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U.S. Marshals Service


Age Requirements
Qualifying Experience

Must be a U.S. citizen
Must be between the ages of 21 and 36 (must be appointed before 37th birthday)
Must have a bachelor’s degree, 1 year of specialized experience, or a combination of education and experience equivalent to the GL-07 level
Must have a valid driver’s license in good standing
Must successfully complete a structured interview and other assessments
Must successfully complete a background investigation
Must meet medical qualifications
Must be in excellent physical condition
Must undergo a rigorous 21 ½ week basic training program at the United States Marshals Service Training Academy in Glynco, GA

All applications must be submitted through USAJOBS

Individuals must be between the ages of 21 and 36 (must be appointed before 37th birthday)

  • Applicants below the age of 21 years will not be considered for the Deputy U.S. Marshal position

  • Individuals beyond 36 years of age may receive an age waiver if:

  • They are current federal law enforcement employees (indicated by SF-50)

  • They are veterans preference eligible candidates (refer to VetGuide for preference criteria)

***All documentation for age waiver requests must be submitted with the candidate’s application for employment.

GL- 07 Specialized Experience, Education, or Superior Academic Achievement


Specialized Experience to include:

  • One year specialized experience equivalent to the GL-05 or GS-05 grade level that demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to perform successfully the duties of the position to be filled.

  • Dealing tactfully with associates, subordinates, the public, and prisoners;

  • Planning and carrying out criminal investigations such as making arrests, serving court orders, using firearms, and dealing with uncooperative people;

  • Utilizing knowledge of the law and court precedents as the relate to search and seizure matters;

  • Preparing reports on actions taken during the execution of civil and criminal processes and;

  • Executing warrants by locating wanted persons through conventional sources.


One full year of graduate level study related to a field in law enforcement or other related fields such as Criminal Justice, Sociology, etc. that provides the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to do the work.

Superior Academic Achievement

A bachelor's degree and one of the following Superior Academic Achievement provisions:

  • A grade point average (GPA) of “B” (3.0 or higher out of a possible 4.0) for all completed undergraduate courses, or for those courses completed during the last 2 years of undergraduate study.

  • A grade point average of “B+” (a GPA of 3.5 or higher out of a possible 4.0) for all courses in your major field of study, or those courses in your major completed in the last two years of undergraduate study.

NOTE: Grade point averages are to be rounded to one decimal place. For example, 2.95 will round to 3.0 and 2.94 will round to 2.9.

  • Rank in the upper one-third of your class in the college, university, or major subdivision, such as the College of Liberal Arts or the School of Business Administration, based on completed courses.

Membership in a national scholastic honor society (other than freshman honor societies) recognized by the Association of College Honor Societies.

Education + Experience:

Equivalent combinations of education and experience are qualifying for the GL-07.

  • Only education beyond the first year of a bachelor program can be combined with experience.


All applications must be submitted through USAJOBS is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice