Rose

Deputy U.S. Marshal - Dorothy Rose
Northern District of Illinois
(CA. 1929)

In the same year that the stock market crash began the Great depression, Rose became the youngest Deputy U.S. Marshal in the United States. At only 21, she was a crack pistol shot. her duties included escorting female prisoners to court, jail and the penitentiary. is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice