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U.S. Marshals Service

The Procurement Office Contacts

United Stated Marshals Service Headquarters CS-3
Washington, D.C. 20530-1000
(202) 307-9227

Charito Glorioso, Team Leader
Procurement Policy and Oversight Team
(202) 353-8321

Ms. Elizabeth L. Howard
Small Business Technical Advisor
(202) 307-9349

Ms. Lynda Jackson
Agency Purchase Card Coordinator
(202) 307-9374

Ms. Carolyn Hendrick, Team Leader
Simplified Acquisition **
(202) 353-8350

Mrs. Elois Anderson, Team Leader
Headquarters Contracts ***
(202) 353-9427

Other U.S. Marshals Program Officials

Mrs. Stacia Hylton
United Stated Marshals Service Headquarters
Washington, D.C. 20530-1000

Deputy Director
Mr. David Harlow

Office of Equal Employment Opportunity *
Mr. Marcus Williams, EEO Officer
(202) 307-9048

Office of General Counsel *
Mr. Gerald Auerbach, General Counsel
(202) 307-9054

Public Affairs
Mr. Drew Wade, Chief
(202) 307-9065

Congressional Affairs
Vacant, Chief
(202) 307-9220

Mr. William Snelson, Associate Director

Mr. David Musel, Associate Director

Asset Forfeiture Division
Vacant, Assistant Director
(202) 307-9009

Financial Services Division
Holley O'Brien, Assistant Director/Chief Financial Officer
(202) 307-9037

Human Resources Division
Kat Mohan, Assistant Director
(202) 307-9871

Information Technology Services
Ms. Shannon Brown, Assistant Director
(703) 604-2296

Investigative Operations Division *
Vacant, Assistant Director
(202) 307-9110

Judicial Security Division
Mr. Carl Caulk, Assistant Director
(202) 307-9500

Judicial Services
Ms. Noelle Douglas, Deputy Assistant Director
(202) 307-9500

Judicial Operations
Vacant, Deputy Assistant Director
(202) 307-9500

Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS)
Scott Flood, Assistant Director (Acting) (816) 467-1900

-- Air Operations
Mr. J. Hurd, Chief of Flight Operations
Kansas City, MO (816) 467-1900

-- Prisoner Transportation
Security/Scheduling - Mr. S. Flood, Chief Inspector
Kansas City, MO (816) 467-1900

-- Business Management
Ms. K. Maupin, Chief
Kansas City, MO (816) 467-1900

Management Support Division
Ms. Aldean Lee, Assistant Director
(202) 307-9011

Motor Vehicles
Ms. Charlotta Allen-Brown, Assistant Chief
(202) 307-9269

Property Management
Mr. Eugene C. Pierce, Jr., Assistant Chief
(202) 307-5021

Publishing & Multimedia Services
Warehouse Operations & Copiers
Ms. Deborah Rhode, Assistant Chief
(202) 307-5000

Prisoner Operations Division *
Mr. Eben Morales, Assistant Director
(202) 307-5100

Prisoner Medical Operations
Mr. Chuck Coburn, Chief
(202) 307-5100

Programs & Assistance (Detention Facilities & Intergovernmental Agreements)
(202) 307-5100

Tactical Operations Division
Vacant, Assistant Director

Training Division *
Mr. William Fallon, Assistant Director 
(912) 267-2505

Witness Security Division *
Mr. Michael Prout, Assistant Director
(202) 307-9150

* Office has procurement authority up to $25,000
** Office has procurement authority up to $100,000
*** Unlimited Procurement Authority

NOTE: For information on procurement actions greater than $25,000, vendors can perform a Simple Search using "Marshals Service" as your search criteria at the General Services Administration website Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) see for solicitations and announcements. is an official site of the U.S. Federal Government, U.S. Department of Justice