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U.S. Marshals Service

Southern District of Iowa - Apprehended Fugitives

  Fugitive Investigations           

ESCOBEDO-ZARAGOZA, Martin (Apprehended)


Offense(s):  Failure to Report to Inpatient Treatment. Original Charge: Possession With Intent to Distribute (Synthetic Narcotics)

NAPOLEON, Mbonyunkiza

Name:  NAPOLEON, Mbonyunkiza

Offense(s):  Failure to Appear, Sexual Abuse


JOHNSON, Darius Dashawn (Apprehended)

Name:  JOHNSON, Darius Dashawn

Offense(s):  Murder First Degree/Willful Injury

Dock, Michael (Apprehended) Name:  DOCK, Michael Anthony

Offense(s):   Escape

RANDOLPH, Deandre Quesan (Apprehended) Name:  RANDOLPH, Deandre Quesan

Offense(s):  Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine Base, and Felon in Possession of a Firearm in Furtherance of Drug Trafficking

TATE, Tyrone (Apprehended) Name:  TATE, Tyrone

Offense(s):  Escape, Narcotics

Beaudrie, James (Captured) Name:  BEAUDRIE, James Julius

Offense(s):  8 Counts of Sex Abuse in the 3rd Degree

QUINN-LAKE, Leandrell (Apprehended) Name:  QUINN-LAKE, Leandrell

Offense(s):  Possession with Intent to Distribute Cocaine Base

CONLEY, Philip Johnathan (Apprehended)

Name:  CONLEY, Philip Johnathan

Offense(s):  Distribution of a Controlled Substance (Cocaine), Felon In Possession of a Firearm

WILSON, Jerome Valentino (Apprehended) Name:   WILSON, Jerome Valentino

Offense(s):  Escape from a Residential Re-Entry Center. Original Charge: Weapons Offense

WELLS, Michael Lamar (Apprehended) Name:  WELLS, Michael Lamar

Offense(s):  Material Witness - Homicide

DIAZ, Feliciano (Apprehended) Name:  DIAZ, Feliciano

Offense(s):  Vehicular Homicide and Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution

MARSHEK, Tyson Eugene (Apprehended) Name:  MARSHEK, Tyson Eugene

Offense(s):  Probation Violation.  Original Charge: Larceny


FESSLER, Donald (Apprehended)

Name:  FESSLER, Donald

Offense(s):  Escape. Original Charge: Robbery (2nd Degree)

BROWN, Kevin Antoine (Apprehended) Name:  BROWN, Kevin Antoine

Offense(s):  Escape from a Halfway House. Original Charge: Felon in Possession of a Firearm


CASTRO, Erwin Arturo Name:  CASTRO, Erwin Arturo

Offense(s):  Sexual Assault-3rd Degree


ORTIZ, Roeles (Apprehended) Name:  ORTIZ, Roeles

Offense(s):  Supervised Release Violation (Bribery)

Particulars of Arrest:  Arrested by U.S. Customs and Border Protection on 01/27/08 in Laredo, TX. 

Stephen Hershel Neff (Captured) Name:  NEFF, Stephen Hershel

Offense(s):  Theft 1st

Particulars of Arrest:  Arrested by the Southern Iowa Fugitive Task Force on 01/18/08 in Des Moines, IA.


Russell Eugene Blessman (Captured) Name:  BLESSMAN, Russell Eugene

Offense:  2nd Degree Sex Abuse and Contempt of Court

Particulars of Arrest:  Arrested on 10/10/07 in Herber City, UT by the U.S. Marshals Service.


ARCEO-RODRIGUEZ, Fernando (Captured) Name:  ARCEO-RODRIGUEZ, Fernando

Offense(s):  Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine

Particulars of Arrest:  Arrested on 09/03/07 by the Canyon County, ID Sheriff's Office in Caldwell City, ID.


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