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U.S. Marshals Service

History of District of Idaho  

The United States Marshal Office in Boise was established on  July 3, 1890.    Following is a listing of former United States Marshals for the District of Idaho.


 District Marshals



Dolphus S. Payne Territorial Marshal 1863-1866
James H. Alvord Territorial Marshal 1866-1869
Henry W. Moulton Territorial Marshal 1869-1870
Joseph Pinkham Territorial Marshal 1870-1878
E.S. Chase Territorial Marshal 1878-1882
Frederick T. DuBois Territorial Marshal 1882-1886
Ezra Baird Territorial Marshal 1886-1889
Joseph Wilson Territorial Marshal/USM 1889-1891
Joseph Pinkham   1891-1894
James I. Crutcher   1894-1898
Frank C. Ramsey   1898-1902
Ruel Rounds   1902-1908
Shadrack L. Hodgins   1908-1914
Thomas B. Martin   1914-1918
Leroy C Jones   1918-1921
Frank M. Breshears   1921-1930
R.B. McCutcheon   1930-1931
Angus Sutherland   1931-1933
George A. Meffan Killed in line of Duty (07-31-1940) 1933-1940
E. Forrest Pratter   1940
Edward M. Bryan   1940-1945
Everett M. Evans 1945-1953
Saul H. Clark 1953-1961
Anton Skoro 1961-1969
Rex Walters 1969-1977
Anton Skoro 1977-1981
Blaine Skinner 1981-1990
Ronald D. Evans   1990
Michael Johnson 1990-1994
James H. Benham 1994-2002
Patrick McDonald   2002-2010
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