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U.S. Marshals Service

U.S. Marshals Service Contacts

     Local Contacts: District Offices - Addresses and Telephone Numbers

For General Information: (202) 307-9100 | Do You have a Fugitive Tip? Submit anonymously using USMS Tips

  Director Ronald L. Davis 202-307-9100
  Deputy Director J. Tyler 202-307-9100
  Associate Director for Operations R. Robinson 202-307-9100
  Associate Director for Administration D. Campbell 202-307-9100
  Office of the Chief Financial Officer H. O’Brien 703-740-1402
  Office of General Counsel L. Dickinson, General Counsel 703-740-3943
  Office of Professional Responsibility G. Deas, Assistant Director 202-307-9100
  Chief of Staff S. Darden 202-307-9100
  Chief of District Affairs S. Sullivan 202-307-9100
  Equal Employment Opportunity M. Williams, EEO Officer 703-740-8500 TTY: 703-740-8529
Operations Divisions    
  Investigative Operations Division H. Walker-White, Assistant Director 202-307-9100
  Judicial Security Division R. Brandt, Assistant Director 202-307-9100
  Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System S. Brown, Assistant Director 816-467-1900
       Air Operations   405-680-3400
       Prisoner Transportation/Business Mgmt 816-467-1900
  Prisoner Operations Division A. Sawyer, Acting Assistant Director 703-740-8400
Tactical Operations Division R. Kelly, Assistant Director 202-307-9100
  Witness Security Division M. Pittella, Assistant Director 202-307-9100
Administrative Divisions    
  Asset Forfeiture Division T. Virtue, Assistant Director 202-307-9100
  Human Resources Division B. Brown-Ghee, Acting Assistant Director 202-307-9100
       Recruitment Line   703-740-4001
       Employment Verification   703-740-8025  Fax: 703-740-5068
  Information Technology Division G. Miller, Acting Assistant Director 202-307-9100
  Management Support Division J. Smith, Assistant Director 202-307-9100
  Training Division B. Broshow, Assistant Director 912-267-2505
  Office of Congressional and Public Affairs W. Delaney, Chief 703-740-1699
       For media queries, send an email to     
Financial Management    
  Financial Services Division A. Peterson, Assistant Director 703-740-1402
  Office of Procurement C. O'Brien, Procurement Executive 703-740-1401
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