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U.S. Marshals Service

Asset Forfeiture Program

THE UNITED STATES MARSHALS SERVICE is offering for sale the final Lee County, Illinois parcel of real property in the matter of United States of America v. Rita A. Crundwell,
Parcel A: 1403 Dutch Road, Dixon, Illinois – Parcel number 18-08-20-400-005  UNDER CONTRACT
Parcel B: 1556 Red Brick Road, Dixon, Illinois – Parcel number 18-08-13-100-006  UNDER CONTRACT
Parcel C: +/- 81 acres of real property commonly known as farm land in Lee County, Illinois – Parcel number 14-09-07-100-014  UNDER CONTRACT
Parcel D: 1679 U.S. Highway 52, Dixon, Illinois – Parcel number 18-08-10-100-019  UNDER CONTRACT

An unsolicited offer for each of the above properties has been received in the amounts of:
Parcel A: Four-hundred fifty thousand dollars ($450,000.00)
Parcel B: Seven-hundred thousand dollars ($700,000.00)
Parcel C: Five-hundred forty thousand dollars ($540,000.00)
Parcel D: Three-hundred fifty thousand dollars ($350,000.00)

Anyone interested in submitting a competing offer on the property, may submit a written offer. Any offer must be in an amount greater than five percent (5%) of the unsolicited offer amount. All offers must be accompanied by a cashier’s or certified check for twenty-five thousand dollar ($25,000) as a deposit. All deposits from offers not accepted will be refunded; however, the deposit of any accepted offer will be forfeited if the offeror fails to complete the purchase for any reason as described in the official terms and conditions of sale. Any conditional offer will be rejected. Any offer received that does not meet the conditions outlined within the official terms and conditions of sale will be rejected. All offers must be received by 12:00 noon CST on Friday, December 21, 2012 2:00 p.m. CST on Friday, January 25, 2013.

The original unsolicited offerors will be afforded the opportunity to submit a best and final offer. However, the unsolicited offerors will not be told of the amount of any offers received. After the unsolicited offeror is given the opportunity to submit a best and final offer, no party who has submitted an offer will be allowed to increase its offer. Upon review by the United States Marshals Service of all offers received, the individual parcels will be sold to the offeror with the highest acceptable individual offer. The United States Marshals Service reserves the right to accept or refuse any offer received. A Contract of Sale will be reduced to writing on a form provided by United States Marshals Service.

Prospective offerors are encouraged to review the official terms and conditions posted on this website:

All offerors are encouraged to obtain current real property taxes due on the parcel through an anticipated closing and transfer of title date by contacting the Lee County, Illinois Treasurer. The buyer shall be responsible for payment of all fees associated with the closing and transfer of title, to include delinquent real property taxes and those fees customarily paid by the Seller. These costs should be considered when establishing an offer price.

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