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U.S. Marshals Service

U.S. Marshals Service Contacts

   Executive Management  |  Local Contacts: District Offices - Addresses and Telephone Numbers

For General Information: (202) 307-9100 | Do You have a Fugitive Tip? E-Mail:

Director: Vacant
Deputy Director: David Harlow  
  Chief of Staff - Office of the Director S. Edwards 202-307-9100
  Acting Chief - Office of District Affairs J. Cunfer 202-307-9100
Equal Employment Opportunity M. Williams, EEO Officer 703-740-8500   TTY: 703-740-8529
Office of General Counsel G. Auerbach, General Counsel 202-307-9054
Office of Congressional and Public Affairs W. Delaney, Chief 202-307-9100
     Media Inquiries   703-740-1699
Office of Professional Responsibility D. O'Hearn, Assistant Director 703-740-9132
Operations W. Snelson, Associate Director 202-307-9100
Administration D. Musel, Associate Director 202-307-9100
Freedom of Information    

Management Support T. Sgroi, Assistant Director


Asset Forfeiture T. Virtue Assistant Director 202-307-9221
             National Sellers List | Current Sales 888-878-3256

Financial Services H. O'Brien, Chief Financial Officer 202-307-8596/202-307-5159
         Procurement C. O'Brien, Procurement Executive 202-353-1434

Information Technology K. Mathias, Assistant Director 703-740-0280

Human Resources
K. Mohan, Assistant Director 703-740-4000
  Recruitment Line 703-740-4001
  Employment Verification 703-740-8025   Fax: 703-740-5068

Investigative Operations

D. Driscoll, Assistant Director 202-307-9110

Judicial Security J. Bolen, Assistant Director 202-307-9500
        Judicial Operations
           Protective Operations
           Protective Intelligence
           National Center for Judicial Security
           Management and Administration
        Judicial Services
           Court Security
           Finance Management
           Security Contracts
           Security Systems

Tactical Operations

N. DeSousa, Assistant Director 1-800-336-0102

Justice Prisoner and Alien
   Transportation System

S. Brown, Assistant Director 816-467-1900
        Air Operations 405-680-3400
        Prisoner Transportation 816-467-1900
        Business Management 816-467-1900

Witness Security M. Prout, Assistant Director 202-307-9150
Prisoner Operations Vacant, Assistant Director 703-740-8400
        Prisoner Medical 703-740-8400
        Detention Facilities/Intergovernmental

Training Division Vacant, Assistant Director 912-267-2505 is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice