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U.S. Marshals Service

Central District of Illinois


The Central District of Illinois was created in April 1979.  The following is a listing of former United States Marshals for the Central District of Illinois.




Harry H. Marshall April 1979 Himself as Marshal of the Southern District
James Lowell Fyke February 27, 1982 (C.A.)
April 22, 1982 (C)
September 15, 1986
Marshall (Died in Office)
Robert Moore October 11, 1994‑July 2002 Fyke
Steven Deatherage July 29, 2002‑Present Moore
Kenneth F. Bohac January 5, 2011
The following translation of abbreviations applies to the list:
        "C" - Commission date (used from 1903 to present)
        "C.A." - Court Appointment date
Chief Deputy United States Marshals
Since the creation of the district, there have been four Chief Deputy United States Marshals: Walter Bradley, Robert Hamann, Don Lamb, William Piester and Gary Tingle.
Central District of Illinois Facts:
The Central District of Illinois includes:
  • 46 of the 108 Counties in Illinois;
  • 28,450 Square Miles;
  • 2.2 Million in Population;
  • 11 Federal Judges;
  • 5 Federal Courthouses;
  • 227 Contracted Prisoner Facilities; and
  • 1 Federal Correction Facility.

District Awards:

2001 Distinguished District Award is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice