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U.S. Marshals Service

Middle District of Florida


The Territory of East and West Florida was established March 3, 1821. With it came Peter W. Gautier Jr., appointed first U.S. Marshal for the territory on July 7, 1838, Territory of Florida, Western District. On July 7, 1838, the Territory of Florida, Appalachicola District was created and existed as such until Florida was admitted as a state on March 3, 1845.  With Statehood Florida became a single judicial district until February 23, 1847 when it was split into the Southern and Northern District of Florida. On June 30, 1962 the Middle District of Florida was created; effective for 90 days.  On October 29, 1962 the Middle District of Florida was permanently added.  The following is a listing of Marshals for the Middle District of Florida.




Gautier, Peter W., Jr. July 7, 1838 (S) Himself as Marshal of the Territory of Florida, Western District
Hawley, Hezekiah July 11, 1842 (S) Gautier (Removed)
Myers, Robert April 8, 1842 (R)
January 16, 1844 (S)
Hawley (Deceased)
Browne, Joseph B. July 16, 1845 (R)
August 8, 1846 (S)
Himself as Marshal of the Territory of Florida, Southern District
Maguire, John E., Sr. May 9, 1961 (C) Himself as Marshal of Southern District; transferred by P.L. 87-562, effective October 29, 1962
Peeples, Andrew J.F. November 25, 1969 (C) Maguire (Retired)
Saucer, Ralph B., Jr. December 22, 1972 (C.A.) Peeples (Retired)
Newburger, Mitchell A. June 22, 1973 (C) Saucer (C.A.)
Grosse, George R. June 30, 1977 (C) Newburger (Term Expired)
Romanczuk, Michael October 9, 1981 (C.A.) Grosse (Term Expired)
Cox, Richard L. March 9, 1982 (C)
September 15, 1986 (C)
Romanczuk (C.A.)
Tassone, James October 19, 1990 (A.G.) Cox (Resigned)
Hickey, Lonnie R. August 12, 1991 (A.G.) Tassone (Re-assigned)
Moreland, Don February 11, 1994 (C) Hickey (Re-assigned)
Hurlburt, Jr., Thomas D. March 4, 2003 Resigned

Berger, William

February 9, 2011


The following translation of abbreviations applies to the state-by-state lists:
        "R" - Recess appointment date
        "S" - Senate Confirmation date (used from 1789-1903)
        "C" - Commission date (used from 1903 to present)
        "C.A." - Court Appointment date
        "A.G." - Attorney General appointment date is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice