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U.S. Marshals Service

Products and Service Purchased by the U.S. Marshals Service

Aircraft Charter Services and Lease (JPATS)
Aircraft Repair Services and Maintenance (JPATS)
ADPE - Automatic Data Processing Equipment accessories, parts, lease, supplies, services, (including Information Technology) (nationwide)
Ammunition and related items (nationwide)
Antenna Sites (nationwide)
Automobiles, lease, purchase, maintenance, parts and accessories (nationwide)
Asset Forfeiture (including Property Management, Auctioneering Services, etc.) (nationwide)
Athletic & Recreational Equipment (Training Academy)
Badges, Credentials (HQTRS.)
Barrier Tape (nationwide)
Batteries (aircraft, vehicle, pager, cell phone, etc.) (nationwide)
Binoculars (nationwide)
Bomb Detectors (i.e., Walk-Thru, Hand-Held Metal Detectors) (nationwide)
Books, Maps and Publications (HQTRS.)
Chemical Agents (nationwide)
Calculators (nationwide)
Clothing (i.e., operational or tactical) (nationwide)
Communications and Telecommunications Equipment and Services (nationwide)
Copying and Duplicating Equipment and Supplies (nationwide)
Court Reporters (nationwide)
Dictating and Transcribing Services (nationwide)
Drapes (nationwide)
Electronic Surveillance Equipment (HQTRS.)
Facsimile Equipment and Supplies (nationwide)
Fingerprint Supplies (nationwide)
Fire Extinguishers (nationwide)
Firearms (i.e., weapons) (nationwide)
Flags (nationwide)
Furniture, Systems, Computer, General Office etc. (nationwide)
Graphic Services (Composition no Typography) (HQTRS.)
Guard Services, Armed and Unarmed (nationwide)
Holsters, Handbags and other Leather Goods (nationwide)
Judicial Security Systems (nationwide)
Lamps (nationwide)
Law Enforcement Equipment and Supplies (nationwide)
Material Handling Equipment (HQTRS.)
Office Supplies (nationwide)
Night vision scopes (nationwide)
Packaging Supplies (HQTRS.)
Pagers (nationwide)
Paper, Xerographic, Facsimile and Laser (nationwide)
Photographic Equipment, Supplies and Services (nationwide)
Promotional Items (HQTRS.)
Property Management Services (Asset Forfeiture) (nationwide)
Radios, Mobile, Handheld, installation and repair (nationwide)
Rehabilitation of Furniture & Equipment (HQTRS.)
Relocations Services (nationwide)
Safes (nationwide)
Shredders, paper (nationwide)
Stamps Re-inking, Pre-inked, and Rubber (HQTRS.)
Security Equipment (nationwide)
Tactical Weapons (nationwide)
Targets (nationwide)
Tires (nationwide)
Tools (HQTRS.)
Towing, Storage and Disposal of Seized/Forfeited Vehicles (nationwide)
Training (HQTRS.)
Telecommunications equipment, parts and maintenance (nationwide)
Typewriters, Electronic (nationwide)
Video Equipment and Productions (HQTRS.) (nationwide)
Weapons (hand-held, automatic, rifles, shotguns) (nationwide)
Warehousing Services, Bonded (HQTRS.)
X-Ray Equipment (nationwide) is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice