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U.S. Marshals Service

Asset Forfeiture Program

E-Share Program - Frequently Asked Questions

ACH Vendor/Miscellaneous Payment Enrollment Form

Q: Why should my agency complete the form?
A: Completing the ACH form USM-391 is a requirement to receive equitable sharing disbursements and will allow your agency to receive funds in a timely manner should it be entitled to a share of asset forfeiture funds.

Q: My agency already receives electronic funds transfers from the U.S. Marshals Service. Why do I need to complete this form?
A: This form is specifically for the receipt of equitable sharing payments for agencies participating in DOJ Asset Forfeiture cases. Other payments will be made through the USMS EFT program. Equitable Sharing Payments are followed with email notification that fully identifies the payment received.

Q: How do I get an ACH form?
A: You can get the ACH form USM-391 here, from the "Forms" link on this website, or you may contact the helpdesk.

Q: Who should complete the form?
A: Your agency head or their designee should complete the form.

Q: Who should sign the form?
A: The head of your agency or someone at the financial institution should sign the form as the authorized official who is attesting that the data on the form is accurate and complete.

Q: Who is the ACH Coordinator? Can it be someone at my agency or does it have to be someone from the financial institution?
A: The ACH Coordinator is the person at your agency’s financial institution that coordinates ACH transfers. If you do not have the financial institution’s ACH Coordinator’s name, you may leave this item blank.

Q: What is the Taxpayer ID number?
A: The Taxpayer ID number or TIN is the federal identification number assigned to your agency by the IRS.

Q: Why do I need to supply an email address?
A: You must supply an email address in order to receive notification that an EFT payment was made to your agency.

Q: Who should receive the email notification?
A: The email notification should go to the financial contact person tracking payments for your agency. It should be an email address that is checked regularly.

Q: What happens if my contact person leaves?
A: If your contact person leaves, you will need to contact the E-Share helpdesk to submit a new Point of Contact email address so your office continues to receive email notification of sharing payments.

Q: What information does the email notification contain?
A: The email notification includes the case number, asset (e.g., vehicle, real estate), amount of funds distributed, % of share, and a USMS district contact person, phone number, and email address.

Q: When will I receive notification that an EFT payment was made to my agency?
A: You will receive notification 5-7 business days after an EFT payment is made.

Q : Why do you need a special banking account to participate in Equitable Sharing?
A: Appendix C of A Guide to Equitable Sharing of Federally Forfeited Property for State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies requires that each state and local law enforcement agency, “Establish a separate revenue account through your Department of Finance for the proceeds from the disposition of federal sharing proceeds. This account will be solely for the use of federal sharing proceeds.”

Q: Where do I send my completed form?
A: You should submit your completed ACH form USM-391 to the E-Share fax at 202-307-8517, or via email to the helpdesk.

Q: Can I submit my information electronically?
A: We are in the process of enabling electronic submission of ACH forms through this website.

Q: How do I update my banking information?
A: Resubmit ACH form USM-391 to AFO at 202-307-8517. Please note on the fax that you are updating existing information.

Q: How do I update my point of contact information?
A: Names, addresses, email, fax and phone number updates can be submitted through the E-Share helpdesk. Please refer to the "Contact Us" link.

Q: Why is Booth Management Consulting contacting me to collect data for the U.S. Marshals Service?
A: Booth Management Consulting is a company contracted by AFO to aid in the collection of ACH information. is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice